Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pet Silhouette - Giveaway!

There are pictures all over my home of the people in my life that I treasure.  Friends and family adorn my walls and tables.  But there are no pictures of Louis! Poor baby :(

I've decided to do a bit of re-decorating at the house in keeping with my fresh start, and I want to be sure that Louis has a BIG presence in my home.  Because after all...he is my heart.

I've ordered this watercolor from Etsy shop k9artgallery:

and it should be arriving any day.  I also stopped by E, Myself, and I's blog and see that she is hosting a giveaway!!  (Well, her golden Addy is actually hosting the giveaway, but it's on E's blog, so....)

Do you have a precious pet that you would enjoy a hand painted silhouette of?  I know I sure do!  Visit Addy's Giveaway on E, Myself, and I's blog to enter to win! 



Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Thank you for posting the Etsy store. There is a fantastic print of a tricolor Cavalier that I must have. xo xo

Trish said...

Hi T!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

I love the idea of new pictures/artwork with your fresh start, and this Westie painting is just perfect! I agree there needs to be more Louis artwork! I wish I could come do a puppy photo shoot with you two! :)

City Dreamer said...

Oh, that watercolor is TOO cute! Have fun redecorating - it's sure to be interesting if you add a couple gin & tonics to the formula ;)