Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have a new blog header, did you notice?  I know with the bomb I dropped on you in my last post it may have been easy to overlook.  Perfect timing for a new header if you ask me.  Fresh start and all :) 

A huge thank you to Dawn from Lydia and Pugs for all of her hard work.  I so wish I had talent like that!    Visit her at http://www.lydiaandpugs.com/lp_customblogheader.html to see some of her wonderful creations. 

In other news:

-  I have lost 10 lbs.  Not at all the way I had planned to, of course, but such is life.

-  I am going to the beach with some girlfriends next week.  I can't wait.  Just what the doctor ordered :)

-  This Thursday I am starting a "Flirt!" class with a bunch of my girls.  I'm a little nervous.  Not exactly sure how I feel about it.  We received an e-mail this week telling us to bring 3 songs that "get us going", a yoga mat and a blind fold.  EGADS! What have I gotten myself into?  All I know is that there is a stripper pole in the middle of the studio.  I'll keep you posted.... 

I went to a Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday.  It was great fun!  I enjoyed getting out and socializing a bit :)  I didn't take any pictures, and there isn't a good one on Facebook that shows my outfit.  I wore a Lilly from a few years ago: 

With pink espadrilles and a big white hat. 

Sunday evening I got together with a big group of friends for dinner and movie night on Daisy's patio.  We watched The Hangover.  Yes, yes...we've all seen it plenty of times.  The guys wanted to watch Avatar, but the girls voted for The Hangover.  I dare say we laughed just as hard this time as we did the first time we saw it.  Perhaps a bit too much wine? 

Last night a group of people got together at a local restaurant for after work cocktails and bocce ball.  I wore one of my favorite sundresses and it was a lovely evening.  I stayed for a few hours, and then left with a very good friend to have dinner.  I had homemade chicken and dumplings.  I am ashamed to say, being from THE SOUTH and all, that I've never had chicken and dumplings before.  Verdict = T is a fan!  Yummy :)

Then, I went home for some snuggle time with this one:

....but he was already out.

So that's about it.   

I'm really behind in reading blogs and commenting.  Work has been super busy, which is good, but it's hindering my ability to keep up with all of the gossip!  Bare with me, okay?



All Things Cherish said...

I'm happily married, but that flirt class sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Emily Kathleen said...

I meant to comment on your previous post, but then got super busy! I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through a breakup. They're just so difficult...even when you know it's the right thing. It sounds like you've had a great time lately though! I've never heard of a flirt class...I can't wait to hear about your experience!

Love your new blog header! I've been thinking of finding someone to do one for my blog...I'll definitely have to check out Lydia and Pugs!

MCW said...

Love the new heading...

Glad you are staying busy.

Can't wait to hear about the flirt class. I keep thinking of that scene in Old School where Will Ferrall's wife is taking the BJ class. ha...

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I did notice the new header and I love it. Very cool. It sounds like you had a very full weekend. I am shocked that you had never tried chicken and dumplings before! But I'm so glad you tried it this weekend and that you like it. It is probably one of faves and I love making it at home.

I stay perpetually behind in reading and commenting so I totally understand!

Annie said...

I'm so glad you're staying busy! That makes it much easier! Enjoy the beach!

Jess said...

I did notice the new header - and I love it! It's so cute!!

Glad to hear you're keeping busy. So important to have support when you're feeling down about things. It sounds like you're doing well. I was thinking about you the other day and hoping you were doing ok! Glad to know you are.

Kim Reese said...

Glad you mentioned the new header, when I saw it previously, I thought I had lost my mind!! It truly is gorgeous!!

Glad to see you keeping busy and having fun!! Keep it up and keep us posted!!

xo Queen Bee xo said...

I did notice your header!!
Dawn is working on some stationery for me and I can't wait to see the finished product!!
Have so much fun at the beach.
You deserve it!

Wendy said...

Love the new header. and good call on the hangover. I really just can't bring myself to watch avatar. I know that I should, but I just don't want to!

LydiaAndPugs said...

It really turned out beautiful and it was a pleasure working with you! Enjoy!

PS LOVE the Lilly dress, so fresh and colorful!

anonymous prep said...

Your new header is so cute! Sounds like you're definitely keeping busy - I've never heard of a flirt class so it'll be interesting to hear about your experience.

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Love your new header. The flirt class sounds neat, I bet there will be some funny posts coming up about it!

BLC :o said...

LOVE the new do! Xoxo-BLC