Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow!  It's here.  HALLOWEEN!  The funny thing is that the older I get, the MORE i love Halloween.  I think that's a bit backward, but oh well!  I absolutely, positively cannot wait to share pics of TEN's Halloween costume with you.  MK has been out of town for her honeymoon, and has therefore not been brought up to date on the costume change.  I sent her a link to TEN's costume today and she laughed so hard I thought she was going to pass out. 

Here, let me give you a hint.......

......and that's all I'm going to say.  I am "I Dream of Jeannie - minus Major Nelson".  TEN does match me, but not so much in the way that I had envisioned.  I look "sultry/sexy/perhaps slutty"??  He looks...ridiculous.  Pictures on Monday :)

Regarding last night.  We went to the Virginia Tech vs UNC game.  I have nothing to say about it.  Absolutely nothing.  Next subject.


What a Wonderful Idea!

Every year the girls wine group I am in gather children's names from the "Angel Tree" and buy them gifts.  We form groups of 3 or 4 and try our best to buy everything each child wants that year. It is truly the best feeling in the world!  Knowing that because of you, some child is going to have a big smile on Christmas :)

A Southern Accent has just shared another idea.  Bloggers for Boxes! 

Have you heard of the Shoe Box Christmas effort?  My old church used to participate, and I always enjoyed it so very much.  The idea is that you put items into a shoe box that are for a little boy or a little girl.  Read more about specifics HERE at A Southern Accent's blog post about this opportunity.

I found a link lets you enter your zip code to determine the closest drop off location in your community HERE.

I am definitely going to participate this year, because really, who doesn't like the idea of making a child's day :)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fast And The Furious

Just wanted to update on a few things, but only have a sec!  I'm off to the "Thursday night game".  A favorite of all Hokie fans :)  Virginia Tech is playing UNC, and I'm guessing it's going to be a blow out.  However, I shouldn't assume we all know!

Thought I would do a quickie update, as I have a few pics to share from my Monday post and a few other things.

My outfit from the cocktail on Saturday night:

Don't mind the fact that I was on the stairs giving some sort of lecture about my cocktail :)  The necklace doesn't look so big in the picture, but I promise you it was HUGE.  It also weighed about 25 lbs.  The bracelets look a bit small too.  Hmph.  Anyway, you cannot see my marigold J. Crew heels in the pic, but they were fabulous :) 

Sunday PJ Brunch Club Pics are super cute as well.  We had the whole group in attendance this time!!

The girls:

(that's me on the back right, in the stripes!)

The Boys:

(that's TEN on the left.  he and Bosley are snuggled up w/each other.  hahaha)

Update on my suspected yellow jacket bite.  Yep.  Pretty sure it was a yellow jacket.  My leg is swollen and hard, and there is a large red bumpy rash on it.  Sorry, that may be TMI...but it just amazes me that one little annoying pest can do so much damage to me!!!!!!  I am a pretty hardy person, and to think that this insect could actually kill me if enough of them bite me is scary.

The trip to Toronto and back almost killed me.  Up at 4am, home at 11pm.  I came back to a HUGE storm in Smalltown, VA.  So huge that we almost couldn't land, and they were planning to take us to DC!  Thankfully we did make it back, but as I stepped off the plane (which was a small we had to walk to the building) i was drenched from the downpour!

I arrived home exhausted and soaked.  I changed into my pj's, called TEN and promptly called it a day.  Whew!

So, now I'm off to watch my Hokies tonight with BFF and her husband and some other friends too!  The Real Housewife of Delaware and hubby are coming into town, so it should be a lovely evening :)

Back tomorrow with lots more to chat about I'm sure.  Have a wonderful evening.  AND....



Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

On Friday A Southern Accent posted a prize opportunity.  She had coupons for $50 of a $100 purchase at Old Navy.  I adore Old Navy.  Their pants are never long enough for me, and their skirts are often too short for me, but you just cannot beat their clothes!

Anyway, I entered to win.......AND........I WON!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much A Southern Accent!!  I've just printed off my coupon and I can't wait to buy some precious new things from Old Navy this week.  Becase really, how can you not when you are going to save $50?!?!??!

Hmmmm...whatever shall I buy?  Perhaps a few of these?


Over The Top!!!

Thanks so much to AMS from Faith Hope Love for tagging me with the Your Blog is Over The Top award!!!   AMS's blog is adorable, and her weekly trips to Eastern Market in DC make me missing living there ever so much :) 

So, here are the rules:

Use only one word, pass along to six favorite bloggers, and tell 'em you did so.

