Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pilates, Police Men and My Daisy Red Ryder To The Rescue!

Last night the girls came over for pilates.  The Voice of Reason is a pilates instructor, and she gives us free classes in my basement.  Aren't we special?  Yep.  We are.

After pilates, Marilyn Monroe and I went on a walk.  Quite a long walk.  Up bunches of hills.  My legs are screaming at me today, but it was worth it.  When one exercises TWICE in one day, they are clearly allowed to eat whatever they want from Taco Bell.  And this girl did :)  I had:



After I gorged on Taco Bell snacks I did some other chores.  Then, Louis and I settled in to watch some Criminal Minds episodes.  I'm obsessed.  I can't get enough of these sick, demented serial killers for some reason.  I've got problems.  Obvi.

The thing is, I'm always 100% comfortable in my house.  I feel safe, and I don't think twice about it.  I'm a fanatic about locking the doors, etc.  And so last night, while I was watching a slasher-type serial killer on Criminal Minds, I was convinced someone was breaking into my house.  I WAS CONVINCED.  Louis was too.  He was barking up a storm and growling at the front door.  I thought I heard someone rattle the front door knob.  It was awful. 

I immediately ran to the basement to get my gun.  Yes, I have a gun.  Well, it's a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, but that sucker can pump out some BBs like nobody's business.  And they hurt.  At least the squirrels think so.  JUST KIDDING.

Anyway, I ran down and got my gun.  Why a BB gun?  It's better than a knife.  I would rather not get THAT close to an intruder.  Also, if the intruder is really dumb they may mistake the BB gun for a rifle?  Maybe?  Last resort, I can always haul off and crack them in the head with it.  I've got a pretty good arm.

I jump out of the basement door into the hallway. I squat low an move my rifle BB gun back and forth.  I am tempted to shout "clear", but I remember I only watch Criminal Minds.  I'm not on the damn show.  Louis is wound up tighter than a top, and he's crouched down walking close to the ground.  He's growling low and steady.  Me and my pup.  Ready to take on a serial killer. 

Two hours later we had "cleared" every room in the house.  Nothing appeared disturbed.  For some reason, though, neither of us could calm down.  We kept hearing creaks and cracks on the stairs (I have a really old house), and each time we did we would both jump.  It was horrible.  Whatever would we do?

How about watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey?  That's always good for a laugh!  Only.....not this time.  It actually made me want to be sick to my stomach:(  And Louis couldn't stop barking at Teresa.  And I really can't blame him. 


We went to bed.  We took my gun, and we went to bed.  And I read a book until 2am. 

Damn Criminal Minds

I think I need to date a police officer. 

Surely I would feel safe then, AND be able to watch my favorite TV show? 



$100 Gift Card to Tucker Blair & Signed Copy of "True Prep"

Zach at Tucker Blair just contacted me to share some information about a "giveaway" of their own!  What's up for grabs?

A $100 gift certificate to TuckerBlair.com AND a signed copy of Lisa Birnbach's new style guide, "True Prep", which (coincidentally) includes an awesome shout-out to Tucker Blair!

You can enter using Wild Fire App, Facebook, and Twitter (or all THREE!) until Monday, September 6th.



Good Luck!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Weekend Was...

Lately it seems like I just can't catch up.  No matter how much I chatter on, I'm still behind.  So, another bulleted post is in order:

1.  I won a FABULOUS giveaway from xo Queen Bee xo at Little Me, The Queen Bee.  Do you remember her giveaway posted HERE?  It was a Tervis Tumbler with what else on the front?  Why a BEE of course :)  And I won.  Yippee!  Well, xo Queen Bee xo sent my tumbler along, AND...don't you just know that her little muffin Hairy Winston sent LW a prize as well.  Wasn't that just the sweetest?

2.  Met the "friend" of the doctor.  NOT IMPRESSED.  If she is any indication of Mr. Doctor, I'm not interested.  Next.

3.  Lowcountry boil at Marilyn Monroe's house Friday night.  All I can say about that is YUMMMM...

(Suz & I at the lowcountry boil)

4.  When I got home from the lowcountry boil, Louis had eaten a hole the size of his head in the blinds in the front window of my house.  My CUSTOM blinds.  Hmph.  Bad pups.

