Monday, January 4, 2010

What Can I Get For a Dollar?

Today my office is so cold that I can barely type.  There is something wrong with the heat, and the building management people are aware.  Apparently they are "working on it".  In the meantime I'm bundled up, and look a bit like:

Mind you, it's 19 degrees in Smalltown, VA today.  With the wind chill factor, it's 7 degrees.  I'm sure that isn't helping :(

Due to the fact that it is far too cold to concentrate at work today, I'm doing a bit of blogging! 

So, over the weekend I realized exactly why it is that TEN and I are a good match.  Not that I go around questioning it or anything, but this weekend a little light bulb went off.

I realized that he really does "get me".  A friend made that comment months ago and I didn't really know what it meant.  Now I do.  It's not so much that he has figured me out, and has adjusted himself to match me or anything.  It's more that we are so much alike that we just click. 

When I finally crawled out of my NYE hangover on Saturday afternoon TEN and I went to lunch.  After lunch we didn't really want to go back home because we had been doing nothing but laying on the couch for 2 days.  The following conversation ensued:

TEN:  So, what should we do now?
T:  I don't know.  I don't NEED to do anything, but I don't want to go home yet.
TEN: Me either.
T:  Hmmmm....
TEN:  Hmmmm....
T:  Well, we could go to the store and buy Louis some treats?
TEN:  Yes.  That's a good idea. 
T:  He needs more of those chicken treats he likes so much from the Dollar General.
TEN:  Or, was it the Dollar Tree?
T:  I think it was the Dollar General, but we could try the Dollar Tree.  Or, what is the other one?
TEN:  The Family Dollar? 
T:  Yes.  You know...we could just go to all three and see what silly things we can buy.  Since it's so cheap and all.
TEN:  Oh yes!  That sound like fun.  Let's do.

And so we did.  We drove from dollar store to dollar store buying crap we didn't need.  Crap that looked like it could be fun.  Crap that looked like it might be tasty to snack on.  Crap that we wondered if Louis would enjoy as a treat.  It was ridiculous.  Ridiculously fun :)

After our shopping spree we were exhausted!  We headed back to my house to unload and inspect our loot!   We were so excited about Louis' 20 new types of treats that we had to give him one of each.  He indulged and then promptly fell asleep under the coffee table. 

Saturday night we went to a "re-scheduled" Christmas party.  The original date was snowed out :(  We had a great time, and ended the night playing guitar hero.  I sang.  It wasn't pretty, but I was amongst friends and they pretended it wasn't painful to their ears.  Because really...that's what friends are for.  Right?

Sunday, TEN and I woke up at some point (hmmm...around noon perhaps?) and decided to put together a puzzle we had purchased at the Family Dollar.  OR...was it the Dollar Tree? was a 520 piece puzzle that looked like it could be entertaining. 

Have you ever spent HOURS putting together a puzzle, only to find that you are missing a piece at the end?  Have you crawled all over the floor, looked under the couch, checked your hair, checked your shirt, etc.? We were missing a puzzle piece and it was driving us CRAZY!!!!

And then.....

We found it.....

In Louis' mouth :(

So we rescued it and stuck it in it's space.  It's a bit tarnished, and didn't really fit anymore, but that's okay.  It kindove makes the puzzle even more special that way!

(yes, I realize we have it in the wrong spot.  the correct spot where the missing piece belongs is to the right where the other piece looks like it doesn't fit.  i switched them right after snapping this pic :)

So, in a nutshell......"what can you get for a dollar"?  Sometimes you can get much  more than you bargained on!

Happy Monday!



Leah said...

This post is cute! I've been known to find some "treasures" at the dollar store too.

And yes, it was funny when James was getting stuck under the coffee table. I was laughing about it myself!

Have a great day. I hope it warms up!

MCW said...

I selpt until noon on Sunday also. it was heaven.
I love walking through the aisles of the dollar store. Such fun crap...

TudorCity Girl said...

Ha! A clever idea for a fun day inside. i think I will take a trip to our dollar store here...yes, believe it or not Manhattan has one but I am pretty sure most things are not close to a dollar!

Jenny DB said...

Ooh kinda like retail therapy in thrift stores. I heart. Good work, ten.