Friday, January 29, 2010


Smalltown, VA is in for another snow storm and I can't say I'm sorry :)

A weekend snowed in at my house with a fire in the fireplace, a kitchen full of food, a full wine cellar and a fluffy little white puppy who loves to cuddle sounds pretty good to me!

They are calling for MORE than the last time.  Egads!  So glad I made it to the grocery store already!

Now, just waiting for the first one of these to fall:

And then we can commence building one of these:

Happy weekend!  Stay warm...



Marian said...

Sounds like you have the perfect plan to me. And a fireplace with all the snow must be perfection

MCW said...

So cozy...I am trying to motivate to go and meet my brother and his GF.

Jess said...

That sounds like a very relaxing weekend! Enjoy!