Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prize Alert! Prize Alert!

Thank you ever so much Blackeyed Susan from Susan in the South for my award!! Blackeyed Susan has just designated me the Queen of ALLL Things Awe-Summm!!! Happy Tuesday :)

Here are the rules:

1. List 7 things that make you Awe-Summm
2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that you love
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you)

7 THINGS THAT MAKE ME AWE-SUMMM!!! (click to see them!)

Seven bloggers that I love, and therefore will now dub Queen of All Things Awe-Summm!!!!:

Tudor City Girl - Sometimes I wonder if she isn't reading my mind...

The Smarter Princess - I have so enjoyed watching this relationship unfold :)

The Pure and Simple Truth - Welcome back Jess!!! I've missed you!

The High Heel Diaries - Funny, witty and charming. And most of all...I like that her "person" is called TWENTY :)

Life of a 30-Something Singleton - Another kindred spirit!

These Little Moments - Sometimes this blog makes me smile. Sometimes it makes me cry. Regardless...always a stellar read!

Living Under The Big Star - A great read about everything from saving the seals...to becoming a vegan (personally I think she's nuts...but that's okay :) hot child in the city is a fave for many reasons, not to mention that she also lives in Smalltown, VA with me! STVA rocks. Obviously.

Counting Down The Days Until I Leave For The Lake,


Monday, June 29, 2009

A Star Studded Bachelorette Weekend...Literally

I spent the weekend in DC. One of my girlfriends, The Real Housewife of Delaware, is getting married. She wanted to have her bachelorette weekend in DC. We stayed in the hotel where she and her fiancé had their first "away from home" date....The Wardman Park Marriott. It was absolutely beautiful. We stayed in the tower, and it was fancy ;)

Saturday we lounged by the pool all day, and talked about the fact that Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Owen Wilson were in town. We decided it would be fun to find where Reese and Owen were filming, and possibly take their pictures...from afar. Little did we know that when you are rolling around Georgetown in a stretch hummer limo you can pretty much do whatever you want.

I'm of the opinion that if you act like you are supposed to be somewhere, people rarely question it. This proved to be accurate for us on Saturday night. We crawled into the limo at around 6pm. We went to the World War II Memorial and had a group photo. A little old man, who I'm pretty sure was a veteran, asked to have a picture with the bride-to-be. She agreed, and I believe it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen :) We then went to visit the Obamas, and took pics there too. After a few more cocktails our driver Bill found the filming location. He asked if we wanted him to drop us off in front of the set. We thought THAT was a fabulous idea, and he pulled up. All of the spectators were behind these ropes, and not allowed to approach the set. Bill drove right up to it and opened our door. We all stepped out of the limo and walked toward the set. No one stopped us :)

The Real Housewife of Delaware wanted to have her picture taken on a policeman's motorcycle. So...she did. It was a crew member's birthday. They had a cake for him. We wished him a happy birthday and chatted everyone up. Owen Wilson was hanging around, and The Real Housewife of Delaware decided that she needed to let him know that he is so cute there is no reason he should ever want to harm himself again. Then, she then thought better of it.

Jake Gyllenhaal isn't in the movie, but he stopped by (in a silver Nissan Pathfinder) to check on Reese. It was all a little surreal to tell you the truth. And Reese...she's the tiniest thing I think I've ever seen. Her hair is bigger than she is! They started yelling "live street" and we stayed right where we were. At this point I could no longer play it cool, and broke out my camera. I turned 100% tourist/celb stalker. Snapping pictures of everything I could, and then I posed on set like I was somebody special. We have pictures to prove it. I'm not sure the bystanders ever really figured out who we were.

After a while we were ready to move on. Back into the limo and off to some club where we had a VIP table, and I drink a little too much Grey Goose. We finally made it to bed around 2:30 or 3:00 Sunday morning.

