Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Hello There! Wherever Have You Been?

Let me take you back.  Back to time when I was most excellent at journaling my life on this little blog.  Back to a time before I went to Orlando.  Back to a time when I seemed to have just that.  Time.

Whatever has happened?  Louis was asking me, just last night, what was I writing about lately.  He asked if I had told everyone about his visit to Marilyn Monroe's to play with Henry.  He asked if I had told everyone that he would be going back to daycare because his tail was healed.

I was embarrassed to tell him that I had told no one anything.  In far too long....

I'm going to do a quick overview today to bring us all up to date through last Friday.  I'm lacking the pictures that I want to share from the weekend, and that's just not good for anyone involved.  Pictures make everything so much more colorful.  And...well, real :)

So, Before I left for Orlando I had some lovely ladies that I used to work with for the "big bad healthcare system" over for lunch.  I was off on that Friday (2 Fridays ago), and I prepared the Greek Turkey Meatballs with Skinny Tzatziki Sauce that I learned about from Gina's Skinny Recipes that I told you about HERE.  They were a HUGE success.  Yay!

Then, that very same evening we all went to Daisy's house to make pizza's on......get ready....THE GRILL!  What?  Yes.  The grill.  I dare say that my personal grill pizza may be the best pizza I've ever had in my life.  Including when I was in Italy.  Just sayin. 

I can't find a picture to show you, but I'll tell you that Daisy made this fabulous dough and then chilled it, and then separated it into little balls.  Then, she rolled the dough into little 8" pizzas and cooked the dough most of the way on the grill. 

(these aren't ours, but looked pretty much the same!)

When everyone was ready to eat, they simply picked up a pizza crust and piled on anything and everything they wanted.  Daisy had a HUGE spread, and it was so much fun!  I put all types of neat toppings on mine, and even got a wee bit experimental :-o  Then, back onto the grill for a few minutes to warm everything up. Sooo delish!

(kindove like this...)

(and, kindove like this...)

The next day TEN's mother came to town for a visit!  We watched The Preakness with her, and enjoyed a lovely dinner and some cocktails.  She was only in for part of Sunday, and she loves her grand-pup, so I left Louis with TEN Saturday night. 

It's always so hard for me to leave him.  I worry that he will "need" me.  I am his mummy, after all.  And I text TEN constantly while I'm away, trying to reassure myself that Louis is fine.  And then I get messages that have pictures that say "Hi Mommy!", like this:

...and I know I've just been over reacting.  And then I feel silly :( 


Off to Orlando!

I didn't take many pictures while I was there, and those that I did were on my blackberry or on TEN's camera!  I did take a video, but that is also on TEN's camera.  We'll have to circle back for that later this week :)

The big excitement was that every day at 11am the Peabody Ducks march from the penthouse elevator to the center lobby, where they swim in the fountain all day.  Then, every day at 5pm they march from the fountain back to the penthouse elevator.  So freakin cute!  Here are some pics from my blackberry:

They play the silliest music during the whole event, and let me just say that I highly recommend it if you are ever in Orlando.  You don't have to stay at the Peabody Hotel to participate.  And they have a bar right there.  I mean really...how can anyone say no to cocktails and prancing ducks?

And then....

I got a text message.  Asking which Peabody Hotel I was staying at.  And I replied "Orlando".  And then I was asked if TEN was with me.  And I said "no, why?"  And then I ended up having drinks with the ex.  But it wasn't scandalous.  Just odd.  Really, really odd.  That he was there.  BUT...it was for his company.  Not because he's a stalker by any means.  He's actually a really nice guy.  But it still weirded me out a little bit.  I mean seriously...what are the chances? 

