Monday, May 24, 2010

Sexy? Moi?

It's raining in Smalltown, VA.  I actually feel as if it's been raining here forever.  The grass and the plants are quite enjoying it, but my hair on the other hand....

So another weekend has come and gone.  Weekends feel quite different to me these days.  There are no more quiet nights on the couch, cooking dinner and watching movies.  There is an awful lot of Louis snuggle time though, which is very nice! 

Friday night I decided to head downtown with some friends.  I will say, I was dragging a bit from the lack of sleep during the week and not super excited to be going out.


I tried on my "skinny jeans".  The jeans that you always keep in the closet to gauge yourself.  So that you can try them on and then say "well, I got them on...but they are a liiiiitttlle bit too tight.  but almost!"  Yes.  Those jeans.  Well, I went to the closet and pulled them on.  And do you know what?  They fit.  Perfectly :)

I commenced with the Happy Dance, and my entire mood changed!  I decided that I didn't want to dress in "typical T fashion".  I wanted to make a statement.  And boy did I.  I put on black strappy heels, my Seven for All Mankind A Pockets (THE jeans), and a completely backless black halter clingy top that had a slit down the front to my navel.  Can you believe it?!??!  I felt a bit odd wearing it, but off I went.

I will say that I met more men Friday night than I think I ever have on any given night out and about in Smalltown, VA.  Not that these men were who I am looking for, of course, but it was definitely an ego booster.  Even my guy friends were beside themselves.  One of them said "this definitely goes down as one of the top 3 sexiest things you have ever worn T."  Let's just say that I spent part of Sunday online looking for more "atypical T shirts to wear out in the future"...hahaha...

Saturday morning I was up at 6:30AM.  Uggghhh...  Some of my girlfriends and I had volunteered to help out at a local women's home.  A place where women with alcohol and drug dependency issues come to get their lives back.  It is a beautiful, big, old house with a large yard.  The director of the home wanted to build a meditation garden for the ladies.  She also wanted to re-paint the inside.  My girls and I ended up painting one of the rooms.  Unfortunately I somehow deleted the pictures from my phone that show how the room started out, but here it is in progress...

The room was previously Carolina Blue.  BLECH!  Nothing against Carolina, but in this room it just was NOT working.  At all.  Now it is a very lovely "stone" color of sorts, and I so hope the ladies enjoy it!

The meditation garden was built by another group, and it was absolutely beautiful when finished.  I snapped some pictures, but again....all were lost except for the photo of St. Francis:

After volunteering we all went for lunch, and then I took a 4 hour nap!  This from a girl that never naps. 

When I fell asleep Louis was in this position:

When I awoke, it was because Louis was sitting on my head.  Apparently he'd had enough of nap time and was ready to play!  Thank goodness he did wake me though, as it was 8:15 and I was supposed to be at Daisy's at 8:00. Oops!

Another fun night out.  Another pair of skinny jeans.  Another cute top. 

Sunday I slept in. I didn't go to church :( I really wanted to hear this week's sermon, but when the alarm went off I just couldn't do it.  I was exhausted.  I went down to check on Louis and he couldn't be bothered to open both eyes.  Just one.  And then he closed it.  I took this as my permission to head back to bed. 

Last night everyone went to Daisy's to cook out.  And to watch Napoleon Dynamite.  And to play Frogger.  And to eat ice cream cake.  Fabulous ending to a great weekend.

I'm slowly getting caught back up on reading everyone's blogs.  I'm sorry I've been negligent :-/  I miss your stories.  And your lives.  And I am going to catch up pronto!

Hope your weekend was lovely as well.



Annie said...

That is awesome that you had such a fun weekend out and about! Love the skinny jean story - I think every girl can relate! Congrats on getting into them! :)

alanna said...

congratulations girl!!! there is nothing better than the skinny jeans - you'll have to tell me your secret ;) i always GAIN weight when i'm bummed (thus making me more bummed...oh vicious cycle!)

Thinking Out Loud said...

I bet you looked great!

So sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I've been thinking about you. Hope all is well!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Whhhoooooo Hooooo! DSS got her groove back! Do it again!
Do it again..
Flirt with the following:
1 much older man
1 much younger man
1 black haired man
and finally
1 man with hair longer than yours!
Do it!

MCW said...

Those are the best kinds of weekends! Lots of friends, fun and men...even if they have mullets and are 60. At least you got it!

Jenny DB said...

Umm I need a picture of this shirt!! Seriously :) ps i think i like this bumpkin character's advice!~!~

TudorCity Girl said...

So glad you had such an awesome time! And caught up on some much needed sleep.
Congrats on the jeans! Yes, usually I just take them out and say - they are on! but a bit too tight...Someday...

Glad you are doing so well!