Friday, May 29, 2009

Men Are Like Shoes

The Voice of Reason and I had a mani/pedi last night, and then went for drinks. We came to the conclusion that men are like shoes. I've thought this often, but assumed I was probably nuts for using the analogy, so I kept my mouth shut. The Voice of Reason sees things the same way, so I guess I'm not crazy after all.

I want Monolo Blahniks. Because really...who doesn't? They are all (well, almost all) beautiful. That's a given. The best part about them is that somehow, as tall and spiky as they may be, they are comfortable. Always. I can dance all night in them, and my feet don't hurt. I guess that's why you have to pay $400 to $600 a pair for them. They are gorgeous AND comfortable.

When I shoe shop the thing that draws me to a shoe is whether it's cute or not. Let's be honest...that is how it is for most of us. Then I try the shoe on. Some shoes are uncomfortable, or not so cute, upon closer inspection. Others I have to wear around the store for a while to determine whether or not they will do. Even then, sometimes I purchase a pair and wear them out only to realize they are awful. You know the feeling? When you know you look cute, because your shoes are fabulous, but you are miserable all night because they are uncomfortable. I usually keep these shoes, and wear them out for dinner and things where I know I will be sitting down most of the night. They are worth keeping, but certainly can't be worn on a regular basis.

So....back to real life. I have about 5 e-mails in my MDC inbox that look promising. Normal Guy has sent a lovely e-mail, and I really need to reply. I'm just kindove taking a little vacation. Not because I don't still want to find my Monolos, but more because it's summer. I think that all of this shoe shopping is wearing me out, and perhaps I should just enjoy a pair of flip flops for now. Flip flops are awesome. They are cute, comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. Even if they don't look exactly right with your outfit, they still work. And, sometimes you find yourself picking them over your Manolos. Sometimes :)

Have a wonderful weekend friends. I hope the weather where you are is as lovely as it is in Smalltown, VA.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Day!

Thanks Wendy!

So, Wendy from Wendy's Adventures in Lalaland gave me an award. Trés exciting!! I've been named Queen of All Things Awe-Summm!!! Isn't that fancy :0

My duties as queen are to:

1. List 7 things that make me awe-summm.

2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love.

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you).

7 Reasons I Am Awe-summm

1. I can completely turn my feet around backward, while facing forward.

2. I throw a fabulous party :)

3. I volunteer, and am heavily invested in my community.

4. I am going to hit my annual sales goal....even with the terrible economy.

5. I went on vacation to London...all by myself...just because I wanted to.

6. I'm ambidextrous.

7. And in closing....I'm pretty sure that with a cocktail in one hand, and a wand in the other, I could rule the world.

Now, to the following...I dub thee new Queens of All Things Awe-Summ!:

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Happy Day!


A Little Introspection Can Go a Long Way

I know I've been absent for a week. There has been a lot going on. Chicago was lovely. Memorial Weekend was lovely. That's really all I've got. I'm trying to figure something out, and I'm a bit perplexed. In a good way. I'm not going away or anything, just trying to think things out in my head rather than on my blog. I think it's best that way under the circumstances.

Wow. That sounded really cryptic didn't it? Sorry. That's obnoxious:( Just bare with me, okay?


Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh...About Normal Guy...

With all of the weekend's excitement I completely forgot to e-mail him back!!!! So I've just done that now.

He seems to be very into hiking and biking and camping and such. Unfortunately, I really don't like that type of thing. I mean, I can do it if necessary (minus the camping) but would rather not.

Hmmm...perhaps I will just drop that bomb the first time I meet him so that he gets the picture right away? I mean I have no problem with him going hiking and biking and such. That's what friends are for :) I will be more than happy to be waiting on the front porch with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and some little cucumber sandwiches for the guys to enjoy after they have exerted themselves on their hike/bike ride or whatever. See...doesn't that sound like it would work marvelously?


