Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cupcake Wars! Cupcake - 3 / T - 1

Valentine's Day was amazing!  A week prior, TEN and I joined some friends for dinner at a relatively new local restaurant.  They had Dr. Pepper Glazed Pork on the menu.  It was delish.  So, TEN decided that he was going to try to make it at home.  Please look at this presh menu that he put together:

When I arrived the dining room table was set, menus were on the table, flowers in a vase and in the kitchen he had some wine and cheese waiting...

We chatted while he cooked, and then we enjoyed a fantastically delicious meal.

I was completely spoiled, and loved every minute of it ;)  All of TEN's efforts made my card & gummy hearts seem a bit underwhelming.  BUT...I just found something in my spare bedroom that I ordered for him months ago for Valentine's Day!  I can't believe I forgot about it.  I can't wait to give it to him when he gets back from his trip!

Friday night was the Murder Mystery Dinner I told you about.  My character was called Jasmine, and played a jazz violin in a band. TEN's character was called Shaun, and he played an instrument in the same band.  Our instructions told us to wear "modern black clothes", and to carry instruments.  We borrowed violin cases from a friend, and got some bright sunglasses.  Please note the colored hair that I clipped into my black wig.  TEN wore a moustache, thinking that made him look very "aloof and artsy".  Neither of us wear a lot of black (or are very artsy), so we just did our best!

Saturday night was TEN's birthday celebration.  So many friends joined us for dinner & drinks, and TEN said he had a wonderful time! 

Some of you may remember that 3 years ago I attempted to bake a cupcake cake for TEN's birthday.  I actually attempted to do so 3 times.  All 3 were total failures, and the final product was the best of the 3.  Yes, friends.....THIS was my best effort:

I threw a party at TEN's downtown apartment, and invited all of our friends.  They were kind, but I could see it written all over their faces.  "poor, poor T.  she really is a horrible cupcake cake maker."

Well, let me just tell you that I made that damn cake again this year.  Yep.  Sure did.  And guess what?  Well, here, I'll just show you....

WAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Success :)  That cake looks like a cupcake, wouldn't you say?   And I did it on the first try.

After a lovely dinner, and a cocktail or two, some of us felt compelled to play Rock Band.  So, off we went...  I will admit that with my new found confidence where the cake was concerned, I decided that perhaps I should sing.  Bad idea.  But the cake was still a success ;)

OUR Rock Band...

We had a rather large snow here in Smalltown, VA on Sunday.  I had two trees break and fall over in my back yard :(  Thank goodness Marilyn Monroe's husband, the drummer, has a chain saw.  On of the trees is so large I haven't a hope of moving it without cutting it up.

Then, I went to Big City, VA to visit my mother for a few days earlier this week.  We had a lovely visit, and ate at an amazing Indian restaurant!  It never ceases to amaze me that I spent the whole first part of my life not experimenting with food.  I can only imagine what I missed out on!  Thank goodness I saw the light ;)

So there you have it.  I'm still job searching.  I applied for 5 jobs today, and two of them actually seem quite interesting.  I'm giving myself until the end of this month to find something inspiring.  If I don't have an offer that has me dancing on the ceiling by then, I guess I'll come back down to reality and apply for something I'm actually qualified for.  haha...

Life is so good I have no worries.  I know that everything is going to be A-OK :)

I am still playing the lottery.  Just for fun....



Dee Stephens said...

Impressive Valentine's Day dinner! Especially the menu!
As for the cake?OMG! what did you do different?

Biz said...

Y'all totally look like edgy hipsters! Love it! I am also totally obsessed with the giant cupcake. Love love love it!

Ann said...

Well wasn't that just a fabulous Valentines. You better keep him around :)
Good job on the cupcake, it looks great

REBrown said...

I'm so impressed with your valentine's dinner!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

I think your new job should be a professional party planner - lots of work, lots of time [and hand-holding] - but you're a natural at it. I did it for a year and was burned out! ... hope you guys have a nice weekend ... hugs to you and Louis!


Charleston Girl said... the mystery dinner costumes. That sounds like so much fun. And kudos on the cupcake cake...that's so cute!

living room colors said...

Cupcake Wars! Cupcake - 3 / T - 1
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ms. mindless said...

girl, where you been? hope you hit lotto :)

Beth Dunn said...

Love all the pictures!