And of course I texted TEN to tell him.  Because that's just how I am.  Smalltown, VA is so small that I was quite sure if I hadn't texted TEN he would have known within a few hours anyway.  It's amazing, really.  But that is how it is.  AND..just for the record...I would have told him anyway.  Because I can't keep something like that from someone I love.  It's just not right.  And he ran into his ex one time in Richmond.  And he told me.  So we're honest like that and stuff.  It's nice :)

So, back to me....(hahaha), my flight out of Orlando was rather late in the evening.  I had checked out of the hotel, and had nothing but time to spare.  Whatever shall I do?  Hmmm....

Excellent suggestion.  Thank you very much.

And then...

I got home. Let's just skip Thursday.  It was super busy at work and at home and I'd rather just forget that day.  Nothing bad, per se...just exhausting.

And then...

I was off on Friday :)  I love this being off every Friday thing.  It's quite lovely. 

I chose to do a bit of extreme couponing on this chosen Friday.  I didn't buy a thing that I didn't have a coupon for.  I saved over 50% on both of my shopping trips.  I bought deodorant for $.25.  I bought bar-b-q sauce for $.50.  I bought worcestershire sauce for $.50.  I bought mustard for $.75, and I bought all of these seasoned rices for $.25.  I have more body wash than I could ever possibly use, and my "stock pile" is looking grand. 

What is a stockpile, you ask?  Here, let me show you mine:

Certainly nothing like what you see on TV, but it's just the perfect size for me :)  I'm going to head out again this week to see what else I can find.  I think I have a problem.  Like an addiction.  But I'm rolling with it.  For now.

And THAT's it folks. 

For today.

I'll be back tomorrow with Westie Wednesday & the Weekend Update :)

Hopefully I can get caught up with YOU now!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quack! Quack!

Did I mention that I'm in Orlando, FL?  I'm at a work conference.  I have been here, in the 95 degree weather, for 3 days.  I've felt warm for the first time since.....well....since I was last in Florida.  I guess once a Florida girl, always a Florida girl :)

I've got bunches to update you on, starting with last Friday.  And the home made pizzas we cooked on the grill at Daisy's.  And TEN's mom coming to town.  And the cab driver who tried to kidnap me.  And the ducks at The Peabody.  And the fact that the ex is here.  In my hotel.  For work.  And I hadn't a clue.  And that is really odd/weird/creepy.  And the fact that I think I've gained 10lbs from eating conference snacks. 

But it will have to wait.  I'm off to enjoy the Florida heat at the moment!

Well, perhaps I'll show you the ducks.  But just one picture....


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Do you regularly check your blogging stats?  When I first started blogging, and had just a few followers, I did check them daily.  I would get so excited when someone would "find me".  They would read back, showing so many page views, and it made my day :)

I haven't been checking my stats lately, and for some reason I decided that I would today. This is what I saw:

Uh oh.  It looks like as of late I've been quite boring!  People aren't interested in reading my blog.  Perhaps it really IS time for a giveaway?  Hahahaha...just kidding. Not about the giveaway, but about having one to attract readers.  That really isn't why I have giveaways.

(ramble, ramble, i'm rambling)

Why is it, do you think, that people quit reading a blog?  I see that around November of last year I apparently became quite "boring" to read as well.  That was when I started seeing TEN again.  Hmmm...

I know I don't tell the most dramatic, "omg..you are never going to believe this" stories anymore.  That probably has something to do with it.  But honestly... those things don't really happen so much anymore.  I'm in this little "rut" of happiness.  Which sounds completely sh*tty of me to say.  I am actually delighted that all is well in all aspects of my life.  No drama!  No heart break!  No sickness!  (well, except for little Louis)

Anyway, I'm going to Orlando for a week with my boss.  So get ready.  There will no doubt be some excellent stories after that.  About how he makes 4 times as much as me, but smuggles muffins and bagels back to his room to take home to his family.   About how he will try to barter with anyone, and always wants something for free.  About how I end up under the table hiding from embarrassment half the time, because sales people really don't all have to behave that way.  Do they? 

So get ready.  Things are going to be getting a little bit more exciting around here:) 

And then there's Memorial weekend.  And then the girl's lake weekend.  And then the lake with TEN's family (EGADS!), and then VEGAS. 


