Friday, October 23, 2009

Spooky, Spooky!

Tonight the Halloween Season officially begins for T and her friends in Smalltown, VA!!!  We are meeting at a local watering hole to prep ourselves for our trip to a haunted house.  Eeekkks! 

I am one of those people who loves to be scared.  AND...hates to be scared.  Make sense?  I know.  It doesn't. 

For example...Paranormal Activity.  You all know how excited I was about this movie, right?  TEN and I drove 45 minutes to see the thing!  AND...I didn't tell you what I thought of it did I?  Well, it scared me.  I couldn't wait to see it, and yet I knew it would terrify me.  It wasn't really what I expected at all, mind you, but when the screen went blank and movie was over TEN and I both had sore, red hands from me squeezing so hard.  It scared me.  (yes, yes...I know many of you were disappointed and didn't like it very much.  however, i screamed and jumped at least 4 times which = scary in my book!)

Tuesday the girls are going to dinner, and then on a "Ghost Walk" in a neighboring smalltown.  I ADORE ghost stories, and cannot wait for this event.  Virginia has so much history, and from what I understand....SO MANY GHOSTS!


Tomorrow night the girl's wine group I am in is having a cocktail party!  Most exciting, and ALWAYS a good time.  The last cocktail we had was in May, and I took TEN.  We weren't officially "dating" at that point, of course, but it's still funny to think about how much has changed since the last cocktail party :)

When I went on my shopping spree in Baltimore I bought one of those one piece, black, strapless jumpsuits.  It pretty much looks like this:

I've not worn it before, but I'm thinking I might give it a whirl tomorrow night.  If I accessorize the heck out if I think it would be cute?  TEN saw it in my spare bedroom and it made him frown.  Hmph.  Perhaps it isn't as cute as I thought?  I also have this dress that I wore to a wedding at the end of the summer, and could possibly wear it instead?

Thoughts?  I'm kindove excited about the opportunity to wear the black jumpsuit, but this dress is super comfy, and really cute.  Here is a close up of the detail on the top:

Hmmmm.....deicisons, decions.....



MCW said...

Jumpsuit! I think it can be adorable with the right jewelery and brightly colored shoes!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

I vote jumpsuit definitely!!

Jessica said...

I agree! Wear the jumpsuit..I think it would be super cute. But then you need to post pictures so we can see it in all its jumpsuit awesomeness! (I do love that dress too, btw!)

Kate said...

Go with the jumpsuit!

I have always wanted to do a ghost tour but I am too scared.

Kristin said...

That dress is just adorable, but the jumpsuit would be killer with some gold toned statement jewelry!