5.  Saturday morning trip to Lowe's to attempt to replace CUSTOM blinds.  Found some great flowers on clearance to dress up the patio for the White Party.  I got an even greater discount on my purchases due to the fact that the Lowe's check out girl liked my shoes?  Go figure. 

6.  Smalltown, VA had a wing festival this weekend.  Yes, a buffalo wing festival of sorts.  I hadn't a clue what to expect, but it ended up being quite fun considering I don't really eat buffalo wings ;) 

7.  After the wing festival a group of us headed to an outside restaurant to play Bocce Ball, and enjoy some evening cocktails and supper.  Louis came along, and clearly he is quite the fan of Bocce Ball....

8.  Sunday was a snuggly day on the couch, and a bit of staining of the patio furniture in the evening.  Most excellent Sunday if I do say so myself.

Thank you all for your advice and condolences.  I really thought that perhaps I was overreacting, and that I should just keep trying to be nice.  I realized, thanks to you, that sometimes you really just have to be a B.  Sometimes it's necessary.  BUT...before I do that...I've got one more trick up my sleeve...

I have decided that I am going to introduce the Stage 5 clinger to a friend of mine.  I think they would actually make a great couple.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but he's just a bit much for me.  The introduction will take place at the White Party.  He hasn't a clue, but I'm really, really, really hoping they hit it off :)



Saturday, August 28, 2010

White Party Giveaway Update!!

Just a reminder that the White Party Giveaway is open for entries!!  I completely confused a lot of people, because apparently I was confused myself :(  I listed two different start dates.  Scratch all of that!

The White Party Giveaway is OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and you can enter to win HERE.

In honor of the artichoke theme of one of the giveaway options, MK from mrs.mfc has found this lovely recipe for:

Artichoke Bites

Serves 8

1 {8 oz can} artichoke hearts, drained and finely chopped

1 cup {4 oz} shredded Cheddar cheese

3/4 cup mayonnaise

1/2 envelope of Italian salad dressing mix {I used Good Seasons}

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 ready-made pizza crust {like Boboli, but I found a wonderful thin crust pizza crust in the bakery at Walmart}

Preheat oven to 400°. Place artichokes, shredded Cheddar, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and Parmesan together in large bowl and mix well. Spread evenly over the pizza crust. Bake for 15-20 minutes until hot and bubbly. Let cool and cut into bite-size pieces.

Can you say YUMMMMMMMMMM....


Friday, August 27, 2010


Pretty simple words actually.

So why do I have such a hard time delivering them?  Well, it's not really that I have trouble delivering them...it's more like people have trouble hearing them?  Or maybe not hearing them, but understanding the meaning of these words?  Understanding that this pretty much = 'GO AWAY'.

And here's a question...when you text someone constantly for 3 days and they never respond, is there not a point when you realize that perhaps this means something?  That perhaps they are not texting because they do not want to talk with you?  Hmmmm....

This whole situation is reminiscent of my old Match.com days.  Remember those?  The days when I was always stressed, and I felt like I was "breaking up with" 2 people per week.  I was totally perplexed at the concept that someone could become so attached after one date.  So attached that sometimes a crow bar is needed to un-attach them.  Them AND their guitar on occasion :-o

I really hope this post doesn't sound arrogant or hateful.  Because it isn't meant to.  I'm seriously just beside myself with confusion.  I mean, I'm pretty great and all, but I'm not THAT great.  I am not some girl who should have men falling head over heels for her at first meeting.  So what gives? 

Here, let me fill you in....

Nice enough guy.  Met for drinks.  Lots in common.  He's pretty OK looking.  I stay longer than expected because I'm actually having fun.  Over the next few days he sends more texts than I received during the duration of my entire last relationship.  And that's saying a lot.  And it hasn't stopped.  And I stopped replying. 

