Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peeling Back the Layers

I've started so many posts, but just can't figure out what to say.  I feel like I'm in such a wonderful place right now, with so much opportunity ahead of me.  It's just that everything feels....well.....ahead of me. 

It's as if there is nothing happening today that is interesting enough to talk about.  Wow.  That sounds pitiful.  But seriously, let me explain.  Yesterday I got up bright and early and headed to a local Food Lion.  This particular Food Lion is closing, and everything in store (other than alcohol and tobacco) was 50% off starting yesterday.  I grabbed my coupon bag, and headed out the door. 

I was at Food Lion for probably 3 hours.  I spent $200.  I saved about $300, thanks to my coupons.  I came home and my housekeeper was here.  Yes, you heard right.  I don't have a job, but I still have a housekeeper.  Shush.  I don't want to hear it.  So my housekeeper and I chatted for about an hour, while I put my groceries away.  It was past lunch time, and so I had a late lunch.  And then little Louis needed some snuggles.  And before you knew it...TEN was leaving work and wanted to know if I wanted to watch a movie. 

You see where I'm coming from, right.  What in the heck am I going to write about that? 

I've been job searching online today.  Looking for something that I think would inspire me.  Something that would make me want to better myself.  Something that would challenge both my mind and my soul.  I started pacing through my house.  Down the main staircase.  Down to the basement.  Back upstairs.  Then I decided to take photographs of the things that made me smile. 

I still don't have any idea what I want to be when I grow up, but here's what I found worth smiling about today....

(my deep freezer!!  definitely the best $75 i've ever spent in my life)

(seeing this sucker packed to the brim, and knowing that I won't go hungry for a long, long, long time...)

(oh yes.  those are breakfast sausage patties that you see.  mmmmm....i'm all about some breakfast these days!)

(part of the personal care section of my stockpile)

(sauces and soups and such...)

(TEN remarked that we needed to find a recipe that would use soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.  because i have even more in another stash :-o)

(paper products)

(laundry supplies under the counter...)

(...and on top of the counter)

(this is my view every morning at 8:30am.  please notice the 3lb hand weights.  my arm muscles are getting out of control.  i'll bee up to 4lb hand weights in no time. hehe..)

(some of my formal gowns.  sometimes, while on my treadmill, i stare at them.  and i remember the balls i wore them to.  and what wonderful things happened.  always good for a smile)

(random montage of old halloween costumes.  another good walk down memory lane)

(rando Russian musical instrument that my dad found and bought.  it has all of this Russian writing inside, and is probably worth a mint.  wonder if pops would mind if I sold it?  hmmm....i'll meditate on that.)

(what i refer to as my "wine cellar".  yes.  i really do call it that.)

(portrait my parents had painted of me once upon a time.  aren't i cute?  i'm pretty sure that had Toddlers & Tiaras existed back then i would have walked away with Ultimate Grand Supreme.  WORK IT TOOTIE!!!)

(this is a photo of my dad.  he was younger than me here.  sometimes this picture makes me smile.  sometimes it makes me cry.  i just wish i could talk to him.  in person.)

(i don't even remember this time in my life.  this is the home in Florida where i grew up.  i didn't realize that we hadn't always had the huge screened in porch, the deck and the pool.  amazing, since i look like i should be old enough to remember that.  dad's rockin the seersucker pants and some mad hair.  this little pup is Piper.  he was my first westie love.)

(dad & i in the hammock.  i have this hammock now.  it hangs in my back yard in the summer.  laying in that hammock is one of the things that makes me happiest in the world.)

(my mother sent me this picture in this year's birthday card.  i can't help but laugh every time i see it.  look how demanding i am!  for a minute i thought i was giving someone the finger, but i'm sure that can't be so.  i'm probably saying "give me that knife so i can cut myself a piece of this damn cake!!")

(the downstairs bathroom where i get ready each morning.  i'm not really sure why i get ready downstairs?  it is definitely cooler in the summer, and i think i feel like i don't use enough of my house?  it has 4BRs and 2 full BRs and it's just me here.  regardless, it's my "get ready room")

(another shot from the downstairs bathroom)

(this is my kitchen, and my most favorite room.  i wish it were bigger, and that i had an island, and newer cabinets...but whatevs.  it's mine.  and it's where everyone congregates.  and where all of my mad cooking skills are put to use.)

