Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stella & Dot Gift Certificate Giveaway WINNER!!

The results are in! 

I used to generate the winning number:

Let's consult the spreadsheet:

And the winner is BINK from Wicked Sweet Tea !!!  Congratulations Bink :)

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The Girl With/Who...

Everything I see says " MUST read these books. they are absolutely fabulous". 

So, being the follower I sometimes am I buy them.  All three of them. 

I'm stuck 1/2 way through book number 2. 

Here are my thoughts:

I had trouble keeping my eyes open until page 109.  It got a little better then.  Still hard to read though. 

About 3/4 of the way through I really began to enjoy it.  Glad I read it, but wish Stieg Larsson had asked me to serve as his editor.  I believe about 50% of the book could have been cut out without diminishing the quality of the work.  Actually, it would probably have improved the quality.

Here, let me give tell you what I'm talking about.  This isn't really in the book, but this made up bit is pretty much an accurate example of what one has to endure while reading these books:

Why do I need to know minute details about which school bus someone rode to school in elementary?  Versus another person who's mother drove them to school.  This never again comes up in the story.  These people are rarely mentioned.  BUT...for some reason we need to know this? 

Clearly just a trumped up example, but 2-3 pages of this every chapter makes for very sleepy reading.

This book starts out quite good!  I thought that perhaps it was because I was familiar with the characters.  But alas...that is not the case.   About 1/4 of the way through the book I start skipping pages.  Not that the general story isn't good.  It is!  There is just too much useless information inlcluded to make it a "page turner".  It's almost as if someone said "Mr. Larsson, each book needs to be exactly 500 pages long".  And then Mr. Larsson wrote a story.  And then he went back and wrote a bunch of nonsense boring stuff to fill in between the story to drag it out to 500 pages. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Or am I just a Negative Nelly?

I haven't even started this one yet.  But I will.  And I'll finish it.  I will finish them all.  And then I will say I did it.  Just like I did with Twilight.  Even though the last Twilight book took 5 months for me to finish.  Because by that point I didn't care anymore.  Bella was annoying me by being such a martyr.  And really, after she became a vampire what was there to be inticed by anymore?  It's like on sitcoms when people "like" each other, but never end up together.  Or, when they do end up together and the show tanks because it isn't clever anymore.  Who's The Boss anyone? 

Sorry, I'm straying from the point.

The moral of this story is that I have chosen to edit the way I read these books.  When my eyes get heavy I skip 3 pages.  I realize I may be missing something, but who cares?  At least I'm still awake :)

Anyone else having this problem?


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Louis is a Winner!!!!

Well as I live and breathe!!  Louis Wellington Gray has won an award from Pets Direct in the UK. 

Isn't he fancy ;)

I just received a charming e-mail from someone called John telling me we were winners.  We didn't actually enter to win, so that makes it even more special! 

Apparently our little blog is "inspirational".  This is what Pets Direct had to say about our blog:

Awarded For..

•A Unique Blog From a Whole New And Interesting Perspective.

•A Useful and Unique Blogger Resource

•Great Literature and/or Informational Quality

•Helping the Preservation and General Well Being of A Specific Breed Type.

•Showing a True Love For a Specific Breed or Pet Type.

Here is our award:

I'm going to print it out and hang it on Louis' crate.  Who needs Westminster anyway?  My boy has won first place!

Happy Westie Wednesday friends!

T & Louis

Westie Wednesday

Louis is very irritable with the car dealership at the moment.  T having no car = Louis having no day care.  Poor little muffin :(

I've done my very best to keep him occupied.  Last night, after my Zumba class, I took him running.  Like really running.  Jenny DB, from So Say I, insisted this would work.  I, on  the other hand, insisted it would not.  Louis has 6 inch legs.  How can he run as fast as I can? 

Well, he did!  It was absolutely presh.  He made it quite a long way before he pulled over and passed out in someone's yard. 

(disclaimer - this is NOT Louis.  clearly i was too busy running to take a vid.  but, please look how presh westies look when they run!)

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping Louis entertained this week, but apparently it isn't good enough.  This morning, as I was standing on my front porch waiting for my ride, I heard a noise.  A terrible noise.  Something that resembled wailing.  It was the most mournful sound I have ever heard. 


I realized it was coming out of my house!! 

I immediately opened the front door and it stopped. 

Poor little Louis was wailing with sadness because I was leaving him to go to work. 

I almost called in. Seriously.

