Monday, February 1, 2010


Smalltown, VA did get quite the snow storm.  Another TEN inches!!

The last snow we had was, of course, the first snow Louis had seen in his short little life.  This time it was old news to him!  He LOVES the snow, and hopped through it for hours...looking a bit like a little white bunny :)  The snow was taller than he was, so he tunneled through the back yard, peeking up every now and again to see where he was.  Every so often he would retreat to the side patio to clean the snowballs from his fur:

He also made a new friend!

....and yes, he did climb through the fence!  My neighbor's dog Sophie wasn't quite sure what to think of such an "up close and personal" Louis experience, but they made fast friends.

All that play time definitely tired my little guy out, and he curled up for nap:

I am enjoying a snow day today, as my office is closed.  Louis was enjoying reading blogs with me, but apparently it was too labor he is now asleep at my feet. 

Stay warm!!



Calling_Rhonda said...

Louis is so cute! Him and Bailey would be the best of friends, I just know it!!!

So jealous of the snow!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

He looks like a little person all snuggly in the blanket. Love it! We had snow again, too, but only a mere 5". ;-) I hope you have a great week!

MLD said...

My mom had a snow day today in My Town, VA. Unfair.. we didnt get a single flake up in PA! Not that it would have mattered, they dont close school for anything up here.

MCW said...

I LOVE snow days!!! So, jealous!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Your little guy is so darn cute. How old is he? What breeder did you get him from? Are you planning on showing him?

Jess said...

Snow days are the greatest!! We very rarely get them, so I treasure them when we do. Glad you enjoyed the day off!

Kassie said...

Louis is so darn adorable!! You just can't even see him in all that snow!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Wanted to respond to your comment left on Julep's blog site re: eye care. There are 2 books that I consider my bible on westies: The West Highland White Terrier by Jill Arnel & Westies From Head To Tail by Ruth Faherty (2001 issue, you can find on Amazon).
...eye care - common problems - plugged tear ducts or dry eye. Tear stain removers are temp solutions - they don't fix the problem - what are you feeding Louis? Low-quality food that contain beet pulp may cause your westie's eye to run - tear staining may indicate a problem that should be investigated by your vet. Both books agree on a vet check up.

Write me on my e-mail at kwyatt8419 at aol dot com - I can tell you what grooming things you should have and where to get them at a good price - good for you on hand stripping ... Katie
ps ... put Louis the westie in the subject box so I know it's you

Jenny DB said...

WOWWwww you guys are just getting dumped on!! Does it always snow this much where you live?? this just seems like a crazy excessive amount of snow haha

we brought bondi and my folks 2 dogs over to schweitzer this past weekend for a ski trip and they LOVED the snow sooo much!!! i wish i had a video :)