Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've Raised a Wuss :(

I kept trying to explain to Louis what an exciting day today was going to be. He wasn't impressed.

T: Sweetheart...guess what Wednesday is? It's your first day at doggie day care. Aren't you excited?
LW: (gobble, gobble...tasty treat. sniffing for more treats. looking at me as if to say "more please")
T: Louis, you will meet lots of pups your size today, and they will love you, and you won't get tramped on OR bitten. Aren't you excited?
LW: (yawn. chases tail. bounces up and down. lays down on my foot.)

So, I load him up into his booster seat and head to doggie day care. When I arrive there are two men waiting for us. It's Louis' trial day, of course. They are expecting him:)

We chat briefly, and I need to fill out some paperwork. One of the men takes Louis' lead and tells me to say goodbye for the day. I obey.

The man comes back. Apparently Louis got scared when they put him in the 15-20 lb play group (he's only 12.5 lbs you know!).

man: So, errrr, that what you call him all the time?
T: Well yes. That and LW.
man: Why LW?
T: Because his middle name is Wellington :)
man: Oh. Well then. Louis Wellington is a little scared of dogs his size, so he's going to be in the tea cup play group today.

If I had a tail, I dare say it would have been tucked between my legs as I left. Poor little guy. I've given him a sissy name, and now the other pups are going to pick on him. TEN was right. He said not to give Louis a bath before his first day. He said all the other pups would make fun of him for having a fresh bath, and no one would like him, and he would be the spoiled little rich sissy kid. Booo....

Paws crossed that he mans up and joins the "big pups" later this afternoon!




Jess said...

I can't tell you how much I laughed when the man called him Louis Wellington.

Poor Louis! I hope things get better for him soon!

Jess said...
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Kate said...

You have to update us on how it goes!

My neighbor's little dog has the opposite problem: he thinks he is a big dog and won't socialize with other ones his size!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Poor Louis! I am sure he'll fit right in and love doggy day care. I take Spencer as often as I can but it's so expensive up here- $35 per day!

Amy said...

Haha, awww! Poor puppy! I'm sure he will be fine! Lol, I think it's sweet that you gave him a bath before his first day!!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

Oh that little muffin! I bet he those little tea cups will love him!

Keep us posted!

Jenny DB said...

oh gosh. too funny. hahahah TEN was right!!! lotsa giggles over here imagining this :)

Dating is My Hobby said...

That's adorable. Hey, he's only 12.5 lbs, he'll grow into his name :)