3.0 BABY!

What an exciting weekend!! Smalltown, VA had an earthquake. Seriously. It moved my bed across the floor a bit, and shook my house. It was kindove scary and kindove exciting. It was a 3.0 on the Richter Scale, which gives us some street cred. Right? I mean it wasn't like a 1.1 or anything :)

The quake of which I speak occurred Friday night/Saturday morning at 4am. I then spent all of Saturday talking with neighbors and friends about the night's excitement. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the cocktail party I was attending. I sat Indian style in front of my closet and stared at both of the dresses I chose as potentials for the evening. You ALL told me to wear the yellow dress. I realized while ironing it that I was dying to wear the blue one. I don't know why. I can't explain it. I wanted to wear it....and so.....I did :) Thank you ever so much for your input. It isn't that I don't value your opinion!! That little blue Shoshanna frock just whispered "T wear me PULEEEEAASSSEEEE", and so I did.

Perhaps I should have stuck with the linen? No. That's not fair. I can't blame the events of the night on my dress :) Basically the cocktail party was great fun. Then, we went downtown. I'm guessing that is where things went awry? I'm not really sure. All I do know is that yesterday when I woke up I had a flashback of myself riding around some guy's apartment on the top of a cooler. The very next thought I had was: "Mother would die if she had seen me last night." I promptly pulled the comforter back over my head and pretty much stayed there for the remainder of Sunday. Ugghhh! Why do I do these things?

I'm leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I'm kindove glad. Hopefully a few days out of town (and then plans next weekend that DO NOT involve downtown) will give people a chance to forget the train wreck that took place downtown in Smalltown, VA on Saturday night :)

Here's to hoping....


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Weekend/Saturday Night Dress

So, tonight I'm contemplating going out or staying in. The weather is acting a bit temperamental, and I'm thinking that this outdoor event I wanted to attend is probably going to be canceled. I've been on a major exercise kick, so I think that going home to exercise then getting ready to head out might be a good plan. I can't stay out too late though because tomorrow is a BIG night in T's world :)

My wine group is having a cocktail party Saturday night, and these cocktails are always tons of fun. I want to be sure I feel 100% for the festivities, hence the early bedtime tonight. I'm also taking a "date". He has informed me that I cannot blog about him, or about his accompanying me to said cocktail party. I think that's funny, so I'm going to do it anyway. Just kidding! Well, not really. Anyway, he's a friend, and I've actually talked about him on this blog before. I've limited my discussion of him due to the fact that he found my blog, and it's always a bit unnerving to talk about someone when you know there is a good chance they are reading it :) So, we will have a lovely time, and he looks good in pictures, so all is well (hahahaha...if you are reading this you will appreciate that comment and not pick on me for writing this...thank you).

I'm torn on which dress to wear tomorrow. You won't believe it, but I've actually been able to locate both dress options online! So, here they are:

(Shoshanna Navy Silk Strapless Beaded Band Dress)

The beads/jewels around the top are GORGEOUS in real life, and I would wear this with silver strappy heels, diamonds and a sparkly cuff. And seriously...who would wear those awful black pumps in the picture with that dress?!?!? Blech!

(Banana Republic Linen Dress with Gold Buckle)

Let me begin by saying that this dress looks 100% better on me than this mannequin. I couldn't believe it was the same dress!! In my world, this dress is worn with a fabulous white and gold large beaded choker necklace, gold strappy sandals and a gold cuff. It's linen, but manages to look quite dressy none the less.

So??? Thoughts???


This is Exciting!

On to the new stuff.....

Totally Normal Guy
I winked at a guy that I found rather attractive, and that graduated from my university. He is 6'1", never been married, my age, an engineer, has a PhD, lives close by, is close with his family...... All in all he just seems "normal". That kindove freaks me out to be quite honest because most of the people on MDC seem to have some sort of obvious "issue". I sit around trying to decide whether or not I want to go ahead and meet them, and then if I do I can't get away from them fast enough. Now, this guy may be a complete psycho. I get that. However, he just seems very pleasant, and he's sent me an e-mail. It's a nice e-mail, and I'm super excited....I'm not going to lie :)

He's looking for someone who is outgoing (CHECK), likes the outdoors ( long as that doesn't mean major hiking or camping), is intelligent (CHECK) and is humorous (well, I think I'm pretty CHECK).