Take it away-

1. Where is your cell phone? desk

2. Your hair? flat

3. Your mother? angry

4. Your father? heaven

5. Your favorite food? fries

6. Your dream last night? snuggly

7. Your favorite drink? diet

8. Your dream/goal? happiness

9. What room are you in? office

10. Your hobby? shopping

11. Your fear?  alone

12. Where do you want to be in six years?  love

13. Where were you last night? couch

14. Something that you aren't?  selfish

15. Muffins?  no

16. Wish list item?  chanel

17. Where did you grow up? florida

18. Last thing you did? phone

19. What are you wearing?  outfit

20. Your TV?  samsung

21. Your pets? none

22. Friends?  awesome

23. Your life? busy

24. Your mood?  excited

25. Missing someone?  always

26. Vehicle?  benz

27. Something you're not wearing? bracelet

28. Your favorite store?  j.crew

29. Your favorite color? green

30. When was the last time you laughed?  morning

31. Last time you cried?  movie

32. Your best friend?  BFF

33. One place that I could go over and over?  vernazza

34. One person who emails you regularly?  barbie

35. Favorite place to eat?  mexican

And I tag:
(Forgive me if any of you have already been tagged!  I tried to go through your blogs to make sure I didn't already see this award!)

Flip Flops on Lex - what is there NOT to love about this blog?  FFoL has a great sense of humor, loves flip flops, lives in NYC, and is in search of Mr. Flip Flop.  reading some of her dating stories gives me flashbacks, and definitely makes me smile.  great read!

beatrix from Friday I'm In Love - this is probably the very first blog i started following.  beatrix has shared with her readers all of the ups and downs of the single life.....and we are all now celebrating her relationship with ted.  she is brilliantly honest, painfully vulnerable and someone i think we can all relate to!

JLMARGS from Liner Notes - JLMARGS is not only a bloggy friend, but also an IRL friend!  she has recently moved to DC to work in a fabulous job, and is so busy she can barely keep her eyes open.  however, she still manages to keep up with her fabulous blog, and it is a must read!  (ps...i am going to call you back.  i am!  i am leaving for toronto all day tomorrow and will be in the airport waiting for a while.  i hope you are off tomorrow?!?!)  RAWR!

LITTLE PINK MAGNOLIA - When I read Little Pink Magnolia's "about me" I thought I was reading a story about myself!!  It was love at first read :)  Well, minus her love of LSU football of course (Go Hokies!) hahaha....  She is from "the south", and is currently living in Virginia...just like me!  She and AK have a lovely life together, and she shares it all with us (along with cute shoes, fabulous dresses, cooking tips/ideas, etc).

Prep In The Big Apple from MRM - PITBA is another long time fave of this blog reader!!  When I started reading her blog she was single (like I was at the time),  and meeting some strange characters to say the least.  It was so very nice to know I wasn't alone :)  Now she has TLS, and will be moving to Germany to be with him soon....AND....they are getting married!!! 

HOTCHILDINTHECITY from Living Under the Big Star - HCITC is another IRL friend, as well as a bloggy friend!  We share a love of scary movies, fashion, Lady Gaga, Halloween and animals.  Be sure to hop over to her blog to read about she and her pup Guinny dressing up for a Halloween fundraiser for the SPCA.

Thanks again AMS, and to the bloggers I've tagged....CONGRATS!


Good Friends, Good Food and Great Cocktails!

Another lovely weekend has come and gone.  I can't believe it!

Friday night we went to the haunted house/train station/whatever it was.  I haven't been to a haunted house type thing in years, and was really looking forward to being terrified.  Unfortunately, it wasn't very scary.  There were a few situations were you ended up in a dark room and couldn't see where you were supposed to walk, which was a bit disorienting, but not very thrilling overall.

Saturday TEN and I bought a pumpkin to carve.  TEN carved it on the back patio, and we named him Henry.  We scooped out all of his "innards" and I attempted to roast the pumpkin seeds with salt in the oven the way my mother used to do.  I burnt them a bit, and they didn't really taste the same way that I remember, but we get an A for effort!  The most important this is that Henry is a fabulous pumpkin if I do say so myself!  No pictures to share, unfortunately, because I left my camera at the cocktail party we went to Saturday night.

