Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Golly Fairy Godmother...

I have been meaning to share this with you for a while, and I think that today we could all use a smile :)

My friend D bought a birthday card for me in August 2009. She has been telling me, since August 2009, that she has said birthday card for me. I continued to remind her that my birthday is not/was not until June. She would just smile and say "I know, I know...but I had to get it. It was just perfect for you."

So, needless to say, I've heard a lot about this birthday card.

D and I finally got together and she gave me the card. And I read it. And I laughed. A lot.

But here's the thing....I'm not sure it's a compliment?

"When I grow up, all I want is

a handsome husband,

two beautiful children (a boy and a girl),

and a nice house with pretty flowers

and a picket fence.

And maybe a nice car to drive - a Mercedes.

Some expensive jewelry and a fur coat, too.

How about a summer home on the lake?

And I don't want to work. Ever!

I'll need a maid. Yes, a maid.

Forget about cooking and cleaning,

and changing diapers.

I want to go on vacation to Paris,

Florence, and Cannes.


Without those two little brats. Or Him.

Just me and lots of money and men and

yachts and diamonds...

Funny, no? Flattering? Eh. Probably not. But maybe this IS me? I would like to think there is more to me than does sounds pretty darn good :)



love jenny xoxo said...

haha that is funny and cute! I with the card, except for the part about a fur coat (no thank you!) and traveling alone... maybe no kids but definitely not all by myself. But other than that, who wouldn't want that life?!

MCW said...

It is funny, and cute...but I honestly think I would be a little annoyed with the card. If she knew I really did want a husband and kids! The grass is always greener...

mrs.mfc said...

You know I think it is a cute card and that D meant it in a good way when she picked it out for you!

Dee Stephens said...

that's awesome~

SASS said...

HA! I'd love that life! Except for the last 4 lines :) I'm sure she meant well.
I'm now dreaming of a picket fence and a maid. Ahh :)

SASS said...

P.s. Fabulous advice you passed on from your mother to me. So true, isn't it? I love that. Pay others to do the things that don't matter so YOU can do the things that do matter! Love it.

TudorCity Girl said...

Very cute! Ahh....dreaming....