Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Not Anything YOU Did. Honest.

Last night when I arrived home from work I realized it was a bit chilly in my house.  I rushed outside to take Louis for a peep, and then came back in to turn up the heat.  Oopsies!  Not so much.  I had run out of oil :(  Can you believe?!??!!  It has been so very cold that I am having to fill my HUGE oil tank up for the second time already.  Ugghhh!

Unfortunately the oil company was closed by the time I realized what had happened.  I left them a message, and asked them to call me ASAP in the morning.  So, I packed a bag for Louis and myself so that we could stay at TEN's warm apartment. 

Before settling in for the night though, I had big plans with mrs.mfc and WIMP!!!  We were meeting for drinks and to exchange Christmas presents.  Much fun!!  WIMP gave me the most lovely personalized note cards that she found on Etsy!  I adore them, and can't wait to send someone a note on them :)

(not exactly what they look like, but kindove the same idea!)

Then, we proceeded to get "CUT OFF" at the restaurant/bar where we were.  Seriously!!!!  None of us were event slightly drunk, or making a scene.  It was absurd.  Our poor little redneck girl server was trying so hard to be sly about it when I tried to order another drink. 

The convo went a lil bit somethin like this:

REDNECK SERVER:  Would you like some water?
T:  No thank you.  I would, however, like another cocktail.
REDNECK SERVER:  I'm sooooooooooo sorry, but we can't serve anymore.
T:  Oh.  Are you closing early then?
T:  Well then I don't understand?
REDNECK SERVER:  I can't serve you anymore.
T:  You can't serve ME anymore?
REDNECK SERVER:  Yea.  But isn't not anything YOU did.
T:  Then why would you not serve ME?
REDNECK SERVER:  Ahhh...yea.  I'm sorry.  We just gotta stop somewhere.


The worst part was that we were at this total dive restaurant/bar.  We were totally the classiest people in there, and we weren't screaming like wild women over this football game of sorts that everyone was all excited about.  Could that have something to do with it?  Who knows.  Anyway, we left and headed to a much better bar where they were more than happy to serve us cocktails and take our money.  I was, of course, sure to note on my Facebook status what the dive bar had done.  I don't want anyone I know to accidentally spend a dime in there if they have a choice.  Boo hiss on dive bars that cut sober girls off :(



mrs.mfc said...

true story.

MCW said...

That waitress is an idiot...the more your drink the higher her tip!

Anonymous said...

haha, I can honestly say I've never been cut off -- although I might have made a scene especially if I wasn't near cut off point!

Jenny DB said...

OMG that would have me soooo heated. Like seriously, i would be sooo pissed about that. not to mention, in this economy, whoever is making those kind of ridiculously stupid (and money losing) decisions should be fired immediately. i'd yelp the heck out of that. SO.ANNOYING. at least now you know not to go back.

Jenny DB said...

PS - "weve gotta stop somewhere?" grr.. seriously, you should be glad i wasn't with you because i think i can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about that annoying red head waitress and her retarded money losing manager.

and no, i am not normally this feisty about being cut off (tho it has happened for good reason to me a few times - i take that quite well, i swear) i think maybe just a long week? hahaha