Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Westie Wednesday

Louis is very irritable with the car dealership at the moment.  T having no car = Louis having no day care.  Poor little muffin :(

I've done my very best to keep him occupied.  Last night, after my Zumba class, I took him running.  Like really running.  Jenny DB, from So Say I, insisted this would work.  I, on  the other hand, insisted it would not.  Louis has 6 inch legs.  How can he run as fast as I can? 

Well, he did!  It was absolutely presh.  He made it quite a long way before he pulled over and passed out in someone's yard. 

(disclaimer - this is NOT Louis.  clearly i was too busy running to take a vid.  but, please look how presh westies look when they run!)

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping Louis entertained this week, but apparently it isn't good enough.  This morning, as I was standing on my front porch waiting for my ride, I heard a noise.  A terrible noise.  Something that resembled wailing.  It was the most mournful sound I have ever heard. 


I realized it was coming out of my house!! 

I immediately opened the front door and it stopped. 

Poor little Louis was wailing with sadness because I was leaving him to go to work. 

I almost called in. Seriously.

Because who could go to work knowing that this little guy was at home wailing with sadness:

And here I always assumed he was doing this while I was at work:

Is today June 24th?  Hmmm......


Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Poor little guy! But I think he just wanted to make you feel guilty.

Ann said...

I loved the video, even if it wasn't Louis, it really made me laugh.
Duke is ok with us leaving the house so long as we are putting on our work shoes. If we are putting on other shoes and leaving he gets really upset. He does know the difference between which shoes are which.

Twenty Something Blonde said...

I seriously didn't realize how much I liked Westie's until you kept putting up pictures of Louis. He is SO cute :)

Jenny DB said...

Oh my gosh, so cute. At first i thought that WAS louis running. looks like him, no? :-) and i was thinking about your taste in music and then decided it was pretty cute! well i'm so happy louis did so well. I knew he'd love it!!!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

AWWW. Poor Louis! Lilly is the same way, except she dramatically throws herself against the front door as I lock it. It's totally pitiful. That car needs to get back ASAP!