Saturday night's cocktail party was FANTASTIC!  Every time the wine group girls (and their dates) get together we have a blast.  The girl that hosted the party made a spooky Halloween vodka concoction in a witches brew punch bowl.  I'm not sure what was in it, but it was tasty!  Another friend made a prosecco & Hpnotiq drink.  Wowsers!  Between the two (and the bottle of white wine I drank) I overdid it for sure!  A dance party ensued, and the pictures are no doubt hysterical!  Again...I unfortunately cannot share them due to my leaving the camera at the party :(

Thanks for the advice on my outfit for the night!!  I wore the black jumpsuit and it was not only cute, but comfy too!  I wore the marigold J. Crew heels I bought for MK's wedding, and lots of chunky jewels.  I think this will become one of my favorite outfits for the fall/winter!  It can be dressed up or dressed down, and it is seriously the most comfy thing I have worn to a cocktail party EVER.

Sunday morning we had PJ Brunch Club, and once again we overindulged with mimosas and fabulous food!  This was surely as gluttonous a weekend as I've had in a long time.  Good friends, good food and great cocktails.  What can I say?

After brunch we headed to the football field for TEN's flag football game.  It was a beautiful day here in Smalltown, VA and I was enjoying visiting with the girlfriends/wives of the players when all of the sudden I felt something bite me on the back of my knee....IN MY JEANS!!!  I started hopping around and trying to get my pants leg up over my knee.  BFF said she saw something fly out of my pants as I pulled them up.  I'm terribly allergic to yellow jackets, and I had seen a few buzzing around earlier.  I was horrified when I saw the back of my knee beginning to swell!  I'm still not sure what bit/stung me, but once I calmed myself down I realized I wasn't have trouble breathing and the swelling finally stopped.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't a yellow jacket, but I kept an eye on it just the same.  The last time I was bitten I ended up in the hospital!  YIKES!  So, alas, a rather dramatic ending to an otherwise lovely weekend.

I'm leaving for Toronto, Ontario, CA at 6:15AM tomorrow morning for a meeting.  I will be arriving back in Smalltown, VA at 10:30PM tomorrow night.  Can you say "LONGEST DAY EVER!".  The other unfortunate thing about this trip is that it will keep me from participating in the ghost walk with the girls.  Hmph!  I am not pleased.  Not pleased at all!

Don't get me wrong...I adore Toronto.  I've been there numerous times, and the city is amazing.  I have met the nicest people on my trips, and done some fabulous shopping as well.  It's just that

Smalltown, VA -> Washington, DC -> Toronto
Toronto ->Chicago, IL -> Smalltown, VA

makes for a VERY LONG DAY. 

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start, and I'll be sure to share some pictures when I get back (and have my camera) on Wednesday!!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Spooky, Spooky!

Tonight the Halloween Season officially begins for T and her friends in Smalltown, VA!!!  We are meeting at a local watering hole to prep ourselves for our trip to a haunted house.  Eeekkks! 

I am one of those people who loves to be scared.  AND...hates to be scared.  Make sense?  I know.  It doesn't. 

For example...Paranormal Activity.  You all know how excited I was about this movie, right?  TEN and I drove 45 minutes to see the thing!  AND...I didn't tell you what I thought of it did I?  Well, it scared me.  I couldn't wait to see it, and yet I knew it would terrify me.  It wasn't really what I expected at all, mind you, but when the screen went blank and movie was over TEN and I both had sore, red hands from me squeezing so hard.  It scared me.  (yes, yes...I know many of you were disappointed and didn't like it very much.  however, i screamed and jumped at least 4 times which = scary in my book!)

Tuesday the girls are going to dinner, and then on a "Ghost Walk" in a neighboring smalltown.  I ADORE ghost stories, and cannot wait for this event.  Virginia has so much history, and from what I understand....SO MANY GHOSTS!


Tomorrow night the girl's wine group I am in is having a cocktail party!  Most exciting, and ALWAYS a good time.  The last cocktail we had was in May, and I took TEN.  We weren't officially "dating" at that point, of course, but it's still funny to think about how much has changed since the last cocktail party :)

When I went on my shopping spree in Baltimore I bought one of those one piece, black, strapless jumpsuits.  It pretty much looks like this:

I've not worn it before, but I'm thinking I might give it a whirl tomorrow night.  If I accessorize the heck out if I think it would be cute?  TEN saw it in my spare bedroom and it made him frown.  Hmph.  Perhaps it isn't as cute as I thought?  I also have this dress that I wore to a wedding at the end of the summer, and could possibly wear it instead?

Thoughts?  I'm kindove excited about the opportunity to wear the black jumpsuit, but this dress is super comfy, and really cute.  Here is a close up of the detail on the top:

Hmmmm.....deicisons, decions.....


