Thursday, May 27, 2010

ˈvər-sə-təl - Changing or Fluctuating Readily

The word "versatile" sure seems to fit my life right now!  I couldn't pick a better word to describe my thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc.  And so a HUGE thank you to Kim from My Life Through Pink (Green and Blue, too) Colored Glasses for awarding me with the following award:

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the blogger who presented me with this award.
2) Share 7 things about myself.
3) Pass on the award to 15 bloggers you have recently discovered and love!

Alrighty then, here we go:

1.  I am 5'8-1/2" tall.  I have always said I was 5'9", but recently discovered that I'm lacking 1/2".  Even though I'm quite tall, I most often wear high heels.  I don't know why?  When people are around me for the first time and I'm not in heels they usually are quite perplexed.  They say something like " seem so much shorter today for some reason."  Then, they look at my feet.  Then, they look back up at my face.  And they can't figure it out.  And it makes me giggle.  And I don't know why I am so tickled every single time this happens.

2.  I am incredibly intimidated by my blackberry:( It sends messages to the wrong people, and I don't realize that has happened until the wrong person is texting me back and I'm all "what? what? they are so dumb."  But really it's me that's dumb.  It chirps at me and blinks at me and there is always some sort of something that it wants me to check and it stresses me out.  Last night I hid my blackberry under a pillow in the spare bedroom downstairs, and then I went upstairs and went to bed.  Because it did something bad last night.  And I scolded it, but it just kept beeping.  And it upset me.  And I told Louis.  And he offered to eat it.  But I told him no.  Even thought I secretly wanted to let him :-/

3.  I have a slight obsession with shoes and clothes.  As in I should probably hire someone to come to my house and do an inventory of what I really have.  I found yet another tote of clothes yesterday afternoon that I haven't laid eyes on in probably 2-4 years.  They are all precious frocks that fit me perfectly.  For shame T.  For shame!  And here I've just purchased another whole batch of frocks because I didn't believe I had any cute ones for the summer.  Oops.

4.  I am an only child.  I believe this is the reason that I crave time by myself.  My friends don't really understand that concept, and sometimes that can be very frustrating for me :(  I enjoy spending time by myself.  It is healing, and energizing.  No one is asking for, or demanding, or needing anything from me.  I just get to take a break from everyone else's needs and problems and worries. I turned the ringer off on my phone the other day to have "T Time".  Something I used to do every Sunday, and something I desperately want to get back to doing.  Anyway, after 4 hours I checked my phone.  I had 18 missed calls and 22 text messages.  IN FOUR HOURS!!!  And no one died.  Or had a baby.  Or was in an accident.  I need to make some changes, obviously.....

5.  I have issues with the hiccups.  I literally have to turn upside down to get rid of them.  Nothing else works.  NOTHING. And that can be really embarrassing when out and about.  I literally have to back up against a wall, bend over (with legs straight), grab my ankles, and put my head between my knees.  It works in about 1 minute, and I am able to get back to whatever it is that I'm doing.  The only problem is, 9 times out of 10 people think I'm going to throw up and they make a huge scene.  Even if I go to the back, dim, dark corner of an establishment.  Someone always sees me and yells "omg...this chick is about to throw up".  I'm considering investing in a portable easel and sign.  Something I can set up beside myself to save everyone so much confusion.

6.  I cannot drink Jägermeister.  I cannot drink Southern Comfort.  If I drink either of these liquors my night comes to and end.  Abruptly.  I know this.  I have known this since I graduated from college.  But I forgot about it momentarily last night.  And the girl in the bathroom was scared to death I do believe.  But she did offer me a piece of gum.  Which was nice :)

7.  I am ready to get married.  As in for real.  I have absolutely no idea why it has taken me all of these years to "grow up", but I am finally ready.  I am no longer terrified of the prospect of spending the rest of my life with ONE person.  I am no longer worried that if I pick someone (read: say "yes"), that I will change my mind before the big day.  OR...that I will marry them, and then Mr. Right will walk into my life 2 years later....and I will have made the wrong decision.  These are the fears that have haunted me for my whole adult life.  These are the reasons that I have never been able to do it.  To get married.  But now, I am no longer afraid.  I am excited.  I am ready.  I know that when I pick someone I will not regret it.  I will fight with them, and be frustrated with them, and snark at them, but I will not regret them.  Not ever.

I hereby award everyone this blog award.  Because even though I may not have only recently found you, I love you all dearly!  I am so very thankful that you blog.  You have no idea how much your stories and purchases and giveaways brighten my days.  Especially here lately :)  Thank you my friends!



Emily Kathleen said...

Congrats on your award!

I'm a 1/2 inch shorter than I claim to be too! I always tell people I'm 5'3", but I'm really only 5'2' and a 1/2.

Totally with you on alone time! I need time alone to re-energize. I love being around friends and family, but I'm actually quite introverted and being around people wears me out. I ignore my phone on the weekends sometimes when I need to be drives my friends and family crazy!

garden state prep said...

I'm right there with you on the height thing - I'm technically 5'7 and a half, but I always say I'm 5'8". I also think that we only children do crave alone time that our non-only child friends may not understand. Glad I'm not the only one!

Jenny DB said...

I COMPLETELY understand your blackberry frustrations. Somehow my phone pocket dials men with wives or girlfriends at 4am that are on my softball team when i am not even awake. and then they come to the game wondering what i needed at 4am. Say what? seriously, this has happened multiple times, in addition to pocket texting ";lkasdjf" to like, some guy who i used to makeout with in college, 7 years ago. good times. note to self - remove these numbers from my phone! hahaha

Also, how fun is it to find old clothes you fit again!!! :)

MCW said...

I haven't been able to drink SoCo since college. When we would get a handle and pass it around before we went out - and would finish the bottle regardless of how many girls were in attendance...we would chase it with a 2 liter bottle of diet coke. UGH!!!

Kassie said...

I really enjoyed learning this about you! I'm the same with my height: I always thought I was 5'5'', but recently found out I'm 5'4 and a half! Always wished I was a few inches shorter though, like 5'3''--don't know why. lol.

and i'm with you on the ready to get married! It just hit me in the last six months or so, def wasn't up for it before that!! But now all of a sudden--I am!!