It's going to get exciting around here.

AND...sometime I've got to take a minute to tell you about how I'm going to Spring NYC Fasion Week in September.  And how I've got a friend who is an "insider".  And how he's gotten Barbie & I on the list for some fashion shows. 

And how I already have my outfit for Fashion's Night Out

And how we are also going to the Greenwich Polo Club for a match on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 


It's about to get really exciting, daaaaaaaaahling.

Double Cheek Kisses,


Westie Wednesday

I know most of you are aware of what Louis has been contending with, but for those who aren't...

1.  He was bitten on the tail at day care last week
2.  He has had an upset stomach for a week, non-stop

Here is a picture of Louis' tail after the vet shaved it:

Louis continued to irritate the bite, and by removing the hair we have been able to keep the area clean.  He has to take a steroid for 3 weeks, and an antibiotic for a month.  Since it became infected (and skin infections are nasty business), the vet wants to be sure it is all cleared up. 

The vet also suggested "the cone".  I told him that was not a possibility.  And although the steroids will help with swelling and itching, he also gave me a topical spray to further deter Louis from biting, licking or scratching his tail.

The good news is...Louis' tail is looking much better! 

The bad news is that his tummy is still upset.  And not only is his tummy upset, he is exhausted and grumpy.  TEN calls it "roid rage", but from what I've seen on the TV...he's not got enough "rage" to make it legit.  BUT THEN....he has peeped on the rug and the couch.  And I KNOW he is sick.  But...that is no excuse to let all of your good breeding go out the window, now is it?  Yesterday morning I had to put his nose into the rug in the peep to tell him how NOT okay it was :(   Could this be his version of "roid rage"?

Does your pup forget his manners when he/she is sick?  It isn't like when he had an upset stomach all over the place.  That I understand.  He couldn't help that.  But peeping on the couch?  And on the bathroom rug?  Why not on the kitchen linoleum?  Is he simply acting out?

I'm worried that he's eaten a tomato plant.  Which is toxic to a pup.  I'm worried that he has eaten some of the English Ivy that we've dug up in the front beds.  I'm worried that he as had some antifreeze from the driveway when the cab dripped some two weekends ago.  And then it rained.  And perhaps Louis drank it somehow?  I'm worried that my precious little pup has an intestinal parasite.  So, I'm taking one of his poo's to the vet.  In a bag. 

I'm just worried. 

In general. 

Louis is my baby.  The only one I have.  And when he is ill I am worried.  Especially when we don't know what is causing it.  He was ill prior to the antibiotics, so it isn't that.  The vet doesn't want me to give him anything to "stop him up", because if there is an infection or internal problem that will not allow him to get the "sickness" out of his body. 

To top it off, Louis' vet since birth has moved to Colorado.  He loved her.  Dearly.  He would run to her, and jump into her lap.  He would let her do anything to him.  She would drop to her hands and knees to tell Louis that he was the most handsome westie she had ever known.  And now she is gone. 

And Doogie Howser is confusing me with all of these options and medicines.  Completely.  And so I'm taking him a bag of poo.  And I'm hoping for the best.  And I'm pretending like he didn't tell me that Louis needs to be put to sleep to have his teeth cleaned.  Because he isn't even 2 years old yet.  And that is just unacceptable. 

Westie Poops,

T & Louis

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seersucker Suit Movie Review - The Tourist

I love me some Angie.  I know she is a home wrecker.  I know she is a weirdo.  I know.  Believe me.  I know.

BUT...I also think that when she is all dressed up, and behaving well, there is no woman that looks classier or more beautiful than Angelina Jolie.  I love watching her when she stars in movies playing those roles.  The Tourist is one of those movies. 