Virginia Tech Student Missing

Morgan Badge

Copy and paste the
following code into your
blog or website,
to spread information
and help in finding Morgan.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Feeling So Hot

I haven't been good to myself lately.  I haven't been taking care of myself.  I've been going non-stop (having a blast along the way, mind you!).  Not eating well.  Not exercising.  Anyway, I feel like death today. 

Truly.  Like.  Death.

I dare say that last night I had not quite enough of this:

A wee bit too much of this:

And now my poor little belly is feeling a bit like this:

I've got a meeting for a volunteer group I'm in after work.  The second my meeting is over I'm heading directly to the couch in hopes of healing myself PRONTO.  Tomorrow night a group of us are going to a haunted house, and there's no time for this sickness and such for heaven's sake!

****SIDE NOTE - TEN is no longer dressing up as Major Nelson for Halloween.  For those of you who weren't aware, I am going as I Dream of Jeannie.  TEN was going to be Major Nelson.  Last night he changed his mind.  We still "match" per se, but good's AWFUL!  Awful I tell you.  I can't wait to share the pictures.  Because seriously...I have never seen any such thing IN MY LIFE.****

Ho hum,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


(WARNING...this post is somewhat sickeningly, nauseatingly sweet at times.  Cut me some slack, will you?  I don't like reading about how wonderful someone's boyfriend/husband/significant other is either...but he deserves this post.)

I have hypertympanic or hyperacusis hearing.  Described as 'exaggerated subjective response of loudness' by the AIT Institute. This condition is usually diagnosed in special needs children.  I was never diagnosed as special needs (that I know of anyway!), but I was diagnosed with overly sensitive hearing as a child.  Unfortunately, I still have it. 

Sometimes when I'm outside, sitting on the patio, I think I can hear the grass growing. 

Sounds nutso, right?  Well, it probably isn't the grass growing, but according to my probably is tiny insects crawling around in the grass. The normal human being can't hear it.  I can.   This doesn't really bother me, and I'm used to it by this point in my life.  However, sleeping is a different story.

I sleep with a fan on at night.  If there is the slightest knocking sound coming from the fan, one that no one else can hear, I can't sleep.  It's that bad.  Snoring is another thing I can't cope with.  Have you ever dated anyone that snored?  Even just a little bit? 

I haven't....until now. 

TEN snores.  Not terribly, mind you, but he snores.  We've gotten to the point where I can usually tap him on the shoulder and he rolls over on his side and all is well.  Unless he's a bit inebriated.  Then the tapping doesn't do much good.  Neither does shoving.  Or yelling.  Some nights I get so mad at him I go to the couch and cover my head with blankets and curse him.  Which really isn't fair when you think about it.  He can't help it :( 

I finally asked TEN to wear Breathe Right strips.  I was convinced this was the solution to his snoring.  He wouldn't hear of it.  He said they would annoy him and he wouldn't be able to sleep. 

So, I finally convinced him that he may have sleep apnea because he wakes himself up with his snoring sometimes.  I told him that I was very worried he could have a serious problem.  He is also very sleepy during the day sometimes, and takes naps.  I guess I worried him about it enough that he finally made an appointment with his doctor.  Yay! 

If the truth be told, I simply expected him to go to the doctor and be told to wear Breathe Right strips.  Seriously.  That is all I wanted. 


Poor, sweet, precious TEN.  I owe him big time.  I owe him back rubs, and steak dinners and all kinds of other lovely things.  I know this, and I will deliver.  Pinky swear!

His doctor sent him home with a contraption of wires and tubes.  He called me to tell me about it on his way home yesterday. He said he had to put tubes up his nose, strap something around his chest, clip something to his finger and so on.   He also informed me that he isn't allowed to drink alcohol an hour before bedtime.  He isn't allowed to have naps during the day. They think he has restless leg syndrome.  And on, and on, and on......OH GOD!  What had I done?

I had dinner plans with the girls last night.  TEN messaged me to say I probably didn't want to stay with him due to the wires and such he would be wound up in to monitor his sleeping.  I promptly responded that I wasn't going to abandon him now!  I was the one who suggested this doctor visit, and by golly....I was going to stand by my man :)

So, when I got finally got to TEN's last night I asked if I could see the contraption.  He proceeded to wind lines, and tubes and wires out of a bag.  He then hooked himself up.  Quelle horreur!!!!!  It was pitiful.  Just pitiful.  I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry.  I buried my head in the couch pillow and said over and over "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm really, really sorry."