So, I decide that because he is a nice guy I need to just tell him that I'm not interested.  And why.  And there are other reasons beside the Stage 5 clinger issue.  Trust me.  He asks me out again.  I go.  I tell him my thoughts.  He tells me I am wrong.  WHAT?!?!  Wrong that I am not interested?  Wrong that I don't want to date him? 

I follow-up with "technically I've really only been completely done with my last relationship for about 2 months, and I DO NOT want to jump right in to another one".  That is supposed to mean "slow your roll buddy.  i'm not on board at the moment." 


What that apparently means is "please continue to text message me 50 times per day, even when I do not respond for days at a time".  And now I'm stuck in this situation because I have invited him to The White Party.  I was under the influence, and it was before all of this nonsense really started.  I was being nice.  I thought we could be friends.  Clearly I need to find a faux beau STAT!  Grrrr....

There are two others that I'm having trouble shaking too.  Nothing along the lines of this guy, but still.  Annoying.  And it's making me want to close up shop.  It's making me want to quit saying yes when people ask me out.  It's making me want to stop checking my INBOX on Facebook, because apparently a recent press release just announced the fact that I am single? 

So there is one more contender at the moment.  He's still in the game.  Probably because I've not met him yet :)  He's a doctor.  He is sending a friend out to meet me for what I have termed the "pre-screening".  Yes, you heard me correctly.  He wants me to meet this other person first, so that she can give him the low down on me.  Her feedback, if you will.  I'm not at all sure how I feel about this.  But then...perhaps he has the right idea?  Perhaps I could talk someone into pre-screening for me? Hmmm...I think I may be on to something.
Anyway, I'm going to meet this "friend" of his tonight.  I'm thinking that wearing an uber short, tight dress with hooker heels and fish nets may be in order?  I'm going to be sure to tuck a pack of Marlboro Reds in my bra for easy access, and I'll chew gum.  Of course. 

Oh Lord.  Watch him end up being Mr. Seersucker.

I had better behave myself.

Have you ever found yourself trying to shake someone loose, and they just won't "get it"?  If so, how did you finally loose them?  Is there a way to have success without being a total B?  Because I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I don't want to be mean.  Or blunt.  But I'm beginning to think that may be the only way?

Advice please,


If I Were Running For Homecoming Queen I Would Totally Win

I'm just sayin'.

Okay, so that may have been a little bit "too big for your britches" and such, but I was just tagged 3 times in 1 day.  You TELL ME who's the popular one.  Uh huh.  Thought so.

Really though, thanks for making me feel special CandySass and Elizabeth.  Because I needed that today.  I've been trying to dodge a Stage 5 clinger, and shake off a few other boys too.  It's always so hard for me to tell people to get lost.  And I don't know why?  I must be too nice.  Only......I'm not.  Hmmm...

Anyway....another post is on it's way, as we speak, regarding Mr. Stage 5 clinger and other such boys that will not go away and are giving me a headache at the moment.  Will Mr. Right hurry up and call already?  Sheesh!

Now, on to why I would totally win Homecoming Queen if Smalltown, VA was having a pageant of this sort right now:

Candy from Candyland tagged me to answer this questionnaire:

1. What is your signature color?  I don't have a signature color.  My signature is really more that I wear very bright colors.  Many of them.  All at once :)

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?  There are so many. The most recent that comes to mind is being in a bathroom stall gossiping about someone (shame, shame) with BFF.  When we came out of the stall, the person we were gossiping about came out of the stall next to us :(  I was embarrassed and ashamed.  Lesson learned.

3. Would you ever get anything pierced other than your ears, if so what?  Nope.  Much like tattoos, I'm not a fan.

4. Are you a social butterfly or a homebody?  Social Butterfly for sure!

5. Are you done having babies or do you want more?  I'm done.  I haven't actually started...but I still think I'm done.

6. Are you loyal to your hairstylist or do you try every salon in town?  Loyal.  To a fault.  Until recently.  I had to break up with my stylist.  It was painful, but it was time.

7. How many times have you moved in your life?  I can't really count.  Once prior to college.  And then something like 27 times probably? 