I must say that I hadn't heard a thing about this movie, prior to seeing it on On Demand.  I watched the trailer, and then I decided that I really wanted to see it.  So, you have my fully permission to watch the following trailer :)

Even though you know that Elise is up to no good throughout the movie, you can't help but like her.  Even though poor Frank is a bit of a dufus, I think most of the girls will envy Elise a little bit :)  And even though TEN figured everything out with 30 minutes left to go...I was still shocked at the ending.  Call me crazy, but I rather enjoy being surprised :-o

So, for beautiful scenery and beautiful people.  For a wardrobe to die for, and for charm and class and cleverness all around...I give The Tourist...

TWO SEERSUCKER SUITS!  I suspect that men and women alike will enjoy this movie.  I'm not sure it is one that I would have recommended we all run out to the theater to view, but now that it's on NetFlix and On Demand I would highly recommend it.  I was exhausted when we turned it on Sunday night, but my eyes never once started to droop.  It definitely kept my attention, and I think it will keep yours as well.


Seersucker Suit Movie Review - The Fighter

I've heard a lot of good things about The Fighter.  I've heard these good things from both males and females.  TEN mentioned that he wanted to see this movie, and I happily agreed. 

I like Mark Wahlberg.  I think he's a great actor.  Granted, he usually plays the same type of character...a little rough around the edges...but very likeable.  He's a hell of a lot better actor than he was a rapper/singer/dancer/whatever it was that he was.  In case you need a reminder, watch this:

Anyway, back to the movie.  I was a bit worried that it may be a bit like Cinderella Man.  A fighter.  Isn't winning.  Something happens.  He starts winning again.  You know what I'm talking about. 

And although that is pretty much what happens, the story is still one worth watching.  It's a true story about Micky Ward, which makes the movie all the more interesting, but also all the more heart breaking.  Especially the side story of his brother, Dicky Ecklund.  It was hard to watch at times.  The first half of the movie had me up and down to the kitchen.  Still paying attention, but not wanting to be too "close" to the situation. 

I'm torn on how to rate this movie.  Because it certainly wasn't an original story, although it was true one.  I had a hard time watching the first half of the movie, but that was because it disturbed me and saddened me so.  That means the movie was a success, right?  Even more of a success because I was smiling in the end.  Right?

Here is the trailer for the movie.  BUT, I DON'T RECOMMEND WATCHING IT IF YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE.  I didn't see it before hand, and I'm glad.  It gives away too much.  I think the reason I was so affected is because I didn't know the story yet.  But you can make your own decision...

So, for being a true story that actually had me yelling at the TV at times.  For having me beaming with pride for Dickie at one point, and Micky a moment later.  For hating a character, and then loving them...all in a span of 20 minutes...I give this movie...

TWO SEERSUCKER SUITS!  I'm sure there are people out there than will argue with me on this one.  But I don't care.  I'm sticking with two.  My life was not changed because I saw this movie.  I didn't learn anything valuable, except to steer clear of crack (which I already knew).  But, if you can suffer through the heartbreak of the first half of the movie, you really will enjoy the second half.


Monday, May 16, 2011

One Sick Puppy :(

I'm going to save the majority of the report on Louis for Westie Wednesday.  AND...I'm going to hope and pray that he is feeling much better by then. BUT...let me start off my three day weekend review by telling you that when I arrived home from work on Thursday I was greeted by a horrible mess :(

Little Louis had an upset stomach, and not only was his "upset stomach" all over his crate and the kitchen, it was also all over him.  Nose to tail!  He did, however, save his stuffed duck billed platypus (called pladdy) from the mess by squeezing him through the opening in the crate.  Pladdy was safe and sound outside of the "messy area". 

I got Louis bathed and his crate cleaned.  I dried him off and snuggled him for a bit.  I took him outside for a spin around the yard (just to make sure all of the upset stomach was out), and I messaged TEN.  I was supposed to go to another It Works! Wrap Party Thursday evening, but I didn't want to leave Louis alone.  TEN volunteered to babysit, so I headed to Barbie's house.