Now, on to his e-mail:

"Hey T,
Thanks for the wink, you certainly have an amazing smile! It sounds like we might have a great deal in common since we both love being outdoors and active. I like being able to get out on some of the local trails and relax and enjoy nature with my dog, he absolutely loves the exercise. Have you been in the area long enough to find any hikes you like? Did you grow up around here or are you a transplant like I am? I came down here in 1999 for graduate school at Tech and decided I loved this area. The mountains remind me of home and I enjoy all the outdoor things to do. I’m impressed you like fishing, do you go much?
Hope to get to know you better,
Totally Normal Guy"

See?!?!? Totally normal sounding person, right? Yiiipppppeeeee! Okay, I'm going to write him back, although I want to give it some it won't be until later.

Long Shot
The next guy I winked at was a long shot. Has attended "some college" and has listed "other profession" as his profession. Now, MDC lists about 5 million job options, so "other profession" confuses me a bit. The thing is...he was REALLY, REALLY cute :) 6'0", my age, never been married and that's it. He doesn't give much more information than that. He didn't answer any of the questions. He only has one picture. This is all rather interesting, but I'm a sucker for a cute I winked. Well, he's winked back. Here's the thing. I went out on a limb. I winked at him. He should have e-mailed back, right? I know, I know...if a guy winks at me I do just wink back. BUT I'M THE GIRL!!! He was supposed to write me a note. Should I just drop this one? I think I'm going to let him sit for a bit while I continue conversation with The Normal Guy.

The General
Now, this one is a bit more interesting/complicated/possible complete psycho. He's a bit older than me, divorced, no kids, lives somewhere that is about maybe an hour away, smokes cigars, likes antiquing, went to college, was in the military but is not any longer, went to boarding school and then a private military college, AND.....has a picture of himself in a kilt. Don't laugh! I think he sounds charming, and cultured and my mother would adore him. He's also....6'6" :)

I come from a family that is big into antiquing, military schools, smoking cigars....and kilts. Well, maybe not so much into kilts, but my dad said that golfing at St. Andrews was pretty much heaven, and my mother is quirky and likes all things "across the pond", so you know....

He appears to be okay looking, I mean he has 2 pictures and I can't really fully assess the situation. In reading his profile I find him to be honest, if a bit needy. This is what he says in part of it:

"Intelligence and spirituality are important to me. She must a good
communicator and someone who is even tempered and someone who is comfortable in discussing their feelings. Although I have gone through divorce recently, I am looking for someone who will be a companion and a friend first and someone who will guide me and remind when I go astray.The ideal women I am looking for is cosmopolitan without being too self centered and opinionated. Liberals and politcially correct are out for me. She must be able to engage me in a
conversation and to be able to keep me interested. At the sametime I am the
healing process and again am learning to date again."
A little bit of a grammar/spelling issue, but I don't think that is the major problem. He references his "recent divorce" and "healing process" which is pretty much a turn off. I feel quite sure that I could communicate him to death, and the even tempered part...yea...well...most of the time :) As far as being someone who will "guide me and remind when I go astray". WTF does that mean? I can assure you that if I were dating him and he "went astray" I would guide him right out the door. I do consider myself to be somewhat cosmopolitan, as I can navigate both Washington, DC and Manhattan without a map....but I'm from THE SOUTH and that will never change. I'm also a bit self centered, but who the heck else am I supposed to be focusing on at the moment. The opinionated part is also troubling. I do have my opinions. Hmmmm....

He's also sent me an e-mail. Hold your horses, it's an exciting one!

"I just wanted what you are up to."
I know this is terrible, but I really want to reply "Oh....about 5'8" or 5'9"..." Friends...what do YOU think about this one?

