Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm pretty sure exclamating isn't a word.  I used it today though, and I liked it :)

I said to MK (about this girl who sent me a text):

"She's always exclamating after everything, and I can't ever tell if she's really excited or not". 

I think the correct word would be "exclaiming".  But....I like making up words.  It's not like I try to.  They just come out sometimes.  And I like them.  So.  I use them.  Bunches. 

Kindove like kindove.  Yes, I realize it isn't a word.  TEN pointed that out to me when we first started dating.  The gchat convo went a little something like this:

TEN:  you do realize kindove isn't a word, right?
T:  Hmmm...what?
TEN:  kindove is NOT a word
T:  sure it is
TEN:  nope
T:  do you realize what I'm saying when I write it?
TEN:  yes
T:  then it's a word
TEN:  incorrect.  it is kind of
T:  whatever

Later that night he sent me a text that said:

"Just so you know. I'm kindove starting to like you." 

And  I knew what he meant :)

So, back to exclamating.  I like.  And I may use it....right here on my blog.  You are okay with that, aren't you?



Marian said...

Bahahahahha, I love this. And I think I may start using kindove all the time

Jess said...

I noticed your use of kindove when I first started reading and I've always really liked it! I'm a fan of exclamating as well..I may have to start using that one myself!! (I exclamate a lot too.)

And, TEN!! So sweet.

MCW said...

I love conversations like that!

Jenny DB said...

I wrote a comment on this a few days ago and tried to post from my blackberry but no luck:(

anywayy what a cutiepie joe is. I love conversations like this, they make me smile.

you do know "kindove" is actually longer to type than 'kinda' ... just sayin' ;)