I lost another couple of inches from my belly area, and definitely a few from my thighs.  I need to keep up with my applications (I have ordered a bunch and haven't used them regularly) to assure I win the "sexy off" at the lake this summer.  More on that later....


Friday morning I took Louis to the vet.  I told you about his tail being bitten at day care, right?  More on that for Westie Wednesday, but let me just show you a little something....

The vet shaved his tail to assure the bite healed properly.  Now Louis not only has a "skirt" from the westie cut we weren't expecting (that is still growing out), but he now also has a poodle's tail.  I told TEN we should call him "poodle skirt".  But Louis heard us.  And he became quite upset.  So we haven't said that anymore.

Friday evening I went to a friend's birthday party for a little bit, and then TEN met up with us downtown.  We stayed out for a little bit, but we were both so worried about Louis that we cut the evening short. 


Saturday's original plans were to take Louis on a hike here:

But, with rain forecast all through the weekend....and Louis feeling under the weather...we decided to put off our hike for another weekend.

Instead we laid on the couch and snuggled Louis all day.  And told him we loved him.  And that he was the best pup in the world, and that we NEEDED him to get better so that we could all romp around and have fun again.  No matter how much love we gave him, he was still exhausted and wanted nothing but to sleep.

(Louis seriously stayed in this position for HOURS at a time.  until one of us moved him.  and he slept.  soundly.  the entire time.  poor, sick muffin.)

TEN and I couldn't take it anymore.  We had to get out of the house.  So, we headed to Kroger :)  Let me tell you...going to Kroger on a Saturday night may seem lame to you, but after spending 24 hours cooped up in the house with a sick pup, Kroger is really something to get excited about!

We decided to cook another one of Gina's Skinny Recipes.  This time we decided on Grilled Steak Fajitas.

Gina's final photo:

By now you know that my creations never quite look like Gina's.  I have about twice as much cheese, and sour cream, and well...everything.  So perhaps my fajita isn't only 150 calories.  Perhaps it's 250 calories.  But let me tell you something.  In T's word...that STILL considered skinny.  It's STILL way better than chicken tenders and french fries dipped in Ranch.  See what I'm saying?

Back to cooking....

(flank steak rubbed down with herbs and such)

(chopping up the peppers)

(onions & red/yellow/orange peppers)

(olive oil, cilantro, pepper & salt on the veggies)

(toss it all on the grill)

(because Blogger is so fabulous, this picture is sideways.  sorry about that.  but check out this excellent grilling basket for veggies i purchased from ABC Distributing for only $6.95.  excellent investment!)

(the flank steak and veggies cooking away)

(the aroma in the back yard from the veggies cooking was absolutely divine!)

(another sideways view.  we made spanish rice to add to our fajitas, with reduced fat sour cream, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses)

(here are the grilled veggies, and the steak.  we chose to cut the steak in strips rather than in cubes.  i think either way works just fine!)

(the finished product.  a wee bit larger than Gina's.  oopsies!)


Sunday brought on more of the same.  Low key couch surfing.  We watched both The Fighter & The Tourist (Seersucker Suite Movie Reviews Coming Soon).  We took Louis on a walk.  We sat on the patio, because it was actually a beautiful day!  We contemplated going hiking, and leaving Louis behind, but in the end we didn't want to do that.  Because he was still feeling puny.  And we didn't want him to be alone.  And so, we took him on a walk around the neighborhood.  And he still had an upset stomach.  And so we snuggled him some more.  And decided to cook dinner again.

Back to Kroger.

This time we decided on an old staple. 

(filet mignon)

(corn on the cobb...cooked on the grill)

(italian green beans)

I didn't take any pictures of this meal, but I should have.  It deserved pictures :)  Absolutely delish!  One of my all time favorites.

With the exception of a sick puppy, I had quite a glorious 3-day weekend.  I hope your weekend was full of just as much delicious food, but not nearly as much of an upset stomach experienced by someone you love.