Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Westie Wednesday

Louis had a LOVELY time at the White Party Saturday night. He was appropriate dressed, of course, and therefore he was allowed to stay out and about for most of the party :)  At one point he became a bit overwhelmed, so we put him in his crate in the dining room for a little siesta.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to head to brunch at Barbie's house!  Barbie invited Louis, and of course I brought him along.  Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I dare say Louis spent a bit too much time in the grass:

He also had green grass stains all over his back and his rear :(  Bad, bad puppy! 

We all giggled uncontrollably at him for most of the afternoon, and of course he hadn't a clue what was so funny.  Poor little guy.  AND...of course this meant that he had to have a bath as soon as we arrived home post brunch. 

Louis is NOT a fan of the bath.  The groomer tells me that he does enjoy a bath, but I'm not exactly sure what she does (or doesn't do) that varies from my bathing skills.  When I bathe Louis he huddles in a little pile in the bath tub and shakes and cries.  It is heartbreaking.  BUT...the good news is that when I'm done, he looks like this:

No more GREEN puppy.  Yay!


The second thing I want to tell you about on this Westie Wednesday is a lovely organization that Barbie shared with me this week.  It's called The Animal Rescue Site Store.  The idea is that every purchase you make funds food and care for rescued animals!!

When you shop at The Animal Rescue Site store, each item you buy also helps fund food for animals -- at no extra cost to you! The chart below shows bowls of food generated by shopping at The Animal Rescue Site store over the past six months. Your shopping here makes a difference -- thank you for all you do!

There are so many neat things that you can purchase on this site.  Things for YOU, and things for YOUR PET.  You can even purchase Frontline for flees and ticks!  I get this for Louis from his vet, but I can purchase it here and do you know what??  If I purchase from this site I WILL FUND 28 BOWLS OF FOOD FOR RESCUED ANIMALS!!!  Every item you consider purchasing will tell you how many bowls of food your purchase will fund.  Neat huh? 

What else can you buy here??

(dog harness = 28 bowls of food)

(bad cuz dog toy = 14 bowls of food)

(isn't this funny???)

(84 bowls of food)

Please take a moment to check out The Animal Rescue Site to see if there is anything you "need" that can be purchased here.  For example, I "need" these Christmas cards...don't I?



Ann said...

The green face just cracked me up. Louis must have had a great time. Duke doesn't like getting a bath as much as he like swimming but he does pretty good with it. Never wines, just hates it when the water gets too close to his face.
I'll have to check out that store.

Jenny DB said...

Oh thanks for sharing that site!! I totally have to go check it out. ALSO i would totally wear that shirt, if it was just a tad cuter. B/c it sure is true :-) PS Homie Hates the bath also. Bondi sometimes tries to follow me in the shower. obviously he does not have the same issues. we use to have shower curtains and he'd peek his nose through.. soemtimes scared the jeesus outa me, but now we have a pretty awesome bath/shower if i do say so myself that doesn't require curtain, so bondi just tries to get in when he feels like it. haha. Homie .. shakes and cries. If you find any solution, lemme know!! I tried good smelling (way too expensive) PET HEAD shampoo.. no go! hehe

Anonymous said...

Green Louis is so cute! I dogsit for a cocker spaniel and his owner swears he likes baths but the two times he played in the mud and needed a bath, it was not the case!