Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Louis is just about FED UP with all of this talk about Charleston.

He wasn't invited, you know.  Therefore he has no interest in it.

He wasn't even brought a prize upon our return!!

Poor, poor Louis.

He did want to model his new faux-Burberry trench for you:

And he also wanted me to let you all know that he will be attending DogtoberFest this weekend.  He will be taking part in the "Blessing of the Pets", and the "Pet Parade".  He is quite intrigued by the "PawCasso Paw Painting", but wants to know more before he commits. 

We are going to indulge him.  Supper in the "Doggone Good Diner", and a run around the "Obstacle Course" is pretty much what TEN and I have on our agenda for Saturday.  Well, that an a little football game at 6pm between our alma mater & Clemson.  But Clemson's logo is a paw print.  And we're hoping he won't notice that it's not about him anymore at that point.  Shhhh....


Ann said...

aw poor Louis. Hope he enjoys the DogtoberFest

Style, She Wrote said...

So cute! That doggy trench is adorable. xo style, she wrote

Biz said...

Louis looks very dapper in his trench. You may tell him I said so.

Ashley said...

hahahha. i cant wait to hear how the dog parade and all the doggy festivities went!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Adorable, as usual. I hope Mr. Louis has a wonderful time this weekend. And you, too.