Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!

My birthday was 12 days ago. I was spoiled silly by all of my friends and family, and received so many gifts. I have yet to write the first thank you note. Shame, shame.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to visit my lifetime BFF, and I'm taking thank you notes with me. Isn't that terrible? I'm going to write thank you notes while laying in the sun gossipping. Oh well. I should have made time before now:)
I grabbed a box of notes, a pen and my thank you list. I've shoved these into my suitcase in hopes that nothing gets squished or rumpled on my way. So, imagine my surprise when I saw Prep in the Big Apple's blog today and she is having a giveaway that is right up my alley!!!

In honor of her upcoming birthday she is giving away a Carrie and Tuck from Boatman Geller, along with one set of alligator refills. Shazam! Problem solved. Well, more like future problems solved. Anyway, I've entered to win the navy. Fingers crossed! Please be sure to visit Prep in the Big Apple and enter too. If you feel inspired, you can mention you heard about this FABULOUS give away on my little blog and I will get an extra entry. I'm just sayin....



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info -- I entered and told her you sent me. Have a great trip.

DSS said...

Perfectly Pleasant - Thanks so much! Fingers crossed one of us wins :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Too cute!