Because who could go to work knowing that this little guy was at home wailing with sadness:

And here I always assumed he was doing this while I was at work:

Is today June 24th?  Hmmm......

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Anchor Splash!

I found these on Kate's blog.  She ALWAYS has the cutests anchor items on her blog :)  I order about half of them!

These, clearly, need to come to my house.  PRONTO.

Even if you aren't an anchor girl (or anchorman) , you've got to check out the other super cute items in this Etsy shop:


Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Yea, I Also Want a G6....So Santa if You Are Listening

G6, you say? 

Here I thought a G5 was where it's at.

Clearly I'm so 2009. 


I'm in love with this song.  It's pretty junior high school, I think.  But that's okay.  It makes me want to pull out my parachute pants and break down a card board box. 


Living In High Cotton

Louis and I went to visit BFF from high school and her family this weekend.  It was lovely :)  BFF from high school lives in a land far, far away.  It is so very different from where I live.  It's a charming and OLD town. 

I was telling Louis about how much fun we would have, and he listened quite intently:

He was an excellent traveling companion!

I met some of BFF from high school's friends for the first time, and we celebrated by having one too many cocktails.  Bliss!

Louis had a playmate for the weekend.  He is called Poco, which is Spanish for "a little".  Quite appropriate, wouldn't you say?

They became fast friends, and played each day to the point of exhaustion!  As a reward for being such good little boys, BFF from high school and I took the little muffins out for a shopping trip.  Louis is the proud new owner of this collar:

And this new sweater:

Finally, Louis picked out a new toy.  It "cackles" and sounds very spooky.  He absolutely loves it!

It is always hard to leave BFF from high school's house.  I just want to stay. was time to head back. 

So, there I was driving along in the pouring rain when I saw a car ahead of me hydroplane and go down into a ditch!  I made a U Turn as soon as possible to make sure the driver was okay.  Turns out he was fine.  Which is good.  BUT.....

As soon as I re-started my car it refused to switch into 2nd gear.  It just wanted to stay in first!  Can we say transmission problem.  Grr....

Louis was so tired he wasn't even able to hold his head up anymore.  He just wanted to get HOME.

I felt the same way.  **sigh**

Two hours later the tow truck driver arrived to put my car up on a flat bed truck.  I was 60 miles from Smalltown, VA.  The good news is that Louis and I were safe.  I made it to a country store where they didn't mind if I parked for a few hours.  They kept coming out to check on us.  They brought Louis water.  I read my book and stayed nice and warm and dry.  Louis slept.  Considering what could have happened, it wasn't really that bad I suppose.

BFF from high school pointed out that perhaps the man who drove into the ditch was my guardian angel.  Perhaps if I had not slowed down, then had engine trouble, some terrible fate could have awaited Louis and I up the road. When I thought about it that way, I felt very lucky to be sitting in front of the country store :)

Thank goodness the car is still under warranty, so it's at the dealership AGAIN.  They say they will get to it when they can.  Whatever.  It's just a car.

I'm feeling very thankful today.  Thankful for roadside assistance.  Thankful for the best friends ever.  Thankful for my health, and Louis'.  Thankful for my job and my home, and even my car...troublesome as it may be at the moment. 

I'm thankful that I am the type of person who would slow down to help someone when they drive into a ditch.  I'm thankful that I care enough about people to do so. 

I'm thankful that I got to see a field full of cotton plants that were just bursting! 

My daddy used to tell me, when I would complain about not having something, that compared to many we were "living in high cotton".  Have you ever heard that saying before?  Every time I do it makes me smile:)

I've been blessed in life to always find myself living in high cotton.  Even when my bank account wasn't much, the people in my life have made it so very rich....and I know how lucky I am.   Last night, sitting on the side of the road, all of my friends were calling to check on me.  They each volunteered to drive the 60 miles to where I was to sit with Louis and I.  They wanted to be sure I felt safe. 

I truly am living in high cotton.


Friday, September 24, 2010




Have a LOVELY weekend friends.  Louis and I are off on our travels.

Until we meet again....


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

Louis' Christmas t-shirts arrived yesterday.  I ordered a size M.  His measurements indicated that size would be correct.

Clearly someone needs to STEP AWAY FROM THE TREATS RIGHT NOW!

Not to be confused with the Gouda cheese, which he hijacked from the coffee table last night.  I commenced calling him "fat boy".  He promptly tooted on me.  It's an ongoing battle at Seersucker Central at the moment.

