Thursday, January 28, 2010

$20 Starbucks Giveaway Winner!!!

Well, it turns out that Louis is a bit too smart to play "pick a winner while searching for your treat".

He rescued the treat (5 times!!!) without pulling out a winner.

So, I closed my eyes and picked the winner myself. 

AND THEN...Louis promptly tried to eat the winning piece of paper.  Go figure:)

Alrighty then...without further adieu, congratulations to:

Jenny, send me an e-mail at desperatelyseekingseersucker{at}gmail with your mailing address and I will drop your gift cards in the mail!!

Thank you to everyone for entering.  This was really fun.  Hmmmm...let's see...what can I giveaway next?



mrs.mfc said...

I love that video sooo much!! I need to get batteries for my little Flip!! I never use it but I bet I could catch Hefner doing hilarious things!!

Congrats Jenny!

Jenny DB said...

oh my gosh, SUCH a cute video :) hehe i love it. go figure miss seattle wins the coffee. i love it!! thank you!!!! i will have to do a giveaway soon now, me thinks..

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

That is the most adorable thing I have ever see! I am in love with Louis! I had a westie named buffy growing up. xx

MCW said...

Congrats to Jenny. It's ok that she won...I like her :)

kLl said...

Congrats Jenny DB! I'm kindove jealous. (We'll totally make it a word hehe)