Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He's In Da Klub!

Well, almost....

Louis has ALMOST been accepted at the doggie daycare I have chosen for him.  I know, I know...I sound like a complete crazy.  But you know what?  I don't have any children, and he pretty much is my child, so hush it!

I decided that staying in his crate for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon (with only a little lunch break) on work days was no good for anyone.  Louis is bored to death.  He also has TONS of energy when I get home.  And what if I have plans in the evening?!?!?  I have a 1/2 hour of hard core play time with him, and then I'm exhausted and don't even want to go out :(

So.....doggie daycare it is. 

Last night TEN and I went to the "Doggie Daycare Resort" I selected as my first choice.  I hadn't a clue what to expect, as this is what I read on their website:

Welcome to (doggie daycare I selected)!!

Conveniently located in Smalltown, VA .... (doggie daycare I selected) offers the proudest reputation for dog care and canine services in this area of Virginia! We offer complete luxury services to dogs 25 pounds and under.

Overnight Care, Doggie Day Care, Spa Services, Boutique

AND....for $17/day (it will only be $12 once he's neutered) Louis will have the following:

Our quality care ensures your pet will be safe, pampered, and played with while you are away.  State-of-the-Art Resort designed for small dogs (25 lbs and under).

“4 paw” amenities include:

Handcrafted studio suites and Internationally crafted loft suites

“The Lounge” (play area) with flat screen television to socialize with friends while catching a movie

Customizable itinerary including exclusive pampering options

Staff certified in small dog care

Music throughout

Room service including purified water

Concierge/Maid service

Complimentary blankets and dinnerware

Exclusive all indoor play area

When we walked in the front door we saw an area called the "Barkery".  There were all kinds of yummy treats for pups on display.  Faux chocolates and truffles and quite honestly I wanted to try one :)

There was also a "Boutique" with the cutest little items I have ever seen.  TEN found a leash and collar that he liked for Louis, but before we could investigate further our tour began.  Of course, it was "pick up time"...so things were a little hectic.  BUT...I like that.  I wanted to show up at the worst possible time so that I could really see what was what!

Let me interject here that I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a little over the top.  I don't think the spa day (with mani and pedi included) will be necessary.  BUT...I do think Louis could use a bit more socialization, and he can NEVER have too much play time :)  So, I hope I'm making a good decision. 

He has to go for a "trial day" next week.  Assuming he is on his best behavior I think he will be accepted.  I'm so very excited about all of this!!  I think he will adore getting to know the other pups, and will be all tuckered out at the end of the day (which is good for me). 

So, say a little prayer for Louis that he is accepted into his doggie daycare.  I plan to take him 2 times per week to start with.  AND...the grand thing is that when TEN and I go away for our long weekend in the mountains (hmmm...have I mentioned that yet????), Louis will be boarded somewhere he is already familiar with.  That makes me feel much better about leaving him.



Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

This place sounds absolutely wonderful for our 4-legged friends! I think if Louis gets accepted he will love it. I wish we could send the munchkins to doggie daycare a couple of times a week but I honestly don't think Lexi realizes that she is a dog. She spazzes out when she sees other strange dogs. Like full on DRAMA QUEEN. Seriously. We are working on it, but my dreams of having them play with other doggies their size at a place other than home may never be fulfilled. :Sigh: I can't wait to hear the outcome! It truly sounds like a great place.

Jess said...

Wow, that's quite a doggy day care. I sort of do see the humour in some of those things (i.e does a dog really need spa service..I rarely get that myself.) I do like the idea though. It is much better than keeping Louis locked up for an entire day...it will be good for him to be around other dogs, etc. etc. And, the price is pretty decent, particularly once he is neutered.

And no! You have not mentioned your planned trip to the mountains! But, of course, I do want to hear all about it!

hotchildinthecity said...

brandon & i used to take guinny here when we went out of town...in fact i think that's him in the top pic :) it costs an arm & a leg (esp if you add the "amenities" haha), but i think louis will love it.

MCW said...

I am sure little Louis will do just wonderful! And you will be so happy to have an exhausted puppy at the end of the day!

TudorCity Girl said...

Omg...That last picture. LOL Classic!!!
Louis is one lucky puppy...that is so nice you're getting him inton daycare. So yes, all-around you are making a GREAT decision. And yes- will make you feel much better about your upcoming weekend getaway (how exciting!)


Kassie said...

haha, this looks too funny!! I love the pic of the dog in the tub., Hope he behaves his cute little self!

An American Girl in London said...

I think you love your dog more than I will love my children. I also think Louis should make a trip to TX so I can meet him at conference.

Anonymous said...

It's really important to find a place you trust with your dog and that they like going to. Fenway loves going to his boarding place, they include daycare with the overnight stays. Just make sure he has his Kennel Cough shot every 6 months if he is going to be going to daycare/being boarded.

Andy said...

Um, why do the dogs live better than I do? I must never tell my chiweenie about this, for fear he'll get mad I don't take him.

Beth Dunn said...

I don't think you sound crazy. Just fantastic. Love the name Louis. xoxo


Rosalyn Kay said...

I take Dooley to Doggy Day Care and he L-O-V-E-S it! And they have cameras so I can check in on him throughout the day. I'm so glad you found a place you are comfortable with. That's so important!!!! Good luck to Louis in his interview. I know he'll do great!

The Smarter Princess said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! The only doggie day care in our area is not nearly as glamorous and costs $22 a day! I'm still thinking of sending Bailey there one or two days a week.

Jenny DB said...

That sounds like a good option, and reasonably priced. I mean, heck, that's probably like the gas to/from work and your time away.. or something :) just being positive. boarding bondi is REALLY hard for me. i did it a couple times and he got unpotty trained the first time (cuz they never let him out!) and kennel cough the second. never again - now i just leave him with trusted friends or family. but with this option, it sounds like you will have a good feel for it and how he likes it before you go, so that is very cool!!!