Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach Chairs, Burns & Back to Reality...

Hi there! 

It's me. 

Just dropping in to say hi and to give you a little update :) 

- The beach was glorious.  SO MUCH FUN.  However, my bum is looking a little like this at the moment:

In a bad way. As in a cherry tomato red way :(  I'm finally able to sit down, so I think I'm going to survive!

- There were a group of guys at the beach that we hung out with.  The one I ended up talking to was 20.  Shoot me now!  I'm trying to go UP in age, not DOWN....

- I am the owner of a new beach chair.  Not JUST a beach chair.  The beach chair to rival all beach chairs.  Tommy Bahama says so :)  It is not only a chair, it is also a cooler.  It is ALSO a satchel.  And finally, it is ALSO a backpack.  Seriously?  Yep.  Seriously.  Go ahead and be envious, it's okay :)

- While I was at the beach I missed my Flirt! class.  Daisy made the class up on Tuesday, so she proceeded to attempt to teach H and I what we had missed.  Ummm...yea.  Apparently it was "wall dance" night.  This week is "lap dance" night.  What have I gotten myself into? 

- When I picked up Louis on Saturday he was exhausted.  I love when he gets to play with his little friends and gets gobs of exercise.  My house is pretty low key, although we do play fetch and stuff.  Anyway, after 3 days of playing with his friends (one of which is also a westie called Finlay) he was ready for nap time: 

(he slept for 8 hours straight!)

- Saturday night was a cocktail party/cook out at a friends house.  I rocked a white shorts romper.  You heard it here first folks!  T is a fan of the romper.  I already own 2 of them, but they are pants rompers.  Never expected to see myself sporting the shorts version, but.....  when you loose a significant amount of weight and realize that your body pretty much resembles what you looked like in college you've got to take advantage of it my friends!  So, I did :)  I can't really find any good pictures of me wearing it, but here's the idea....

-Sunday's sermon at church was another good one!  Very thought provoking for sure.  What I took away from it was to quit looking for "signs" in life from God.  God has given you directions on how to make the best decisions for yourself.  The decisions HE wants you to make.  So why then do I keep looking for signs?  Right before the sermon was prayer time.  I asked God if this time he could put a big red bow on Mr. Right so that I didn't overlook him.  I tend to do that.  Focus on Mr. Right Now, rather than Mr. Right.  A big red bow would be really helpful.  Then, the sermon commenced and it was as if God was saying "T, seriously?  You are no dummy.  I will not tie a big red bow on Mr. Right because you are smart enough to recognize him.  It's up to you to stop wasting your time on these silly little Mr. Right Nows who you get tired of when the novelty wears off.  Haven't you learned that by now?  Get it together girl!"  And so, I'm going to do that.  I'm going to get it together.  I don't care what the palm reader tells me...I'm not going to believe her.  (Did I ever tell you guys that story?  The one about the palm reader?)  Because let's be serious, whether or not you are a Christian.  Whether or not you believe that God has a plan for you.  You can't seriously tell me that you believe in palm readers!  Can you?

- Sunday night was movie night.  Three movies were viewed at T's house and I've got three Seersucker Suit Movie Reviews coming your way!

Hope your weekend was lovely.  I'm rocking my yellow wellies today.  Paddington Bear is in the house:)



Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

I am glad the beach was so great! and little Louis! so sweet! And I may need to hear this palm reading story...

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Ohh you are making me want to go to the beach, my 2 week beach count down is on! I also have that same chair. I love it, perfect for the beach and outdoor concerts.

I saw some super cute rompers this weekend. I think they are adorable, glad you were able to rock one. I'm still on the fence about wearing one myself.

All Things Cherish said...

Love your white romper! I wish I could pull one off.

Jenny DB said...

OK i want to see the bottom part of the romper, just because!!

congrats on the new beach chair, its pretty fabulous :)

Jess said...

So glad you're feeling better!! And, so jealous that you can pull off a romper!!

I really do believe the moment you start looking for Mr. Right is the moment you will find him. I know everyone says that..but I really do think it's true!! Be patient, I know he's out there for you. And, he'll be worth the wait.

TudorCity Girl said...

So glad you had a great time!! You are doing so great..I admire you.

I always look for signs. I would have loved to have heard that sermon live...Thanks for paraphrasing. So you got your direction from God during the Mass...Not obvious signs as in seeing things and making your own sense into it. But you heard God's voice speak to your heart and mind and that is what is most important..You see? You clearly know where to go now!
I absolutely love this.

Oh, the fortune-teller story...I don't think you shared that in the past? I have my own. Don't believe in them but I think back to it still often because she told me I would meet a very tall man at the time I met the latest (yikes) and would be incredibly happy but needed to be extremely patient with him and it would pay off in time.
It is NOT good to ever read into what a palmreader says. We know that. Keep listening to God. :)