Friday, January 15, 2010

Pardon Me. Have You Any Inspiration? I Could Sure Use Some Please....

I'm tired. 

I need a vacation.

I need some inspiration!

For some reason, every year I get this way.  It happens when we are about 2 or 3 months into winter.  I just fizzle out.  I start wearing jeans and bulky sweaters and Uggs to work.  I don't care if my coat/scarf/whatever matches :( 

Now....I realize that compared to all of the terrible things going on the world today, this is really not something to lose sleep over.'s also not me.  It's like a grey haze has covered my little world, and I don't like it one bit!  As a good friend often says when I moan about such things:

"Oh gee...problems of the middle to upper class.  Why don't I care if my scarf matches my mittens?  I must be depressed."

I'm not depressed I don't think.  Just ready for winter to go away.  For heaven's back yard is still a solid 3 inch sheet of ice.  Blech! 

(disclaimer...this is NOT my actual backyard)

I've had a busy week, and I'm looking forward to a great weekend.  Perhaps that will perk me up a bit?

Tuesday night was wine group with the girls.  Ugggg....Bordeaux, you are NOT my friend. 

Or, perhaps I am not my friend?  Regardless....thank goodness Babbo Natale drove because this girl was in NO SHAPE to operate heavy machinery after that meeting :-o

On Wednesday evening I had a fitting for my Black & White Ball gown.  I absolutely cannot wait to share pictures of my gown with you all!  The girls in Smalltown, VA are kindove silly about their gowns for this event.  It's not like we don't describe them to each other or anything.  But most of us don't show the actual gown to each other.  That way it's like a HUGE surprise when we all arrive at the ball.  I know....silly.  But whatever.  Some of my girlfriends from Smalltown, VA read my blog, so I don't want to post pictures just yet!  I promise that as soon as the event has occurred I will post them though.  This year's dress is FABULOUS!

Here are some pictures of previous year's dresses:

(B&W Ball 2007 - me & JLB)

(B&W Ball 2007 - JLB, me, BFF, CA)

(B&W Ball 2008 - me, MK & Babbo Natale)

(the "train" of my dress...please excuse how weird my legs look!  ick...they really aren't that ugly..i promise!)

(B&W Ball 2009....I HATED THIS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After my fitting I went to Daisy's house for pot roast and wine.  Yummmy!  Daisy's pot roast is "almost" as good as mine (hahaha), and I thoroughly stuffed myself. 

Last night I had a meeting after work, and then TEN came out for a drink or two after my meeting.  I had to leave to go home to feed and water the pup no late night partying for this girl :(  

Tonight I'm going to happy hour after work. 

Now, normally this would so NOT be exciting.  However, my friends and I haven't had happy hour in MONTHS!!  I think with the holidays, preparing for the holidays, etc...we've all just been so busy the last thing we had time for was happy hour.

But tonight is a different story!  SO excited to kick back and enjoy some drinks with friends after work.  I think a few of my girlfriends that I haven't seen in ages will be coming too.  Yay!

This weekend promises to be packed, and I hope that the excitement of it all will help me find my smile....and hopefully that will help this grey haze lift! 

On Saturday Louis has a play date with a 200lb labradoodle. 

Well, perhaps he isn't 200lbs, but he sure looks it!  Sunday he has a play date with a goldendoodle puppy

(10 wks old, and already bigger than Louis!). 

AND....Monday he has a play date with Daisy's THREE dogs!!! little man is going to be tuckered out after this weekend.  And all I have to do is go to a FABulous stock the bar party at Barbie's.  Lucky me :)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! 

Here's to hoping I find some inspiration soon!  In the meantime, here are some things that make me smile!

(my sleepy little man Wednesday night)

(MUST HAVE pillows MK found for me at One King's Lane!)



mrs.mfc said...

Snap out of it. HA! But really, I totally know what you mean about getting down this time of year. All we can do is have happy hour (can't wait), plan fun spring and summer vacations, look online at fabulous warm weather clothes.. and just wait. Spring will be here before too long.. and I bet your snowy backyard (and mine) will be meliting BIG TIME since temps are finally up in the 50s. It will get better. Promise.

mrs.mfc said...
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MCW said...

I would love to dress up and go to a ball. Do any of you every show up in the same dress?

Jess said...

I'm right there with you with the winter funk, or whatever it is. I'm trying not to think about just how much more winter there actually is.

Hopefully some fun times with Louis, TEN and good friends will help you feel better!!

Leah @Thinking Out Loud said...

I am going through the same thing so I totally know what you mean!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

The whole winter thing would put me in a horrible mood -- thank goodness I'm in Florida and this crazy 3 weeks of cold we had is NOT normal.

I love the dress from 2009!

Louis is a very popular boy!

Emily said...

Louis is so adorable! I that he has playdates! I am SO over winter too...I'm so ready for spring!

Dating is My Hobby said...

Haha. I totally feel you. Last week I was checking how expensive it would be to fly out to the Bahamas for the weekend...I need spring. Asap.

Jenny DB said...

LOVE the train of that dress. I am so excited to see that gown on you.. it sure is GORGEOUS from the sneak peek i got ;) hehe

We have a golden doodle (he's tanner, the last pic from my bondi obsessed post) and he is only 6 months and already as big as bondi. they can be HUGE but they have such great personalities, i think...