Friday, January 8, 2010


This morning the oil company returned my call about my running out of oil.  They informed me that they were sorry, but they couldn't get to me until tomorrow (Saturday).  YIKES!!  BFF from high school is on her way to visit, and I can't have her staying with me in a house where it is 48 degrees.  The woman from the oil company told me I could go to Sheetz to purchase some kerosene.  10-15 gallons should do me, she said.  I should just pour it right into the pipe outside of my house where they fill the oil.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Ha!

I made MK go with me on our lunch break to Sheetz.  Apparently kerosene is sold much like gas.  AND...has to be put into large blue 5 gallon jugs.  I had to buy two of these jugs, and $33 worth or kerosene.  Total damage = $60.  So, after filling the jugs and heading to my house (with Louis yapping away in his booster seat) I thought we were in the clear.  Not so much.

The location of this pipe where I needed to pour the kerosene was very awkward, causing me to have to hold the 5 gallon jug up in the air for about 5 minutes while the kerosene drained.  This girl can't even do a push up, so you can imagine the difficulty I had!

After both jugs were filled I attempted to turn on the heat.  No luck.  Apparently I have to pay $85 for someone to "bleed the line" so that the kerosene runs to the furnace.  Lovely.

- Jugs and kerosene = $60
- Having line bled = $85 
- Outfit I will have to throw out due it reeking so badly of kerosene = $200
- Picture that MK didn't take (but noted that she really should) of me with my leg propped on a huge pile of snow for balance while hoisting 5 gallon jug of kerosene in the air, while trying to aim to get the kerosene in the pipe = PRICELESS



Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

What a nightmare! I hope you're able to get things fixed quickly. P.S. I am sorry for giggling at your story but it was really funny. ;-)

MCW said...

That is the best story ever. I would have loved to have seen that. And I love even more how your dog is in a booster seat.

Perfectly Pleasant said...

That would have been a great picture... some stories just need pictures. I think that was totally a TEN job...

Jess said...

I totally wish there was a picture..though, of course, I feel your pain!!

And, yes! Also love that Louis was in a booster seat :)