8. If you could plan your vacation.....just you and your love, where would it be?  I need to find my love before I can even think about this.  If I could find him, I'd be happy to vacation on the back patio.  Seriously.

Thanks love!  This was fun ;)  Scroll to the bottom to see who I've tagged!


Miss Sass from Sassafrass Jane tagged me to answer "8 questions".  Now THIS is something I've not seen before.  Hmmm....She asked me 8, and then I tag 8 bloggers with the questions of my choice.  Could be interesting, no?

1. Your most recent pet peeves?  People who can't take a hint.  A very direct, obvious hint.

2. Favorite guilty pleasure?  Murder She Wrote.  Still my all-time favorite TV Show.  I once told a first date (who later turned into a long term boyfriend) that I needed to be home by 8 on a Sunday night.  In college.  When he asked why, I told him.  The truth.  He looked horrified.  And don't even try to talk to me when a marathon is on.  Ahhh...Cabot Cove.  Love :)

3. Have you ever faked an O? Don't lie!  Unfortunately, yes....

4. If you could be famous for something, what talent would you choose?  Singing.  Pop songs, of course :)

5. Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?  Fly.  Definitely.  To be able to fly, with luggage strapped on to me some how.  And Louis.  And my favorite person.  For long distances :) 

6. What are the top 3 things every relationship needs?  Honesty, respect and (if a romantic relationship) attraction of some sort that makes that person not only your best friend...but also the ONLY ONE you want

7. Who do you think is the most annoying 'big' blogger?  Monograms and Manicures.  She's simply too "darling" for my taste.

8. Do you love me?  Absolutely ;)

My 8 questions are....

1.  Why did you start blogging?
2.  If you could know when you would be leaving this earth, would you want to know?  Why?
3.  Is it okay to wear WHITE after Labor Day?
4.  Spray tan, tanning bed or natural sun only?  Which do you do? 
5.  Which is YOUR favorite wardrobe (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer)?
6.  Is it problematic when/if a woman makes a larger salary than her husband/significant other? 
7.  Who do you think is the most "annoying" big blogger?  (stole this from Sass.  sorry.  i wanna know.)
8.  Do you love Louis?
AND...don't forget to hop over to read the questions Miss Sass had to read, and her answers HERE.   Scroll to the bottom to see who I've tagged!
Elizabeth from Bungalow 6304 has awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks presh!
The rules of this award are as follows:
-link the award giver (and thank them)
-list 7 things about yourself 
-pass on the award
1.  I am actually excited about Fall this year.  I still can't figure out why?

2.  I am really enjoying being single.  Which is odd for me.  To be single.  And to enjoy it.  And it scares me a bit....because I don't want to get too comfortable being single. 

3.  Men often try to tell me I "can't" do things.  That they will "need" to do these things for me.  Like sanding and staining my patio furniture.  I proved them all wrong last night.  Well, with Daisy's help I did :)  I need to quit listening to men.  Clearly they haven't a clue.

4.  On occasion I "day dream" that something will happen, and then it does.  It's almost as if I "willed" this thing to happen.  It's starting to happen more and more often.  I'm a little scared about what this means.

5.  I don't have a dishwasher.  I know, it's ridiculous.  My house was built in 1941.  No one ever installed a dishwasher.  There is plenty of room for one.  I keep saying I am going to do it.  I'll let you know when I make good on that :)

6.  I am craving "T Time" right now.  I cannot think of anything more glorious than traveling, by myself, to the coast of Maine.  Checking into a small bed and breakfast, and staying for a week.  I would walk on the beach, read books and catch up on sleep.  I would turn my blackberry off for the entire trip :) 

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe." -Friedrich Nietzsche

7.  I'm a "name brand" kind of girl.  That probably makes me shallow, but I don't care.  I will always pay a little bit more for the brand.  I know, I know...


I'm going to do the same thing I did the last time with passing along these tags.  Everyone seemed to love the idea, and I hope you do too!

I've got THREE blog tags right here. I've played by the rules, and I've answered the questions.

