Monday, May 4, 2009


Match #2 has just e-mailed me. I was hoping to just not wink back, but no. He's going for the gold. Please read the following:

"Do you try to make it to every VaTech home football? I have heard that it is an unbelievable place to watch a football game. Are you orginally from Virginia? I noticed you are in the sales profession. Do you travel or stay close to Smalltown, VA? Do you give fishing lessons? I can run, play tennis and golf but I am challenged when it comes to fishing. I enjoyed your profile and I hope that you have a great week!"

I have highlighted the parts of this e-mail that confuse me. I'm pretty sure in the first sentence he meant to insert the word "game" at the end of the sentence, and just neglected to do so. No biggie.

However, what's up with fishing? I'm pretty sure that he is referring the part of my profile where I say that I am looking for someone who I can fish from a river bank with, but also likes black tie affairs. Wow. That was kindove a figure of speech. Fishing really isn't a requirement. AND...I'm certainly not qualified to teach anyone how to fish. I pretty much just stand there with my fishing pole and expect my date to put the worm on the end. Then, I plop the pole in the water and hope for the best. Perhaps I should delete that part of my profile? OR....


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Jess said...

I can’t say why exactly, but I’m sort of digging Match # 2. I still think the picture of him with the sushi was funny. The fishing comment is sort of out of place though. He may not be a person who understands metaphors.