Oddly enough, he didn't mind wearing his wife beater/baby T/muscle shirt.  Usually he protests loudly when I "dress him".  I think he felt like a stud.  If I had a thick gold chain I would have looped it around his neck, broken out the video cam and started playing "The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now...".



If he's gonna head to the club, clearly he will need this:

OMG.  I'm laughing too hard right now.  Somebody save me from myself.


WIMP came over for Dark 'n' Stormy night wearing these:

I can't decide.  Like?  No Like?  After two cocktails she had to change into flats.  I'm thinking these wouldn't last very long in my life :)  She insists that they are comfortable.  But somehow I just can't imagine that they are?  Hmmm....

Then again, I once imagined that THIS:

(the shirt says Fitch, not ____ in case you were wondering :)
Was a good look. 


Gotta love it when old friends tag you in old pics on Facebook. 

I realize this is a terribly sleepy post.  Louis and I are heading to see BFF from high school this weekend.  I'm really excited about that, and I can't focus on much else....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That is NOT Louis!

I can't believe I didn't tell you what happened yesterday when I went to pick Louis up from day care!  It was traumatic.  Well, it was for me anyway :(

There was a new girl working at the front counter.  I announced that I was there to pick up Louis the Westie.  Louis used to be the only westie there.  Now there are three.

Correction.  Apparently now there are five. 


The new girl brings out a westie and says "here he is!"

Ummmmm......not so much.

T:  That is NOT Louis
Girl: Are you sure?
T:  Yes.  I'm quite sure.
Girl:  Well, it's the only westie left back there.
T: WHAT?!??!?!?! 
Girl:  This one is the only westie back there.

(in the mean time a woman is there to pick up her dog(s) and sucks in air.  she's weaving back and forth.  she is pale as a ghost.  she whispers "oh my God".  that's when i know it's bad.  and that this is really happening.)

Girl:  Well, they all look the same.
Girl:  Ummmm...well.  He was really little in the picture and I couldn't tell.  Do you want to come back and look to see if you see him?

As I'm charging back to find my pup, he walks through the front door with the girl from the "big dog" side. 

Louis:  lick, lick, jump, jump, snuggle, snuggle
Big Dog Side Girl:  Such and such, I told you I was taking Louis over here for a bit.  What's going on?
Girl: Oh.  I didn't realize.


I snatched that little pup up in my arms, looked at the girl from the "big dog" side (who is quite lovely and competent) and snarked "what the hell is wrong with that new girl?", and stormed out.  I know it was rude of me, but I thought she had given Louis away.  Clearly she is not the brightest.  Bless her little heart.

I called BFF on the phone directly and said "OMG, some dimwit at doggie day care gave me the wrong dog and couldn't find Louis and I thought they had given him away but he was just next door and I almost stroked out and if she had given him away I would have slapped her hard and kicked her twice.  But it's okay.  I've got him now." 

Clearly BFF loves it when I call her. 

There is always drama.


Wordless Westie Wednesday

(it gets REALLY good around 2:00)


Dark 'n' Stormy

Quite a few of you have e-mailed to ask about what this dark and stormy evening I have planned tonight is. 

Have you ever been to Georgetown?  Have you ever visited Martin's Tavern?

WIMP is from the DC area, and last year we all trekked up that way for a bridal shower her Maid of Honor Boris was hosting.  That evening we ventured out in Georgetown, and we stumbled upon Martin's Tavern. 

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) - When you walk into Billy Martin's Tavern, you can't help but be hit by the history.

"This is what we call the proposal booth," says 4th generation owner, Billy Martin, as he walks along a row of old booths inside the restaurant's main dining room. "It's the booth where John F. Kennedy actually proposed to Jackie. This is where he asked her to get married."

We asked the charming bartender what cocktail we should try.  We wanted something "different".  He proposed we try a Dark and Stormy.  We hadn't a clue what that was, but promptly ordered a round.

A Dark and Stormy (or Dark 'n' Stormy) is an alcoholic highball style cocktail popular in many British Commonwealth countries, such as Bermuda and Australia. It consists of dark rum and ginger beer over ice. The local rum is usually used, for example, Goslings in Bermuda or Bundaberg in Australia.

They were quite tasty, and we proceeded to have quite a few of them each!  This led to the following events:

So....perhaps Dark 'n' Stormys don't lead to the classiest of evenings, but they sure are fun!!

Tonight MK, WIMP and I are going to make Dark 'n' Stormys and watch documentaries about the Kennedy's.  Well, perhaps we will watch a little bit of last night's Rachel Zoe too...