Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a WINNER!!!!!!!

I've probably entered....oh I don't know....maybe like...hmmmm....200 of these online giveaways.

I've won ZERO times.

Until now.

Thanks so much to Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green for hosting the Preppy Plates giveaway!  I've won, and I cannot wait to speak with Elizabeth at Crocodile Kids to select the plate I want :)

I have seriously lusted over these plates since I started blogging.  And I've got this plan of how I want to have/use them.  I want a set of 8.  But I want them to all have a different pattern.  BUT...I want them to all be monogrammed. 

So, thanks to Bethany and Elizabeth I will be starting off my set with the following plate:

Bouncing Up & Down,



Amy said...

Congratulations! :) That plate is adorable!

Bethany said...

So happy for you!! Thanks for reading my blog!

Jenny DB said...

oh that is too cool! congrats girl, although i think i would be quite distracted by the plate to eat. maybe thats a good thing:)

MCW said...

Congrats! Isn't winning so much fun????

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Congratulations! I won Bethany’s first giveaway and it was my first and only. You must go to Hampden on your next Baltimore visit...there are great antique shops! xx