Friday, May 21, 2010

Is Something Wrong With Me...Or Does Everyone Think This Is The Funniest Thing Ever?

The other day Hot Child In The City introduced me to Hyperbole and a Half

Now, usually when I'm introduced to a new blog by someone I'm all "okay, I'll have a look".  I read a few posts and most likely find myself going "Zzzzzzzzzzzz...".  I know.  That's mean.  Whatever.  It's true.

So, here I go..clicking through to Hyperbole and a Half, and OH MY GOSH, IT IS SERIOUSLY THE FUNNIEST THING EVER, OR AT LEAST I THINK SO. 

While wasting time working diligently today, I have come across these things that make me laugh so hard I have Diet Coke all over my computer screen currently.

On advertising strategies:

On dealing with "close talkers":

On relationships:

"It is well known that one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship is continually fending off boredom. To keep things interesting, why not buy your significant other a Kong toy? Stuff some bacon in there and let the fun begin!"

On blog awards:

On Picture Frames:

I'm feeling a bit snarky today, so perhaps that is why I'm finding all of this so humorous.  Or then again, perhaps not. 



City Dreamer said...

i think i'm crying - this is JUST what i needed to read to distract me from our melodramatic office manager running up & down the hall - "I can't freakin believe these idiots!" - complete with Staten Island accent.

THANK YOU!! and happy friday :)

alanna said...

SO funny!!!!!! love ALL of them and FYI...i am ALWAYS snarky!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

No, it's you!

Just kidding, I loved the Kong ball treat joke, I have to print this out and take it home, we once stuffed marshmallows in one for our bullmastiff. Funniest shit ever, for hours!

Wendy said...

Thanks for this! I just spent my whole afternoon on that blog. :) And I'm not kidding.

Jenny DB said...

i LOVE the one on blog awards and it hink it's inspiring me to make my own. I can make my own blog award right? haha i'll be sure its also a snarky one!!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Hilarious! Thank you for sharing!

Heather said...

I think they're really funny, too, for the record. HA! Have a good one!
Heather @

hotchildinthecity said...

hehe so glad everyone found this as funny as i did :)