The drive home yesterday was tough, but totally worth it! I love my girls, and every time we get together something wonderful always happens. This trip was no exception. The pictures are priceless, and I absolutely cannot wait until August 15 when The Real Housewife of Delaware ties the knot. HE truly is her prince, and it makes me smile just thinking about how long she has waited to find him. The wait was definitely worth it! Their wedding will be a celebration to end all celebrations, and I'm taking a date. Yep. You heard it here first friends. I'm taking a date :)

Oh the times they are a changin......


Friday, June 26, 2009

"She Was An Angel On Earth, And Now An Angel Forever." - Lee Majors

Yesterday was a sad day. I was complaining to someone about getting older a while ago, and he simply said "It beats the alternative". Wow. Isn't that the truth?

I've always though Farrah Fawcett was hot. I'm not sure I really knew that when I was young. I just knew that I wanted my hair to flip back like hers, and I wanted my smile to resemble hers...and basically I wanted to be her. She was pretty far along in her career when I was old enough to know who she was, but she was still hot. Maybe sexy is a better word? I don't know. She was just plain amazing. And how about Ryan O'Neal? That they married, divorced, and then reunited. That's the kind of love I want one day.

I have been keeping tabs on Farrah since she became seriously ill. Barbie, BFF & I play Charlie's Angels sometimes. We've been doing it for a while, and when we have multiple cocktails at parties we make guns with our hands and pose. I'm blonde, Barbie is a brunette and BFF is a red-head. We're pretty sure we make damned good Angels, and Barbie's husband is Bosley. It's pretty funny actually, and the pictures are priceless. We even climb onto couches and jump off so that people can photograph us from a lower angle like they did on the show. Actually, I guess it's pretty ridiculous. Anyway.... I'm the blonde. I'm Farrah.

I think we all saw the end coming for Farrah. She fought a hell of a fight, and no one can ever say she didn't do everything possible to stay on this earth as long as she could. It was just her time. When I heard that she died yesterday morning I thought to myself "well, now she's a different kind of angel". I think Lee Majors said it best: "She Was An Angel On Earth, And Now An Angel Forever".

Yesterday was Farrah's day. I'm sorry Michael Jackson died. Really. I am. But yesterday was Farrah's day. In today's Smalltown, VA newspaper her death/article is on page 4. Michael's is on the front page. I know Michael's death was unexpected, but it still pissed me off.

So, here's to Farrah:

And here's to us....let's never get too old to play Charlie's Angels :)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Gods Must Be Crazy

So I've walked out of my office like 3 times today, and nothing crazy has happened. It's like someone knows I've actually COMMITTED to writing about this stuff, and now it's stopped. Drat! The city has completely torn up the road in front of my office building, but that's not funny or crazy. I stood out there for a while thinking something might fall from the sky, or I might get taken out by a bulldozer. Nope.

I guess I will have to tell you about some other stuff then. I went to the beach. I laid in the sun. It was magnificently relaxing. I now have a tan :)

I was forced to confront the fact that my dad dying 1.5 years ago is never going to get easier...especially on Father's Day. What I did realize though, is that when you have people who love you and want you to join their family celebration on Father's Day, it hurts a little bit less.

I was forced to confront a lot of things this weekend, and I'm really proud of the fact that I did so without spontaneously combusting.

I bought a new car, without my dad's guidance, and I survived.

I think I'm going to make it.

And...as corny as that sounds...it's a really good feeling....

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Lovely!

I have been out of town, and my blogging has become abominable! I have lots to share, but for now...let me introduce you to my latest purchase :)

I'm thinking that there might not be so many new frocks in my near future. Boo hiss!

Tomorrow I should be all caught up, and I'll fill you in. Not that anything THAT exciting has been happening. But you know....


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!

My birthday was 12 days ago. I was spoiled silly by all of my friends and family, and received so many gifts. I have yet to write the first thank you note. Shame, shame.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to visit my lifetime BFF, and I'm taking thank you notes with me. Isn't that terrible? I'm going to write thank you notes while laying in the sun gossipping. Oh well. I should have made time before now:)
I grabbed a box of notes, a pen and my thank you list. I've shoved these into my suitcase in hopes that nothing gets squished or rumpled on my way. So, imagine my surprise when I saw Prep in the Big Apple's blog today and she is having a giveaway that is right up my alley!!!

