Friday, July 22, 2011


For me friends, not for you.  I'm sorry :(  I have been planning a giveaway for quite some time, because I love hosting giveaways, but then I just keep buying things for myself.  How selfish.

I'll work on that.  But in the meantime...back to me :) 

Look here at the lovely prizes I've acquired in the last week!

1.  Lilly Pulitzer Market Bag (mine is a different pattern, but TRHoC gave it to me as my B-day gift bag!)

2.  Lilly Pulitzer Croakies

3.  Lilly Pulitzer Koozie

4.  Fabulous Jumpsuit!

TRHoC also gave me the most fabulous Virginia Tech watch (can't find a picture) and took us to a nice dinner.  She spoiled me ROTTEN!  And I so appreciated it :)

The next few prizes are from TEN.  I was having a terrible day on Tuesday, and he had ordered some little prizes for me...just because.  He gave them to me Tuesday evening and it put the biggest smile on my face!

5.  Life: The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Because we all know that I am completely obsessed with England.  And royalty.  And Princes & Princesses.  And royal weddings of course!  I mean seriously, I have THE royal engagement ring on my finger.  Or, well....a version of it anyway :)  hehehe....

6.  Dog Bike Planter

Smalltown, VA is having a Tweed Run in the Fall.  Are you familiar?  People get on their bikes, wearing head to toe tweed, and they take a little ride around town.  Very British :) 

Anyway, we are going to participate.  And I want a little basket on the front of my bike.  Like this one:

And I want to hook Louis in there with his little harness.  Wouldn't that be splendid!  Anyway, I've told TEN about this little idea of mine, and therefore when he saw the pup on the bike with a basket, AND it was planter for my herbs, he bought it for me :)

7.  Crab in Net Oven Mitts 

We all know how much I LOVE crabs, and after the fabulous oven mitt mrs.mfc purchased me for Christmas had a bit of an accident.....well, TEN wanted to redeem himself by purchasing me these.  I absolutely adore them!!

AND if I haven't been spoiled enough.... 
As if I could possibly NEED anything else.... 
Well, I bought myself....... 




8.  Tory Burch Aviator Sunglasses

Have you purchased any prizes for yourself lately?  Saving for anything special? 



The City Boy said...

i love those sunglasses! I was actually just thinking that I want to buy a new pair of aviators just because i dont like the size...nothing wrong with them just a year later i dont really like them! haha

i just purchased myself a lot of "prizes" from Bergdorfs :)

Jess said... do you keep winning things! If you ever want to pass that luck along to me, please feel free :)

garden state prep said...

I've been looking for the perfect pair of aviators for a while - those are adorable!

Ann said...

Sounds like it's Christmas in July there in Smalltown VA

Monique said...

I want to go on that bike ride! Looks like soooo much fun. Actually let's make rephrase as I would like to go on that bike ride with those gorgeous sunnies!

Happy to have stumbled on your blog today.


BelleinBows said...

Omg, look at all of your goodies! How fabulous is that jumpsuit, by the way? If only I were tall and thin I could pull it off.
Love those glasses!

REBrown said...

You are just one lucky duck! I love the dog bicycle planter.

Dee Stephens said...

I love that planter too! No big prizes for me except a new hat this weekend from Orvis :)

MCW said...

You are spoiled! Love all of your new stuff.

I am slowing buying stuff for the apartment that I am moving into sometime soon, but do not know where or when :)