When I sat up he was still wearing the apparatus.  He looked me straight in the eye and said "just don't ever say I've never done anything for our relationship".  Then......he smirked.  Then he giggled.  Then I giggled.  He forgave me. 

I confessed that all I wanted was for him to wear Breathe Right strips.  He wouldn't hear of it at this point.  He was 100% invested in this his home school version of a sleep study.  He declared that he was going to wear it all night long to determine if he had some deadly condition or not.  So....TEN wore the device all night long.  Every time I woke up and looked at the back of his head (as he slept on his side because I had nudged him earlier) I cringed. 

At lunch today he told me about the questionnaire he had to fill out this morning.  He had to note things that happened during the night that may cause a jump in his heart rate, or cause his heart to stop or some such. He completed his questionnaire, and was headed back to the doctor when I left him.  He has to turn in the machine and receive his diagnosis. 

Poor, sweet, precious TEN.  I owe you.  I really, really do.  I appreciate the fact that you listened to me.  I appreciate the fact that because YOUR snoring bothers ME, you went to the doctor....and wore the apparatus.

Please know that I am scared to death, TEN.  Seriously.  Because if they send you home with a CPAP machine we are in trouble.  Those things make more noise than any snoring you have EVER done.  I just don't know what I'll do if you have to strap yourself into a CPAP machine every night.  Somehow I will manage.  Because really....I did bring this on myself didn't I?

Nervous Nelly,


Monday, October 19, 2009


BFF stopped by office this morning to bring me a prize!  It was so very sweet of her, and it is an EXCELLENT prize :)  BFF and I are both silly in love with the Twilight series.  We just can't seem to help ourselves.  We've read all of the books, of course, and are anxiously awaiting the November 19/November 20 midnight showing of New Moon!

So anyway, back to my prize.  BFF bought me a "Team Edward" t-shirt to wear to the movie!!  Isn't she the best? 

(mine doesn't look just like this, but you get the idea!)

She got one for herself that says "Real Men Sparkle"

I was so excited about my prize that I gchatted TEN immediately to tell him.  Obviously he thinks we are both ridiculous :(

T: BFF came to visit me this morning and brought me a prize :D
TEN: what was it?
T: well, it's a "team edward" shirt. i'm going to wear it for the midnight showing of the second movie, of course :D BFF got one that says "real men sparkle" :-o
TEN: wow. Can you wear a mask so no one we know can see you in that shirt?
T: absolutely not

Boo hiss on boys that don't love Twilight as much as we do!


MK is Officially a Mrs!!!!

This weekend MK and Brando tied the knot.  It was truly an amazing weekend!! 

Friday night was the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.  The temperature has dropped drastically here in Smalltown, VA, so I decided to break out my winter suede boots for the event.  Although I'm not really a fan of the cold, I do love my boots :)

After the rehearsal dinner WIMP, MK & I headed to the hotel suite where we were spending the night.  We sat up and gabbed for hours, of course, and finally went to bed around 2am. 

Saturday morning the ladies were coming to do our hair and make-up in the suite.  So, all we had to do was shower and get dressed and wait for them to arrive.  Getting ready was much fun, and actually VERY relaxing!

(getting MK into her dress.  that's me with the lace, and WIMP straightening MK's dress)

(MK heading down for pre-wedding pictures!)

MK and Brando decided that they would see each other prior to the wedding.  This was for the sake of pictures, and "the big reveal".  The girls took pictures first, then the guys. 

(MK walking back from our pre-wedding picture taking)

After all of those pictures were done we set up "the big reveal"!  It was so exciting :)  The photographer placed chairs back to back, and MK sat down in one of them.  WIMP and I tied a scarf around Brando's eyes, and let him up to his chair.  On the count of three they both stood and turned to see each other.  It was priceless!  Needless to say, WIMP and I teared up a bit :)

(MK & Brando right after the "big reveal")

Then, we loaded up and drove to the location of the wedding and reception.  It was a beautiful fall day!!  Very, very chilly...but absolutely beautiful :)

(MK's dad walking her down the aisle)

(the ceremony)

(I know you can't see them all, but can you see the different shoes we have on?  I've got the yellow...WIMP has red.  MK wanted us all to have "jewel tones" and it worked out beautifully!)

(saying their vows)

(officially Mr. & Mrs!!!  that's me directly to MK's left, and WIMP to the left of me.)

(heading back down the aisle.  they have HUGE smiles on their faces, but you have to take my word for it.  i know, i annoying!)