In honor of her upcoming birthday she is giving away a Carrie and Tuck from Boatman Geller, along with one set of alligator refills. Shazam! Problem solved. Well, more like future problems solved. Anyway, I've entered to win the navy. Fingers crossed! Please be sure to visit Prep in the Big Apple and enter too. If you feel inspired, you can mention you heard about this FABULOUS give away on my little blog and I will get an extra entry. I'm just sayin....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I've Got Some Explaining To Do....

I know I've been lazy about posting lately. There is a reason for that. I cancelled my MDC subscription. Here's the thing....I went out with countless people and they were all terrible. I know I shouldn't have given up, but I did. I never even e-mailed Normal Guy back. I just couldn't bare to go on yet another date with another person that I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like. Just call me Nellie Negative. It's okay. I admit it...I am :)

It's summer time and I need a break. I'm kindove sad though, because what silly stories will I have to blog about? My life really isn't that exciting. I've read countless blogs by other single girls out there who either give up the search, or find what they are looking for. Their blogs just stop because they really don't have much to talk about. I was thinking that would probably be the case for me.

Then I remembered this blog idea that I told MK about a while ago. It seems that every time I walk out of the door of my office something bizarre happens. Every time I walk back into the office I walk to MK's office door and say "you are never going to believe what just happened". Seriously. This happens at least 2 times a day. I then proceed to tell her the bizarreness that has just occurred and she says "omg...you should totally blog that". We decided I should start a second blog and call it "Crazy Shit That Happens to Me Every Time I Walk Out of the Door" or some such thing. I never started that blog. Perhaps it's time? Because seriously, there is some crazy stuff that happens. WIMP experienced an example of this last week when she dropped by for a visit.

So, I'm not sure exactly how I will go about this. There is always the chance that I will sign back on to MDC, so I don't really want to scrap this blog and I kindove like the name. But honestly, I'm not really trying to meet anyone new right now. I kindove like what I've got :)


Monday, June 15, 2009


This weekend a big group of friends went to the Pink Ribbon Polo Cup Classic. The event takes place on the lawn of someone's home. Seriously. Who needs a front yard big enough to play polo in? I do...that's who :)

On Sunday we "wine trekked" back to Smalltown, VA. We stopped at 5 wineries/vineyards. At our third stop, Kluge Estate Winery, we picnicked on the lawn and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I'm really a city girl. Always have been. But sometimes...when you take me out of my element and put me in the most beautiful of mountains and give me a glass of wine...I momentarily believe I could be happy there :)

We also visited Dave Matthews' vineyard & winery. It's called Blenheim Vineyards, and it was truly breathtaking! Word is that when Dave is in town he sits on the back deck, plays the guitar and sings.

All in all a lovely weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tater Tots

Last night was MK and BFF's combined birthday celebration. Both of them were actually born today, but due to other plans the festivities took place last night. Everyone went out. It was great fun.

Happy Birthday MK & BFF!!!

Then...a good friend of mine completely went bonkers and started telling me I was a terrible person because of my weekend plans. I have no idea what in the world is wrong with him, because I'm just going out of town....not doing anything tricky or devious. It was odd. I'm still not sure I understand what happened, and I don't know that anyone else is either. Regardless, it was late and I elected to leave the situation because really....who wants to be told how much they suck because they are going out of town to the Pink Ribbon Polo Cup Classic!!!!!! THE most fabulous event EVER :)

Never fear my friends....the evening was not lost....

I ended up sitting on a couch, drinking a glass of Pinot Noir while eating tater tots dipped in mayo. They were the best damned tater tots I have ever had. And the company was really nice too :)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Cutest! Things! Ever!

Excuse my obnoxious punctuation, but I am in love! With these note cards...sorry if I got you over excited there for a minute :)

Please visit my flip flopz to observe the cuteness that has just become my obsession. Not to mention, I have come to the conclusion that I wish my name was Buffy Barrington. Because really...who wouldn't want that name? Then again...Tossy Wainwright comes in a close second.