NOW... I'm going to tag all of the new-to-me blogs I've recently found. And am reading. And really enjoy.

AND THEN....those bloggers get to pick which award they want to be awarded. Make sense? So, if you've already gotten one...take another one! If you don't have any...take them all! Then you can award bunches of people too :)

I tag:
Elizabeth from Bungalow 6304 - Cutie patootie who tells it like it is!  Sound like anyone we know?  Hmmm... Check out her answers to the questionnaire she tagged me in HERE.  I promise you'll be hooked :)
Screen Door Prep from A Note on the Screen Door - Clearly I do not understand how we have not been besties before now.  SDP and I have just found each other, and realized that we share a love of so many things, not to be limited to (but including) awesome blog headers from Lydia & Pugs and "white dogs". 
Annie from Chapters of our Life - Newlywed with a precious little pup called Gus.  I've only just found Annie, but she seems so warm and kind and lovely that I can't wait to get to know more about her!
Frankie from Cheerful Carolina - She's new, she loves Lilly, she's cute as pie and she's from South Carolina.  What else do you need to know.  Get over there.  Thanks :)
Meghan from Country Fresh - The quote across the top of her blog is this: "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... I also know that I'm not blonde. ~ Dolly Parton".  How could we not be friends?  
Dee from Dee's Adventures - I've recently fallen in love with Dee (don't get worried Dee...you're safe!).  She and her hubby Brad are all over the place having lovely adventures, and her posts always me laugh.  And she attends puppy birthday parties.  Need I say more?
Twenty-Something Blonde from Growing Up Blonde - This little blonde belle lives in Charlotte and has just moved into a new house!!  She's busy with all types of projects, and I just adore her taste.  She's also trying to figure out boys and work and all of that other stuff that comes along with life ;)
Hannah from Hannah and Bryan - She met her hubby when they were both in the wedding of two friends.  This girl gives me hope!!  Because I am in no shortage of weddings.  Bring it!  She also has great taste, and a pup.  She's awesome.
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong from How I Met Your Father - Seriously?  "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"?  I think I could stop right here in my explanation of why I adore this blog!  Go over and tell her she's right...
Ashley from Kiwis and Cocktails - I just adore her blog!  She and hubby Andrew are the bomb, and they just found out they are going to be parents.  And from what I can tell...they are going to be rockstar parents.  Congrats guys!!
Heather from Life with Farley - Heather and Farley have the coolest adventures.  Farley is a westie (clearly the best breed to be :), and he and Heather trapse around the town doing lovely things.  Heather rides horses, and Farley coaches her.  Too presh!  Skip over and visit them both, won't you?
Love Cocktails and Puppy Dog Tails - FIRST..how adorable is her blog title??  AND...she has a westie called Duncan.  AND...she brought Betty White to the White Party.  See what I'm talking about?  Yea.  You want to follow her too.
Pink Champagne - I have recently discovered my affinity for pink champagne, in more ways than one.  This lovely lady is off being married to the love of her life at the moment, but go visit her blog and catch up on what's going on with her life.  She has some of the most beautiful pictures EVER.
The Bee Charmer - Love.  Love, love, love.  Love.  She is as clever an witty as any blogger I've come across.  I've just found her...and I'm hooked!  PLEASE read her post entitled "Bless My Heart" found HERE.  And you will be hooked too...
Miss Muddy Paws from The Wet Nose - Le Sigh...puppy silliness and info abounds!  Want your dog to live in your entertainment armoire?  No problem.  Tips on how to get your dog to drink more?  No problem.  Eco-friendly dog collar?  No problem.  For a big smile, go visit MMP!
I adore you all, and I'm so glad I found you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

National Dog Day - Who Knew?