(my parents in Europe.  i think this was their honeymoon.  i love my mother's suit!)

(my upstairs bathroom.  my mother's bathroom is all white, and i love it.  so...i copied her!  white shower curtain.  white tile floors.  and blue accents.)

(this little man is the first thing i see every morning when i walk out of my bedroom)

(speaking of my bedroom, this is the "accessory" get ready space)

(here is the "which purse shall I carry?" space)

(belt or no belt today??)

(my home "office".  this doesn't really make me smile, it actually makes me laugh.  hysterically.  for some reason?)

(one of my spare bedrooms.  well, one corner of it anyway...)

(and here's me!  the new me.  the me that doesn't really look a whole lot skinnier, but whose legs feel so much stronger!  and whose arms are starting to have some definition.  someone who isn't sure what the hell she is going to do with her future, but she's pretty darn sure she's looking better and better in her leggins.....)

So there you have it.  I've got Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man on repeat, and I won't get tired of it for a while.  It's a song that I've always liked, but when I listened to it yesterday I realized that it had a different meaning for me these days.  It's empowering somehow?  I was singing it at the top of my lungs a few hours ago when the mail lady came.  I'm pretty sure I scared her half to death......



Dee Stephens said...

GIRL!!!!!!! We need to talk! You're like one of those extreme couponers with your hoarding!! LOL!!!
You have enough stuff for a family of 6!
You're looking awesome and skinny..not that you weren't before! ;0
Also, I didn't realize you had always had westies.. so cute.
Love the pictures of your Dad.

Jess said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures, T!! Some really sweet pictures of you and your dad. Also, nice to see where all the cooking you do is happening :)

Love, love, love Mumford and Sons!! I cannot get enough of them right now.

MCW said...

Your pantry looks like the Duggars! Wish I had that storage space.

You were adorable! Look just the same!

One of my favorite songs right now. When I head it I think Mr. NH is singing it to me.

The City Boy said...

2 hours in food lion...i really do hope this was your personal version of extreme couponing!

i feel the same way about the kitchen. Its the place where everyone hangs out and talks etc in our house as well. (my mom also wishes hers was larger)

mrs.mfc said...

Love the pictures of your dad :)

Ann said...

aw love the pictures of you and your dad. I'm a little jealous though that you have a housekeeper :)

Miss M said...

I have a recipe that uses worcestershire sauce! It's a country-fried steak of some sort with mushrooms. It hails from my Dad's kitchen, and is delicious!

REBrown said...

I love seeing other people's basements. It's where you can really get to know what someone's about because they don't have to keep it clean and presentable!

Sports-o-Nista said...

I think I'm going to come grocery shopping in your basement.

Biz said...

I see those kitchen cabinets and I want to trim them out and make them Shaker style. They look like the perfect base. I loved the little peek into your day-to-day and the little things that make your house your home!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I adored this post! I was laughing so hard looking at your stash of couponing prizes! And girrrrl you're looking great! Have the arm weights been helping a lot?

Jenny DB said...

Love the old family pictures!! And you are looking fabulous in those leggings. Also, I think you have a hoarding problem. That is all ;-)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I loved this post. Seeing your house and the old pics of you and your parents. I also had NO Idea you were a couponer with a freakin stockpile. In fact, I laughed out loud and shook my head. HAHA. YOu look super skinny and glad to see that treadmill being put to use. AND, i want a deep freezer, like bad. I should look for used ones for $75!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I love everything about this post! I feel like I got my own personal tour of your fabulous home. I love the pictures of you and your daddy. It made me tear up a little remember me and Big Daddy and has made me want to go up to my attic tonight to sit and look through albums. We are much too young to be without them. Many hugs to you and Mr. LW.

Beth Dunn said...

You are so organized with all your food! That is incredible

Kate said...

I don't know what I am more jealous of: your stockpile, your deep freezer or the cool blue crab on your bathroom wall!!!

I love that you stocked up at the grocery store. I can't resist a good bargain!

Anonymous said...

About time to close off thee old blog?

TudorCity Girl said...

LOVE your family photos. Cherish the memories always.
You look fab and I'm so excited to see what your next career will be. In the meantime, enjoy THIS special time!

Anonymous said...

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