Thursday, February 18, 2010

(enter bad behavior. night ends.)

First, let me say thank you to everyone for your sweet notes.  TEN and I are fine.  He was not on his best behavior on Friday night, and then again on Saturday night.  For this reason I had to put him in Time Out.

But, all in all...he has proven himself worthy, sorry for his behavior, etc...and therefore he is back in play group now. 

It was a crappy Valentines Day all the same. 

On a brighter note...we did have a FABULOUS dinner at a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant on Friday night.  Their food is truly (almost) as good as the food I had when I was in Italy.  I couldn't wait to share the experience with TEN, and he treated me to dinner there for Valentine's.

(enter bad behavior.  night ends.)

Saturday TEN was on better behavior and therefore we continued with our Valentine's plans.  I had purchased a couple's massage for us.  It was wonderful!!! 

I used to have massages all the time, but have become very lazy about going lately.  I felt like a couples massage would be a wonderful gift for TEN since he has been very stressed lately.  It also was a bit of a gift for me, so I liked the idea :)

Saturday evening TEN came over to pick me up for a Valentine's Cocktail Party, and gave me a beautiful bracelet.  I adore it, and I put it on immediately of course!  (I would show you a picture..but those would be on my camera, which is still at my house.  not that i'm blogging from work or anything)

The cocktail party was at my friend Babbo Natale's home, and it was just lovely.  There is nowhere else I would have rather been than right there with my friends.  And with TEN.  On Valentine's Day eve.

(enter MORE bad behavior on TEN's part.  night ends.)

Not to throw TEN under the bus here, but sometimes I think I portray him as this perfect guy.  And he's not.  If he were perfect I'm quite sure he would not be dating me!  He would think I was a mess, and leave me immediately to find some perfect girl.  And they would live perfectly happily ever after. 

That's not to say that he can say something to hurt my feelings and get away with it.  Because that is what he did.  And it wasn't okay.  But he has been forgiven. If, however, he does that again he will find himself without T in his life. True Fact.

So, that being said.....lalalalala...all is well now. 



Unlucky Lucy said...

Oh Bad Ten! It stinks when you have high expectations of an event or a holiday and then it sucks buttloads.

But (and I mean this in the most un-shadenfreude way I can think of) it's also nice to know that you guys have problems too. It makes your relationship real and not some perfect fairytale.

Dating is My Hobby said...

Love this post. I totally get what you mean. Sometimes I think I portray Boyfriend perfect, or if I post critical thoughts about him or relationships people think, Oh god, just break up with him. Its hard to keep the blogging balance of the PR of your man. You are totally on par. And yes, sometimes we let the men in our lives get away with bad behavior because we love them. Sigh.

Calling_Rhonda said...

Well I am glad to know that my bf was not the only one not on his best behavior Valentine's weekend, although I hate it was at your expense. :)

Jenny DB said...

well you know what i think about all of this!!! and glad to see that things are looking up :)

MCW said...

I am glad you told us that TEN isn't perfect. I was starting to think you were dating a robot. Just kidding...but, it does drive me nuts when bloggers act like their lives are all smiles and rainbows. xo

flip flops on lex said...

Glad you smoothed things over and hope they continue to go well!