And that's it. My inbox in all of it's glory. Better than some days wouldn't you say?


Where To Begin?

Okay, so remember how I winked at all those guys on MDC again? Well, I accidentally winked at someone I know and am not so much interested in. Yikes! I saw that we were matched through the Daily 5 or whatever, and went to his profile. I then realized he was someone that my friend Daisy has been going out with off and on, and I met him when they were out one night. I then went to hit "back" or whatever to go back to my matches....AND THEN...I somehow winked at him. How Tacky! I was mortified. I didn't know if I should e-mail him and say "sorry about that, I didn't mean to wink"...or...would that make it worse? So, I sent Daisy a text telling her about my mistake and left it at that. He hasn't winked back, and I'm hoping he doesn't think I'm a weirdo for winking at him when he's clearly interested in Daisy. Ugghh!

I did wink at another guy that looks vaguely familiar. Again...welcome to Smalltown, VA. I see people out, but don't really know them. Some, on the other hand, I meet but don't remember meeting. So many of these MDC people look familiar to me, but I'm not sure if it's from real life...or from seeing their pics on MDC. Anyway, he didn't wink back so who cares...right :)

Okay, now to my incoming e-mails and wink. Remember this guy? Remember that he e-mailed asking for my friend's e-mail addy because he finally wanted to establish contact with her MONTHS after I had first mentioned it? Remember that I e-mailed him back and said "Sorry Charley..she has a FABULOUS boyfriend now and would not be interested"? Yea well, he's e-mailed again. He's now asking if I have any friends in another VA city because he is contemplating moving there. WTF?!?!? Perhaps I should open up my own match making company? Wonder if I could e-mail him back and ask him if he has any CUTE lawyer friends for me? I deleted his e-mail.

Now on to Mykul. Remember him? He asked me what a seersucker was. We'll he's in the ol' inbox again giving me a hard time for not replying the last time. I'm just all of you girls who online date reply to everyone who e-mails? you allow a non-response to count as a "not interested". I just delete the e-mails from the guys I'm not interested in, and call it a day. Am I doing it wrong? Per Mykul I am:

"Wrote you a letter, I believe I told you you're beautiful. If I didn't mention
it, you are. And I said a great deal more. If you're not interested, please tell
me. It's not my favorite thing to hear, but I respect it and can remove you from
my list. Thanks for the courtesy. Sincerely, --Mykul"

So, I guess I will reply and tell him that I am not interested. It's not just that he looks like an emaciated Justin Timberlake. It's not just that he is called Mykul. It's not just that he asked what a seersucker was, and thought it would be cool if I was a "seer". Well.....yes it is. There is just too much weirdness there.

Okay, that's it for follow-ups. The NEXT post will be all about the new stuff :)


Okay. So I Lied...

Ummm..yea...sorry about that. MK is off today, and she e-mailed me to call me out on my lack of 25 posts from last night. I got a little distracted. Hair cut. Spray tan. Watching a good friend's friend (that I met) on Grey's Anatomy and shrieking "omg...that's him...that's him". Yea. Not a good excuse.

I'm not making this up though. I do have a lot to tell you. I'm going to try to finish prepping for my 2pm conference call and then sign on the MDC and fill you. As much as I can. I'm going to do it. Seriously.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because I Really Think You Care...

...about what I want to buy. Because I don't feel like working, but really need to. Because I'm apparently turning this blog into a shopping blog.....NOT! Because I am in LOVE with these little frocks, and want you to know that they will be moving in with me soon :)

ALL from forever.21. All for UNDER $25.00. Can you believe?!?!?

I also couldn't resist these little Sand Dollar earrings in gold!

Feel free to order them for yourself :) Mine are already en route...happy Thursday!