Pat the brakes!!  Louis does have something to get excited about this week :)


Never knew there was such a thing, but there is a website and everything.  Check it out at: 

"It is the Human Condition to Love.
It is Love that Changes the Human Condition.
It is the Love of one Human that can Change a Nation.
It is that Love which empowers one Nation, to save man's best friend."
~ Colleen Paige - Founder of National Dog Day

Westie Wednesday - On Thursday

Being on vacation Monday has really got me turned around.  I can't believe I forgot about Westie Wednesday yesterday :(

Then again, it could be because nothing too fantastic has happened in Louis' life this week.  Things have been pretty boring in his opinion.  I asked him what we should talk about today:

Clearly he had no suggestions.  I sighed and laid down on my stomach on the couch.  I sighed again and said "boo hoo".  When I looked up, this is what I saw:

Many kisses later I decided that sometimes having nothing to report isn't so bad after all :)

Puppy Kisses,

T & Louis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bolt Peanuts

AKA....boiled peanuts. 

Where I come from, people say "boltpeanuts".  It's all a bit smushed together.  It's okay. We know what we are talking about.  But, people in Smalltown, VA haven't a clue. 

On the way to Wrightsville Beach we passed a store selling boiled peanuts.  I HAD to buy some.  Obviously.  Barbie looked at me as if I were insane.  "What in the world are boiled peanuts?" she asked. Turns out she isn't a fan, but that's okay:)

The best boiled peanuts are generally purchased from a guy like this:

(He is usually called by something indistinguishable.  Unless he has printed it on his van.  In this case, our vendor is called Smitty.)

(AND..he will always scoop out a "sample taste" for ya.  because he knows HIS boiled peanuts are THE BEST)

For those of you who are not familiar:

"Boiled peanuts are a traditional snack in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, northern Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. They are an acquired taste, but according to southerners, they are totally addictive. From May through November, all over the south, you will see roadside stands - ranging from woodsheds to shiny trailers - offering fresh boiled peanuts. Sometimes they are hard to open with your fingers, and you must resort to using your teeth, but according to most people, they are worth the trouble.

Southerners will tell you boiled peanuts should always be accompanied by a beer, sweet tea, or a soft drink. Traditionally they are eaten outside where it doesn't matter if wet shells are tossed or spit on the ground." -WhatsCookingAmerica.net

I've decided that I need to learn how to make boiled peanuts.  My daddy used to do it, and I just know it can't be that hard.  Can it? 


4 to 5 pounds green (raw) peanuts in shell
4 to 6 quarts water
1 cup plain salt per gallon of water

Only use peanuts that are green (uncured). Do not attempt this recipe with roasted peanuts.

Wash unshelled peanuts thoroughly in cold water until water runs clear; then soak in cool, clean water for approximately 30 minutes before cooking.  In a large heavy pot, place soaked peanuts and cover completely with water. NOTE: Add enough water to cover the peanuts by 2 inches.  Add 1 cup of salt per gallon of water.  Cook, covered, on high heat for 4 to 7 hours.

Boil the peanuts for approximately 4 hours, stirring occasionally, and then taste.  Taste again in 10 minutes, both for salt and texture.  Keep cooking and tasting until the peanuts reach desired texture (when fully cooked, the texture of the peanut should be similar to that of a cooked dry pea or bean).

NOTE: The cooking time of boiled peanuts varies according to the maturity of the peanuts used and the variety of peanuts. The cooking time for a "freshly pulled" or green peanut is shorter than for a peanut that has been stored for a time.

Remove from heat and drain peanuts after cooking or they will absorb salt and become over salted. Peanuts may be eaten hot or at room temperature, or chilled in the refrigerator and eaten cold, shelling as you eat them.

AND....just a little trivia for your next game night:

"On May 1, 2006, Gov. Mark Sanford came to York County and officially signed into law, H.4585, to make the boiled peanut South Carolina's official state snack food. Tom Stanford, a Winthrop University graduate, came up with the idea in a government class because he likes boiled peanuts.

SECTION 1. The General Assembly finds that boiled peanuts are a delicious and popular snack food that are found both in stores and roadside stands across the State, and this unique snack food is defined as peanuts that are immersed in boiling water for at least one hour while still in the shell. The General Assembly further finds that this truly Southern delicacy is worthy of designation as the official state snack food."



