Monday, August 9, 2010

It's My Party, and I'll Pass Out if I Want To :)

It's over. 


Louis is no longer a "puppy".  I was told this on Saturday night when I kept saying "where is the puppy?" or "come here sweet puppy".  I was told that my little guy was now officially a dog.  Me no likie :(

So, I will continue to refer to him as a puppy here on my blog because this is my world.  And in my world Louis will  ALWAYS be a puppy. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me share some photos with you of Saturday's festivities.  And let me just say....I have gotten about 20 texts saying "who knew puppy parties could be so much fun...and take a full day to recover from?". 

What is a puppy party, you ask?  Here...let me show you:

(Happy 1st B-Day Louis)

(BBQ, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans....)

(...and cupcakes!)

(treat boxes for all of the pups!)

(pin the nose on the puppy)

(Ruthie, Louis & Daisy)

(Julep & Hefner)

(PLEASE mummy, don't make me wear this hat!!!)

(okay, okay...I'll wear it)

(shhhhhhh..don't tell her I'm taking this silly hat off)

(Diasy & Grace)


(puppy prezzies)

(Julep & MK)

(Louis & Ruthie)

(Barbie & Julep)

(Daisy & her pups...Grace & Daisy)

(Louis & I)


(birthday boy!)

(Grace, Louis & Hefner)



(Ruthie's family)

(MK & I)

(Barbie, WIMP, me, R, S & MK)

(The birthday boy is getting tired....)

(going, going, going....)


So, that is a puppy party. Lots of good friends (both four legged and two legged), lots of laughter, lots of puppy treats and lots of good people food.

On another note....I visited the website of the breeder that we got Louis from, and I found some photos of his parents.  I showed them to Louis, but he didn't seem very impressed.  I guess that means he doesn't miss them anymore?  That we are his family now?  I hope so :)

(Louis' dad - Ch. Fox Creek Paynes Bagpiper - "Piper")

(Louis' mom - Rhythm)

And finally, I've got some very exciting news to share with you, so stay tuned!!



Michelle said...

Well, he shall forever be your pup! It looks like it was a lovely event. (((hugs)))

the Hard Way said...

Holy Wagging Westie Tails, Batman!

Looks like a heckuva party. Once I'm not a city girl anymore, I can have a puppy, too & I will throw puppy parties in your honor. What a great idea!! Pups seem like they had a really fun night! :-D

LEF said...

These pictures are adorable! Definitely giving me inspiration my dog's birthday! And don't worry about still calling Louis a puppy... My gordon setter turns 10 tomorrow and I still call him my puppy!

jlmargs said...

You are in luck doggies are actually puppies until they are 2 years old :)

DIMH said...

This is sooo sweet! I love it! I love that he had puppy friends over too. I needed a little cute in my day :)

Kim Reese said...

You are much too creative!! Can't wait to hear your news...

MLD said...

Adorable! Does Daisy have a dog named Daisy?

Sweet Southern Prep said...

How sweet and thoughtful is that? I love that creative idea. Maybe I should throw one for my dog, and his doggie friends. :)

P.S. I was able to mail off your dress on Saturday, so hopefully it will get there sooner. :)

Ann said...

no matter how old he gets he'll always be your puppy. That was some birthday bash he had.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Louis - looks like he got to celebrate in style!!

And, way to leave us hanging...

Twenty Something Blonde said...

How cute!!! I have a sweet little fluffy black toy poodle..he is 3 1/2 now but he will always be my puppy :) and I LOVE that you gave Louis a birthday party!

Twenty Something Blonde said...

How cute!!! I have a sweet little fluffy black toy poodle..he is 3 1/2 now but he will always be my puppy :) and I LOVE that you gave Louis a birthday party!

Emily Kathleen said...

Looks like such a fabulous puppy party! Louis is one lucky little guy!

I totally know what you mean about calling him a puppy! Mason is definitely still a puppy, but I can't imagine ever making the switch to not calling him puppy!

Jesse the Westie said...

Happy belated birthday!


Dee Stephens said...

love the beagles in this post. Just wait until Thursday! My friend is throwing a Lilly party for her dog Lilly!! Buddy and I will be attendance!

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

Oh what fun!!! LOVE IT

Jenny DB said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN, wish Bondi and I could've joined!!! :-)