It's ALMOST My Birthday... of course I've been scoping out everything I could possibly want/need. I will tell mother things that I want, of course, but other than that I don't really make a list anymore. I also don't expect/need gifts from my friends. Most of us do still exchange gifts, and they are always lovely, but even if we don''s perfectly okay. However, I then tell myself it's perfectly acceptable to purchase birthday gifts for myself after the fact if I don't get the presents on my "imaginary list". See how nicely that works :)

So, if you find yourself perusing my little blog and thinking "what, oh what, shall I purchase T for her birthday?" I am happy to provide some suggestions :)


My loves:

(Vineyard Vines, Sea Life Carolyn Cami Dress)

(Vineyard Vines, Whale Watching Bermuda Shorts)

(Vineyard Vines, Sparks Stripe Chatham Dress)

(Vineyard Vines, Whale Watching Mini Murray Beach Tote)



She went private, and I missed the post b/c I haven't been blogging or reading, and I didn't get to send her my e-mail address and I'm soooooooooo sad. If you follow her, and wouldn't mind posting in a comment so she can add me I would be forever grateful :)

AND.......I have stories for you! I'm heading home after work to exercise...then a haircut...then a spray tan.....THEN...I'm blogging. Get ready. There will probably be like 25 posts b/c I have lots of catching up to do!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Connection Lost

I'm not writing to bring you up to speed on my MDC dates at the moment. Why, you ask?'s thanks to my work internet connection having some major issues. How DARE my work internet connection not be working so that I can play on MDC and blogger :) Anyway, every time I log in to MDC my web browser shuts down. I'm wondering if that isn't a sign? Hmmm.....

So, let's talk about the weekend shall we? Friday night was fun. The graduation party was nice, and there was a good turn out. I sure hope the person the party was for enjoyed herself :) It was raining buckets when my friend Zumba and I left the graduation party, so we decided to head back to my house rather than brave a night out downtown. We were both attending The Real Housewife of Delaware's bridal shower on Saturday, so we decided to rest up.

Saturday's shower was about an hour away and started at 2pm. Zumba and I made the trek together. It was fun to see some girls I hadn't seen in quite a while, and to visit with them. I won one of the bridal shower games, and therefore was awarded a prize. Here's a question for you:

If you play a game at a shower and you keep the prize? you give the prize to the bride?

I was always told that you give the prize to the bride. Apparently that isn't how things are done in Smalltown, VA. I always feel really odd taking the prize with me, and usually try to inadvertently leave it there b/c I don't need a prize for bringing my friend a shower gift. I would rather she have it. I left this Saturday's gift under a chair and someone chased out of the house to give it back to me. Oops!

Zumba and I raced back to Smalltown, VA, as we didn't get to leave the shower until 6pm!!! I had Daisy's Birthday Party at 7pm, and Zumba was heading to her mother's house for dinner in an even smaller smalltown, VA location. I was terribly late to Daisy's Birthday Party (I didn't arrive until 8:15), but once I got there we had a WONDERFUL time! There was a great turnout, and we ended the night sitting on the edge of the hot tub dangling our tootsies in the warm water. It really doesn't get any better than that :)

HOWEVER, in the entire weekend of madness....I did not meet one guy. So, I guess I've got to stick with MDC. My life is busy. Non-stop, really. But...there is no opportunity to meet anyone NEW. I don't want someone I already know. I want someone new.........

Here's to hoping the internet gets it's act together soon!


Friday, May 8, 2009

I Am Not Perfix...The "One Word" Edition

I have a SUPER BUSY weekend. A friend is graduating, so we are throwing a graduation party for her tonight. Tomorrow morning I have a bridal shower to attend, and tomorrow night is another friend's birthday party. What I'm trying to tell you is that I am a "party girl", and it may be Sunday before I fill you in on my latest MDC boyfriends.

So, I thought a little teaser might be in order. Just to keep you on the edge of your seats and such :) Gather round and I'll give you a little peek of what is in store for you.....


"Roses have thorns, and shining waters mud And cancer lurks deep in the
sweetest bud Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun And history
reeks of the wrongs we have done To seek for perfection is all very well but
to look for heaven is to live here in hell. Roses have thorns, and shining waters mud And cancer lurks deep in the sweetest bud Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun And history reeks of the wrongs we have done To seek for perfection is all very well but to look for heaven is to live here in hell. In my spare time, I watch Yankee games."

