Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bolt Peanuts

AKA....boiled peanuts. 

Where I come from, people say "boltpeanuts".  It's all a bit smushed together.  It's okay. We know what we are talking about.  But, people in Smalltown, VA haven't a clue. 

On the way to Wrightsville Beach we passed a store selling boiled peanuts.  I HAD to buy some.  Obviously.  Barbie looked at me as if I were insane.  "What in the world are boiled peanuts?" she asked. Turns out she isn't a fan, but that's okay:)

The best boiled peanuts are generally purchased from a guy like this:

(He is usually called by something indistinguishable.  Unless he has printed it on his van.  In this case, our vendor is called Smitty.)

(AND..he will always scoop out a "sample taste" for ya.  because he knows HIS boiled peanuts are THE BEST)

For those of you who are not familiar:

"Boiled peanuts are a traditional snack in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, northern Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. They are an acquired taste, but according to southerners, they are totally addictive. From May through November, all over the south, you will see roadside stands - ranging from woodsheds to shiny trailers - offering fresh boiled peanuts. Sometimes they are hard to open with your fingers, and you must resort to using your teeth, but according to most people, they are worth the trouble.

Southerners will tell you boiled peanuts should always be accompanied by a beer, sweet tea, or a soft drink. Traditionally they are eaten outside where it doesn't matter if wet shells are tossed or spit on the ground."

I've decided that I need to learn how to make boiled peanuts.  My daddy used to do it, and I just know it can't be that hard.  Can it? 


4 to 5 pounds green (raw) peanuts in shell
4 to 6 quarts water
1 cup plain salt per gallon of water

Only use peanuts that are green (uncured). Do not attempt this recipe with roasted peanuts.

Wash unshelled peanuts thoroughly in cold water until water runs clear; then soak in cool, clean water for approximately 30 minutes before cooking.  In a large heavy pot, place soaked peanuts and cover completely with water. NOTE: Add enough water to cover the peanuts by 2 inches.  Add 1 cup of salt per gallon of water.  Cook, covered, on high heat for 4 to 7 hours.

Boil the peanuts for approximately 4 hours, stirring occasionally, and then taste.  Taste again in 10 minutes, both for salt and texture.  Keep cooking and tasting until the peanuts reach desired texture (when fully cooked, the texture of the peanut should be similar to that of a cooked dry pea or bean).

NOTE: The cooking time of boiled peanuts varies according to the maturity of the peanuts used and the variety of peanuts. The cooking time for a "freshly pulled" or green peanut is shorter than for a peanut that has been stored for a time.

Remove from heat and drain peanuts after cooking or they will absorb salt and become over salted. Peanuts may be eaten hot or at room temperature, or chilled in the refrigerator and eaten cold, shelling as you eat them.

AND....just a little trivia for your next game night:

"On May 1, 2006, Gov. Mark Sanford came to York County and officially signed into law, H.4585, to make the boiled peanut South Carolina's official state snack food. Tom Stanford, a Winthrop University graduate, came up with the idea in a government class because he likes boiled peanuts.

SECTION 1. The General Assembly finds that boiled peanuts are a delicious and popular snack food that are found both in stores and roadside stands across the State, and this unique snack food is defined as peanuts that are immersed in boiling water for at least one hour while still in the shell. The General Assembly further finds that this truly Southern delicacy is worthy of designation as the official state snack food."




mrs.mfc said...

Yummmmmmmmy I love boiled peanuts! I can't wait to see if you try making them yourself!!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

My beloved state rocks. I know this. Ha ha! I know a lot of people don't get our boiled peanuts thing but they are totally the best. Definitely my favorite snack (or sometimes meal) of the summer. And yes, I agree, they are totally worth it. :)

Tire Swing Mom said...

OMGosh!!! 4-7 hours to boil peanuts??? Wow! That surprises the heck out of me. As you can tell, I am one who is easily amused by the most insignificant information in a story.

Love your blog!!!

It seems I am also one who enjoys punctuation in triplicate.

Dee Stephens said...

I love me some boiled peanuts but they are full of salt!!!
I grew up eating them and buying them off the side of the road in a paper bag.
Hubby- who keep in mind is from VA too-- had never even heard of them until he met me!

Jess said...

I've never tried these, but I really want to! They sound delicious..albeit somewhat salty!!

Ann said...

Interesting. I've never heard of them. I'm thinking though that maybe "acquired taste" = blech :) just saying

AtlYankeeBelle said...

yummy! I remember the first time I had one... I didnt know they were going to be soft (yankee moment, forgive me). lol.

Screen Door Prep said...

I am so excited that I found your blog through the White Party! & can't believe that I wasn't already following it. I love it!

Fortunately, I live right here in Sweet Home Alabama where I can get boiled peanuts any ol' time I want, but when I was in college in Ohio, it was one of the things that I HAD TO HAVE whenever I visited home. Your description (& accompanying photos) is funny because it's true! Loves it all!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

My hubby, a Georgia boy, luuuvvvs boiled peanuts. Me, not so much. I can't get over the texture. But I may just have to try your recipe. :-)

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