Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

It is absolutely inconceivable to me that one full year has passed since I began this blog.  Mother once told me that as one ages, time begins to fly.  I thought she was terribly old (she was probably 30..gasp...ancient!), and really didn't know a bit of what she was talking about. Time moves so very slowly...doesn't it?

Turns out mother was absolutely correct.  I say this because when I close my eyes and think back to the day that I started this blog, I see myself sitting at the Queen Ann writing desk trying to decide which blog format I liked best.  I wanted it to be pretty.  I wanted it to have seersucker on it.  That was really all I was concerned with.  That, and the fact that I was finally going to "write down" the beginnings of a book.  A book that had to do with the absolute craziness that was my dating life.  Every date I went on was a chapter in itself.  Everyone told me so!  Everyone said "my gosh definitely should write a book.  things like that don't happen to just everyone you know!" And so.  I began writing. 

Somehow it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that all of this took place.

But then.......

I remind myself that TEN was not in my life that day.  And Louis wasn't even born yet.  And I can't seem to remember that ever being the case.  I can't remember not knowing TEN.  I can't remember what it was like to not be able to call him to tell him the moment something really exciting happened.  I can't remember what it's like to worry about if the boy who I have a crush on feels the same way.  Because I'm pretty sure he does :)  I can't remember what it's like not to have a fluffy white polar bear looking puppy who wants nothing more than to shower me with kisses, and to sit in my lap. 

And it is those thoughts that tell me that it truly has been a year. 

In honor of my one year blogiversary, I am going to do one of those ONE YEAR AGO TODAY type posts.  Mostly for my entertainment.  So, please feel free to skip I know this will probably bore your socks off :)


1.  I started a blog
2.  I weighed 10 lbs less
3.  I was sure I finally knew what I wanted in a "life partner", and had begun to start looking for it. 
4.  I was going on 2 to 3 dates per week, and felt completely run down and exhausted.
5.  I had started to question whether or not I was going to be alone for the rest of my life.
6.  I wrote FOUR blog posts in one day.
7.  I had filled every spare moment of my life with board meetings, committee meetings, get togethers with friends, etc.  These events were my "relationship".  I went non-stop from morning to night. 
8.  I had strict specifications about who I would consider dating (ie..age, height, career, etc.)

Today I weigh a little bit more, but am a lot happier.  My blog is still a tribute to my life, and my search for everything I want and deserve.  I am happy dating TEN, but nothing is ever a guarantee.  Today I am thankful for him, but you notice I have yet to dub him Mr. Seersucker :)  This girl has learned to NEVER count your eggs before they hatch.

I have wanted a dog of my own for years, but never felt quite ready.  With TEN's support, I went for it.  It is truly the best decision of my life.  Well, that and deciding to relax some of my dating "specifications" in the age area :)

I have stepped down from all of the board positions I previously held, but am still members of the organizations.  I'm much happier now.  I no longer feel that my life is living me.  Now I am living my life :)

A year has passed, and so much has happened.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!!



Calling_Rhonda said...

Happy Anni!
Cheers to another year and all to come!

LenkaLovee said...

happy bloganniversary! :)
that's awesome! :)
i hope i can do it for a year! lol. :)
looks like this year was good to yoU! :O)
i couldn't be happier for you and your blog! :P

MCW said...

One year! much has changed for you and so many wonderful things! So excited to see what the next year brings :)

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

You've got a book in you ... so start writing! My husband is a writer, so set your mind to putting that story down on paper. Katie
p.s...Remember I want one of the first signed copies.

Kassie said...

What a big year you've had! Right now I could write that book (groan, bad dates, groan) so maybe next year I'll have a better story to tell! lol. :)

Bethany said...

Congratulations on 1 year!!