Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can You Blame Him?

People irritate me sometimes. Perhaps they really shouldn't...but they do.

I could never be a flight attendant. Trapped high in the sky with a bunch of tacky people on an airplane. Screaming babies. Smelly, unshowered bodies. Smiling and passing out pretzels and cokes. No thank you.

I'm pretty sure if someone's luggage fell out of the overhead compartment and clocked me in the head I may react in a similar way.

What way am I talking about, you ask? This way:

Slater (flight attendant), 38, became so flustered with his passengers, he abruptly deployed an inflatable emergency exit chute and slid off the Embraer 190 before finishing his duties in the cabin. Slater got into a verbal argument over some luggage that had fallen out of an overhead compartment and hit him. A source close to the investigation says Slater then took the plane's PA system and told the entire cabin to "go f*$# yourselves," at which point he proceeded to activate the emergancy exit slide.

Had I been a passenger on that plane I would have:

a. Giggled. Loudly. Bunches.

b. Jumped on that inflatable such and such and left the plane as well

**AND....rumor has it he also took 2 beers for the road.  now THAT'S my kind of guy**



MCW said...

LOL! That is priceless. He had a really bad day! I think those slides look kind of fun, but pray I will never actually have to use one!

Marian said...

Seriously, I would have loved to been on that plane as well...though not the person who was giving him a hard time.

Jess said...

Yes!! I love this story!! I wish I could have been on this plane too..hilarious and he did exactly what many of us want to do with our jobs!

Twenty Something Blonde said...

I would have probably done the same thing! actually..I consider something of this sort approximately 5,000 times a day.
1. every morning when my alarm goes off...
2. when I arrive at whatever client site I happen to be at for the day and boot up my computer thinking about never ending list of things to do.
3. about 5 minutes after I boot when I realize I have 30 unread emails to address.
4. around 9am when I get my first dumb question of the day that makes me want to shake someone uncontrollably.
5. around 9:15am when I get my next dumb question.

This continues until I go home, which sometimes is not until very very late. so he is definitely my kind of guy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- what a story! I've actually always wanted to be one of those glamorous flight attendants of the 50s and 60s, when it was actually a very cushy job... and they all wore cute uniforms! Not like today... glamour is dead as far as airlines go :(

Unknown said...

I read about that yesterday! I've wished to do the same in certain situations too! Just hilarious! Sometimes you've just had enough.
I think it would have been fun to slide down that slide!!! :)
xoxo- Vy

Jess said...

I love this story! He has been smiling since he did it, too, which I think is hilarious!

we hate you. love, us said...

I was laughing for a good 10 minutes when I heard this story. The fact that he took 2 beers with him is the icing on the cake.

MLD said...

The fact that he could potentially be charged with a felony for this is absurd. Props to him, there are way too many rude people in this world and its much MUCH easier to be courteous and thankful for the people around you that are helping to make your experience better.

Wendy said...

That's amazing - I love it! :)

PS check out my new blog:

TudorCity Girl said...

It's all we hear about on the NY news. Guess it's better that than bad news! My theory is he had it all planned out!

love jenny xoxo said...

i love this story, that guy cracks me up :)