***Side Note..I forgot to share with you that MK gave me the best koozie ever for my birthday shenanigans.

I think this probably helps to explain some of the pictures from my birthday weekend :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cupcakes, Booze and Boys

Oh to be 21 again. Well, not really. I am so much happier today than I was at 21, but I like the number better :)

This weekend was my birthday celebration. On Thursday at 2pm I decided that I couldn't wait one moment longer to start my birthday. I convinced MK that leaving the office early and heading to the bar for one or two cocktails would be a really good idea. Just to kick the weekend off since we were both off on Friday. Makes sense, don't you think? Yea well, as someone later pointed out to me...I ended up spending 12 hours at the bar that night. I'm not really sure how that happened, but needless to say my birthday weekend started off with a bang. Thank you to all of my lovely friends who weren't off on Friday for pre-celebrating with me :)

I have come to the conclusion that I have the absolute best friends ever. Not only did many of them come out with me Thursday night, but they joined up again on Friday night. They then came to my "official" birthday party on Saturday :) Barbie, MK & BFF planned my party and it was fabulous!! They decorated and made food and even had a cupcake birthday cake made for me in pink and green :) What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday I couldn't really move, but that's okay. I went from the bed to the couch, and then back to the bed that night. Movies and Chinese food filled my day, and by Monday I was as good as new :) My birthday weekend felt like a week long vacation this year. It was truly....the best birthday yet!

So I've covered the cupcakes and the booze. "What about the boys", you ask. Hmmmm...I think I'll just have to leave that story for tomorrow....

(thank you WIMP for coming up with my blog title for today! truly, there is no better description for our weekend)

(happy birthday to Wendy, who celebrated the anniversary of her awesomeness on monday. geminis rock. obviously)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Charm The Pants Off Of The World You Say?

Gemini, your wit is your best tool for getting you into exclusive places and out of sticky situations. You already know, that if you keep them smiling and laughing, you can charm the pants off the world. People are refreshed by new thoughts and today, you're a drink of water.

Today is definitely going to be a good day :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Normal Guy, Weddings & Birthdays.....Oh My!

So I finally e-mailed Normal Guy back. He responded immediately. He still sounds....lovely :) I apologized for going AWOL. I explained that I had been very busy. That sounds pretty lame, but it's all I've got right now. As it turns out, he would like to make a date immediately. He suggested hiking. Gaaaaahhhhhh! Why does everyone want to go hiking? Here's the thing...if I go out with him, and we go hiking...I'm not going to like him. So...what to do? And then again...who in the world wants to be in some secluded forest with a stranger on a first date? He could steal me or something. I know, I know...that's NOT going to happen. But it could!

Also, the Wedding Season has kicked off, and I've got bachelorette parties, bridal showers and weddings every weekend. I've tried to work my way off of a few boards and committees so that I will have some "T time" over the summer to compensate. It's unfortunate that it came down to that, but I just want my life back. Because really....how am I ever supposed to find Mr. Seersucker if I'm cooped up in a board meeting every night? I still want to be involved, but I don't feel compelled to be the "go to girl" anymore. I feel really good about that decision :)

On another note.....my birthday is this Saturday, and I'm really excited about it!. What girl in their right mind gets excited about yet another birthday? ME! Birthdays have always been a really big deal in my family, and now that I'm all grown up and on my own I still carry on that tradition. My birthday tends to last for an entire weekend. It's lots of fun, and friends come in from out of town, and basically it's a big mess. A big, fun mess. I'm looking forward to it.

So, all in all things are good at Seersucker Central. I've been trying to figure out where to go from here, and I think I've made some pretty solid decisions. I really need to go out with Normal Guy. I know that. The truth is...I'm not sure I want to. For a bunch of reasons...none of them related to him. I'm not sure I'm making the right decisions, but for now I'm going to try to stick with them. What in the world does this mean for my silly little blog you want to know? Well, in truth...it doesn't mean a lot. Because in the land of T, things tend to change from day to day. By tomorrow I could be hiking in the forest with a stranger. We will just have to see how it all pans out.....