"i am 35 years old living in _______ va iwas married for 10 years but
iam now going thru a divorce i am just looking for someone who is real down to
earth and a good woman she doesnt have to be perfix just wanting someone to show her how a woman should be treated cause i got alot of love to give"

"i am really game for anything i am real picky i have all ways consider
my self to be a simple man"


"47 y/o w/male,seperated, honest,truthfull,totally optomistic,look for the
bright side in all situations. like good conversation, music, intimacy and
closeness for one person only. like outdoors, social gatherings, slow dancing.
just learning motorcycle riding, looking foreward to warmer weather. plan to
enjoy bike riding a lot this spring and summer."

I know the wait will be excruciating, but it will be worth it. Pinky swear :)


I know, I know... are tired of hearing that I'm busy. Slammed at work. So what, you ask? I hear you. I'm sorry. I hope that next week my job will be back on track, and I can get back to blogging rather than working :)

I do have another inspiring piece for your entertainment though. I sent this picture to the 3 brides whose weddings I am in. I have requested that the bridesmaid's dresses look like this. I have also warned them that if they don't select these bridesmaid's dresses, I may very well show up wearing this dress anyway. Just for shits and giggles. I'm mean that way sometimes.

Peace and love my friends. I will be back! (unlike Dating Without Pants, whose blog I won't even link to because it really doesn't exist anymore. Grrrr...)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remember When....

.....I was complaining about my boss? Remember when I said I wanted to quit my job? boss is gone. Unfortunately, so are a lot of really wonderful people that worked for my company :(

Things are a bit hectic around here right now, hence my absence from the blog world. My job is safe, and I am so thankful that I will again be able to do a job a love without being harassed by someone who doesn't understand the business. I am very sad for those that are gone, and I hope with all of my heart that they find another job VERY SOON. I will miss them. Well, most of them anyway....

So, to keep you entertained while I am away I decided to post this little tidbit. I'm not a beer pong fan (I prefer flip cup), but still.....BEWARE :)

1 dead in beer pong game gone wrong
By STEPHANIE FARR Philadelphia Daily News

Murder suspect Joseph Jimenez

For an argument over plastic cups, a pingpong ball and warm beer, one Montgomery County man lost his life and another may spend the rest of his in prison.

Joseph B. Jimenez, 24, was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly fatally shooting his opponent, Scott Riley, 25, following a game of beer pong at a Bridgeport home Friday night.
Investigators said that they don't know what rule infractions sparked the fight during the drinking game, but Bridgeport Police Chief Zenny Martyniuk said that the men knew each other before the match and had no prior issues.

Jimenez and Riley, both of Bridgeport, were playing beer pong at a small gathering at a mutual friend's house on Second Street near Mill when witnesses saw them arguing over the game, police said. Several witnesses even told investigators that they believed that the men were play-wrestling or horsing around.

Jimenez allegedly told police that after the game, he left the house through the front door and Riley left with another man through the back door. Once outside, according to one witness, Jimenez and Riley ran into each other in a pedestrian-only alleyway and began talking trash.
According to court documents, Jimenez claimed that Riley had said, "Shoot me! Shoot me! You guys ain't got the b----!" Jimenez pulled a .40-caliber Taurus handgun from his waistband and shot Riley once in the neck, police said.

A witness who had attended the party but who'd already returned to her nearby home told police that she heard a single gunshot and then heard the victim gagging and pleading for help in the alleyway. "[She] described the extent of the victim's bleeding by stating that she could hear the blood gushing from his wound," the affidavit said.

Riley was taken to Montgomery Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:25 a.m.
Jimenez ran home from the scene, woke his mother and told her that his gun fell out of his pants and went off during a game of beer pong, shooting Riley, court documents said.