(first dance.  both are giggling uncontrollably.  it was precious!)

The reception was awesome!  We danced for hours.  So much so that my legs are still a bit sore today!  When MK assigned guests to tables, she assigned a bunch of us to "table 4".  Who knew it would become such a big deal?  Each table had gold house numbers (you know...metal house numbers) on it to designate table numbers.  We were table 4.  One of the guys at our table strung the 4 onto a gold necklace, and threw up two 4's for a photo.  That's what started it all.  Today, everyone's facebook page (well, those of us at table 4 anyway) have some reference to "table 4".  Here is a picture of the infamous "table 4" with MK in the middle :)

("table 4" - TEN and I are on the right in the back)

I don't really know what time we left the reception.  It was pretty late.  I think we could have kept going, but  someone realized it would be better if we went ahead and headed home :) 

Here is a glimpse of how it all went:

(this is their "guest book".  each guest filled out a note on a piece of paper and dropped it into a glass vase.  cute idea, right?)

(fall themed decor, of course!)

(everyone got a koozie.  what a cute idea! these koozies were just the perfect gift for everyone that night :)

(we always dance to "girls just wanna have fun" and make a circle around the bride.  it's a tradition, and here we are with MK in the middle!)

(TEN wanted in on the fun, so he took MK for a spin on the dance floor and then dipped her for good measure :-o)

(the requisite pic of TEN and I.  of course, "table 4" had to make an appearance)

(and.finally....the boys made a beer-a-mid.  see now...aren't we classy?  yes, yes I know.  so classy.)

MK & Brando, thank you for blessing me with your friendship.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  Your wedding has been a long time coming, and I am so honored that I stood beside MK as you started your "forever".  The fact that I was wearing MK's favorite necklace during the ceremony was an added bonus!  (hahaha)  I thought about standing up and offering a toast when they opened up the floor.  But I wasn't sure how to put everything I felt into words.  So I didn't.  When I think about the two of you, one thing comes to mind.  My "things that make me smile" Facebook album.  You know the one.  The one that has a picture of the two of you, and underneath it I wrote "Healthy, Happy Relationships".  Remember?  So, I guess that is my toast to the two of you...."here's to healthy, happy relationships". 




Sometimes you just have to.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Tag Game!

hotchildinthecity from Living Under the Big Star has tagged me in a Friday Tag Game.  Thanks HCITC!

Okay, here is how it works:

I fill out the answers & then tag 5 of my favorite bloggers...then they all do the same!

1). What were you doing 10 years ago (5 things)?
  • Moving to Smalltown, VA
  • Breaking off an engagement
  • Trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up
  • Working in a job I wasn't qualified for, but learning that I really can do anything if I put my mind to it
  • Living on my own for the very first time

2). What 5 things are on your to-do list for today:
  • Pick up my bride's maid dress for MK's wedding tomorrow
  • Pack a bag for the girls pre-wedding sleepover tonight
  • Go to MK's wedding rehearsal
  • Go to MK's wedding rehearsal dinner
  • Give TEN a super big hug.  He has been out of town and I've missed him terribly :(

3). Snacks you enjoy:
  • French Fries
  • Cheese
  • Potato Chips
  • Dill Pickles
  • Cheese Sticks

4). Places You've Lived:
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Quebec City, Quebec, CA
  • Newport News, VA
  • Blacksburg, VA
  • Smalltown, VA

5). What are 5 Things you would do if you were a billionaire?
  • Travel to every European city I have ever dreamed of visiting
  • Establish college funds for all of the children in my life (friend's children, cousin's children, etc.)
  • Buy all of my friends Virginia Tech Season Passes TOGETHER!
  • Buy a home in Quebec City, Quebec, CA and one on the coast of Maine and one in the Cinque Terre, Italy and one in Bradford on Avon, England, and on in every other city that I travel to with my billions and decide that I want to live in.  AND...of course all of my friends would have full access to these lovely homes of mine :) 
  • Give as much money as I possibly could to Alzheimer's research to somehow make sure they found a cure, or at least a workable treatment for that @#$%$ disease

& now i would like to tag:

An American Girl in London
Dana from Sothern Domestic Diva
Emily Elizabeth from Emily Elizabeth and the Big Blue Dogs
MCW from Saving the Best for Last (Fingers Crossed)
Blackeyed Susan from Susan in the South

I know it's kindove late in the day, and Friday may be almost gone for some of free to turn this into a Monday Tag Game if you want ;)

Have a lovely weekend!!!!