Somebody Call 911! I've Got Another Hematoma!

Five girls.  Wrightsville Beach, NC.  A wine cruise.  A haunted pub crawl.  A yacht.  It was a FINE weekend, to say the least :)

We spent quite a bit of time on the beach, which is always lovely.  When we arrived at the beach one day, we found this :

How appropriate, don't you think?  No idea who made it, but we all photographed it :)

The first night we attended the Haunted Pub Crawl in Wilmington, NC.  Let me just say that I still haven't a clue if there are any ghosts in Wilmington.  I'm guessing there are.  But, our tour guide was so drunk I really couldn't understand a word he said.  None of us could.  But that's okay.  We still had fun!  And met some interesting people from NYC.  And had some very tasty cocktails.  We ended the night at Level 5 at a rooftop bar.  Fun times...

(A, I, the voice of reason, drunk guide, barbie & me)

On the way to the beach the next day we decided that tattoos were in order.  We were torn between tattoos and hair braids, and we all decided tattoos were definitely the classier way to go.  Ha!  I didn't want a Chinese symbol, or an astrological sign or a barbed wire strip around my arm.  What to choose?  I know!  How about this:

Pretty cute, huh? 
(Just to clarify...these are NOT permanent tattoos...)

Next was the Wine Cruise.  Very charming!  This is the pontoon we rode on:

(please notice the yacht in the background.  it comes into play later in the evening!)

Clearly I need to become a billionaire.  In the very near future.  And live in one of these homes:

When we docked post Wine Cruise, there were some guys on the top level of the yacht.  Clearly we were a little tipsy, so when the guys waved and shouted something we couldn't understand we waved back.  I announced "hi there!  we're coming over for a visit!".  AND...they replied "come on!" 

Now, there were 5 of us.  When traveling in a pack it is safe to board a mysteriously huge and fancy yacht, no?  Well, we did.  And you WILL NOT BELIEVE where the people on the yacht were from.  Get ready.  I mean you should probably just go ahead and sit down.  Seriously.


This is not a prank.  I am being as honest as the day is long.  So, there you have it.  They did not own the yacht, but a friend of a friend of a friend and such.  We spent the rest of the evening dancing to music, drinking the fancy rich yacht owning people's liquor and pretending we were fancy rich yacht owning people.  It was glorious.  The voice of reason had a most lovely pre-wedding celebration...and seriously...how could you not??? 

Here are some absolutely random pictures I took. I remember thinking "I've got to capture this on film.  No one will ever believe it."  The pictures are terrible.  BUT...I tried....

(not a clue about the spots?  it wasn't raining...)

(barbie on the top deck)

(patriotic fancy rich yacht owning people)

(wherever shall we go??)

(i look like i live there...right?!??!!)

So, there you have it.  Well...not quite.  When it was time to head back to our condo we needed a ride.  What to do?  There was a nice hotel across the street from the marina, so we hailed one of their drivers and asked him for a ride.  Since we weren't staying at the hotel he said he couldn't give us a ride.  Silly boy!

After we spoke to the manager, the driver was summonsed back to pick us up.  And to drive us wherever we needed to go.  We are still completely clueless as to why this happened.  We may or may not have indicated that we were famous.  Or rich.  Or both.  Or maybe that we owned that fancy yacht?  No one can really be sure.

All we do know is that the driver came back, and we instructed him to go to the Wendy's drive through on the way home.  And he said that he couldn't.  And we made him call his boss.  Turns out he could :)

I was in the front seat of the car, and by the time the driver dropped us off at home he was so excited to tell his friends who he had met.  He wasn't exactly sure who we were.  OR...which movies we were in.  BUT...he knew we were "somebody", and that we were the most exciting people he had ever met. 

Poor guy.

I woke up the next morning with a HUGE bruise on my leg.  I'm pretty sure I earned that one when I was climbing down the ladder, lost my balance and swung 1/2 way through the kitchen, with one leg still on the ladder.   Very acrobatic and very painful :(

And that my friends...was Wrightsville Beach, NC....for this group of girls.

Still recouping,