Sometime after midnight, Jimenez - his hands still covered in blood - allegedly approached an investigating officer at the crime scene and told her that his gun could be found in a trash can nearby. Police took Jimenez into custody and found the gun, which had one round in the chamber and six in the magazine, prosecutors said. Investigators previously recovered a matching shell casing near Riley's body.

Jimenez told authorities that he had owned the gun for about five months and had fired up to 250 rounds from it on five occasions, court documents said. The firearm is registered to Jimenez, but he did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to prosecutors.
Jimenez allegedly told police that he called 9-1-1 to get Riley medical help, but investigators said that records from the defendant's cell phone showed no such call had been made. Jimenez got slapped with an additional charge of false reports to law enforcement for the claim.
Other charges against Jimenez include first- and third-degree murder, carrying a firearm without a license and possessing instruments of a crime.

According to his MySpace page, Riley, who went by the nickname "Fat Dude," was the father of two young children. He was a 2003 graduate of Upper Merion High School and a contractor.
"Damn, how could you leave me like this? We had life all planned out," one friend wrote. "Please watch over the kids, they miss you." *

Monday, May 4, 2009


Match #2 has just e-mailed me. I was hoping to just not wink back, but no. He's going for the gold. Please read the following:

"Do you try to make it to every VaTech home football? I have heard that it is an unbelievable place to watch a football game. Are you orginally from Virginia? I noticed you are in the sales profession. Do you travel or stay close to Smalltown, VA? Do you give fishing lessons? I can run, play tennis and golf but I am challenged when it comes to fishing. I enjoyed your profile and I hope that you have a great week!"

I have highlighted the parts of this e-mail that confuse me. I'm pretty sure in the first sentence he meant to insert the word "game" at the end of the sentence, and just neglected to do so. No biggie.

However, what's up with fishing? I'm pretty sure that he is referring the part of my profile where I say that I am looking for someone who I can fish from a river bank with, but also likes black tie affairs. Wow. That was kindove a figure of speech. Fishing really isn't a requirement. AND...I'm certainly not qualified to teach anyone how to fish. I pretty much just stand there with my fishing pole and expect my date to put the worm on the end. Then, I plop the pole in the water and hope for the best. Perhaps I should delete that part of my profile? OR....



So remember last week when I winked at so many people on MDC my eye hurt? That may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Want to know how many people winked back?


I have to admit...I'm getting a little bored with MDC. I know, I know...I don't use it to it's full capabilities, even now, but seriously! I just want to check my inbox and have lovely guys there to chose from. Is that asking too much? Hmph. I guess so.

*****Side Note - I just got a text from Daisy. She has just been matched with The Cowboy. Hysterical because she knows exactly who he is, and is definitely not interested. Dating in Smalltown, VA is funny that way. Everyone I know on MDC keeps having "cross over" matches. Before I go out with anyone I always send their pictures around to see if anyone has gone out with them yet. It's the least we can do for each other :)

So anyway, back to my matches. I do have 6 today, but's nothing to get excited about. Just more of the same. Let's take a look anyway, so that I can procrastinate doing any work:

Match #1
He's no knight in shining armor, but is definitely looking for a he says.

He'd like to take me to dinner and a movie.

He has 3 photos. They all look like they might be from a batch he took to send into the reality series Make Me a Supermodel. In one he's trying to look serious. In the other, I THINK he's trying to look "sexy". In the final one...he's looking to side as if he is pondering the meaning of life. I'm betting he didn't make the cut for Make Me a Supermodel :(

I'm 99% sure he's a complete weirdo. He has been divorced, and has a child. OOPS! I went to look at his profile and accidentally deleted him from my inbox. I'm going to take that as a sign....

Match #2
So this one starts out pretty good. His main picture is of just him...riding in the back of a limo, wearing golf attire. The next SIX pictures are of groups of people. At least 3, but sometimes as many as 7 people are in each picture. I cannot determine from these pictures which one my match is. No one looks like the guy in the back of the limo. Are they just pictures of his friends? Does he want to be sure that we are aware he has friends? OR....are they up for grabs too? Let me just tell you...if they are up for grabs I've found one that I would very much like to meet :) Would it be terrible for me to e-mail him to ask who the cutie in the blue/white striped shirt in photo #5 is?

