Thursday, April 5, 2012

So.....I Won the Lottery

Hi there!  It's been something like a month and a half since I've blogged.  For shame, T.  For shame :(

Things have been really, really busy/exciting/hectic around here lately. 

There are no typical days for me.  They are all packed with exercise, lunch with friends, organizing events, happy hour with friends & cocktail parties.  Sounds pretty divine, right?  Of course, there is that ever present knowledge that soon enough one must find a job.  Because I did win the lottery my friends, but it wasn't ENOUGH unfortunately. 

I was sitting outside, enjoying lunch on the market with two friends.  We've all been job searching (some harder than others), and they announced that they had both found a job.  I congratulated them, of course (secretly cursed them)...and then proclaimed.... 

"Well, that's it!  I'm so sorry for you both!  Yes, you have both found a that must mean that I am going to win the lottery tonight!  Cheerio!"

I left shortly after that, and was fully confident I would win.  It was a sign, no?

TEN and I have a habit of pooling our money (we're talking like $5 total) to buy lottery tickets.  We get the numbers all on the same ticket so that we have no knowledge of whose numbers are whose.  That way, we HAVE to split the winnings.  Pretty clever, huh?  So we had a ticket, and Saturday morning TEN checked it on his phone.  And we won.  And we screeched.  I actually asked the lady at the Shell Station if she would like to take our photograph.  She just stared at me blankly.  Mind you, that could have had something to do with the fact that TEN and I were fully decked out for the Caddy Shack Themed Cocktail Crawl we were headed to? 

Anyway, she didn't want our picture.  We took our winnings and we promptly spent all $7 on two shots at the bar.  We felt that was an appropriate use of our winnings :)

Don't let the BIG lottery win fool you though!  I'm the same person I've always been.  (tehehe...)

(BFF, Suz, Barbie, TRHoC, me, Marilyn Monroe & T)

(Suz, me & Marilyn Monroe)

(a Mardi Gras celebration of sorts)

(a formal event as part of The Ginger's birthday festivities)

(Marilyn Monroe's birthday celebration found us at a local dive listening to The Drummer's punk band :-o )

(Girl's Night Out!  CC was leaving to head back to Vero beach, so it was a perfect send off for her!  TEN went to Raleigh, NC with the boys.  What, oh what to do?  Have a girl's night of course...)

So, you see, life has pretty much been moving along at a leisurely pace.  Tonight I'm hosting an event for the local Republican Committee.  We hope to bring some new members into the fold, and our Republican Mayoral Candidate will be attending.  I'm so very excited!!

I'm going to start blogging again.  It may not be EVERY day, but I hope it is :)  I'll let you know how everything goes tonight.


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