Match #2 also uses the word currently a lot. I find that funny, as if he is trying to tell us that things may the drop of a hat. For example, he is CURRENTLY 35. He CURRENTLY does such and such for a living. He CURRENTLY would consider golf to be his favorite hobby. He would CURRENTLY consider himself to be quite competitive. What?!?!

More importantly, he's 5'9", didn't go to college, doesn't drink alcohol and thinks trash can liners are sexy. NEXT!

Match #3-Match #6
These guys are all "currently separated". I know that I should probably investigate a bit, but I don't want to. I, personally, think that if you are currently separated there is a good chance that your ex is very close by. OR...that you haven't fully had the time to remove yourself emotionally from the marriage. Believe me, I do understand that this isn't always the case. I have no doubt that some people check out of the marriage long before anyone files for divorce. Still though....being separated isn't being divorced. I don't think I want to walk into something like that. It takes time to get over a divorce whether you are the one filing or not. It takes time for your spouse to quit wanting to spear you through the head, if you filed on her. Whatever the situation, I don't really want to get mixed up in it...thanks :)

So, that's it folks. NADA! I sure hope someone out there is having some luck :)


What a Lovely Weekend :)

Friday - opera
Saturday - lazy + Derby + game night
Sunday - Swiss style PJ Brunch Club + lazy + Twilight for the 2nd time

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Because I'm Irritable at the Moment....

...I'm going to talk about shopping for just a sec. Shopping always makes me happy :)

I'm irritable for a few reasons, but I'm not going to bore you with them. One of them is listed in my previous post, and the other two I'm debating posting about. I'm also really hungry as a result of going out AGAIN last night. I've tried really hard to be "grown up", and to quit going out so much. It's all part of my "find a husband who is worthy" plan. However, yesterday evening after work (as I was driving to my mani/pedi) I found a fortune from a fortune cookie in my console. Oddly enough, I haven't had Chinese food in AGES. So, where did it come from? I haven't a clue. What I do know is that it spoke to me. It said:

"The Night Life is Good For You"

Alrighty then. That's all I needed to hear :) I had a mani and pedi with Barbie & The Voice of Reason, and then proceeded to head to the bar. IN MY YOGA ATTIRE! Yep. It was hot. I didn't care. I'm a bit sleepy, hungry, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....all at once. AND...I've got to snap out of it because I am going to dinner and the opera tonight with the girls (MK, WIMP & Efficient With Glasses)!!! I so wish I could find my Eva Franco dress online that I will be wearing tonight. But...once's MIA? What gives? Am I just wearing really bizarre clothes as of late?

So...back to my current shopping spree. Rue La La. I told you it was awesome! Didn't believe me? Snark this:

Lilly Pulitzer "Glenna" White Cable Knit Halter
Originally $158....I swiped it for $49

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Yellow Resort Print Pant
Originally $168.....I swiped them for $49

Lilly Pulitzer "Sienna" White Medallion Dress
Originally $328....I swiped it for $79

All in all...I'd say the day is looking up :)


I Need YOUR Help!

So, I have gone into "settings" and marked NO for all of the questions about finding my blog through Google. I have tried everything possible, other than going private. Here's the thing...when you google "Desperately Seeking Seersucker" you not only find my blog, but you can also find EVERY SINGLE COMMENT I HAVE EVER MADE ON EVERY SINGLE BLOG I'VE EVER COMMENTED ON. WTF?

This doesn't happen when I google MK's blog. So..what have I done wrong? I've tried to contact Blogger and Google, but I may as well mail a letter to Santa Claus for all the good that's done. I need to figure it out, or I'm going to have to go private. I just can't stand having THAT much of my business on Google :(