Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Roses & Tomatoes...What a LOVELY Combination :)

Friday I decided to head back to Kroger for some additional purchases.  I ended up saving 55% of my total, thanks to coupons.  Perhaps I am getting the hang of this after all? 

I will promise, with you as my witnesses, that I will NEVER have a stockpile of 57 toothbrushes just because they were on sale.

Pinky swear.

I will only buy what I need.  Like 16 boxes of pasta.  Because it was FREE.  I'm just sayin...

(disclaimer...this is NOT my pasta.  this belongs to the Krazy Coupon Lady)

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby, of course, and we all headed out to one of Smalltown, VA's Kentucky Derby Parties.  This is the first year that I didn't wear a hat, but quite frankly I just didn't want to have to deal with keeping up with it. 

(Marilyn Monroe's Derby hat)

(i was freezing cold by this point, and wearing TEN's oxford over my dress)

(BFF & I.  check out my HUGE green glass ring from Venice.  so much fun to wear!)

(this is the Lilly dress I wore to the Derby Party.  for some reason there are no full length pictures from saturday)

No major drama or stories from the weekend, which is always lovely.  I do wonder if I'm getting a bit boring in my old age, but perhaps that isn't it at all.  Perhaps I'm just settling in to what life is really supposed to be like....

On Mother's Day Louis gave me this lovely "Louis sized" bouquet of red roses. 

He also loved on me ALL DAY LONG!  Can you imagine?  He wasn't concerned with TEN in the least!  Hehehe :) 

In other news.....I've planted this little garden of sorts. 

I've got some cilantro, roma tomatoes, cucumbers and some cayenne peppers growing . I've also got some regular tomatoes in a Topsy Turvy hanging from the hammock hook.  Pretty classy, huh?

I really hadn't expected to have any great success with this "garden", but I've got 3 tomatoes growing out of the Topsy Turvy already.  AND...I've got about 6 sprouts coming up from the cucumber seeds.  I had to cut the cilantro over the weekend because it was simply out of control. 

Since I've had such luck, I've decided that I needed to try growing some cherry tomatoes.  I've purchased this:

Perhaps next year I need to look into actually committing a part of the back yard to a real "legit" garden?



MCW said...

I was wondering what you were wearing in those pictures :) So expected a hat and dress!

Twenty Something Blonde said...

I sort of wish you HAD bought that many boxes of pasta....haha

Annie said...

Please tell me how you keep your herbs alive. I need to learn from you!

Ann said...

That was very sweet of Louis to give you flowers for mother's day.
Why go with a legit garden when you're doing so well with what you've got. I want some of those cherry tomatoes :)

Hoke said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Just realized she never signed up to follow you...bit her on the ankle so she'd remember!!

SASS said...

T!!! Are you showing your face these days?! So proud of you! It's so lovely, it was about time ;)
LOVE that dress. Seriously.
Miss you, friend! I'll have to check in more often!

the Hard Way said...

what an awesome weekend! i can't believe what a green thumb you seem to have ;) send some cilantro my way! my store almost never has any.

The Defunct Curator said...

How very nice of Louis to give you flowers. My pup sure could learn a thing or two from yours!

Jess said...

Believe me, you have no need to worry about being boring!! I think you may actually be the least boring person I know!!

Pink Champagne said...

The horseshoe of cupcakes is adorable, and I just love your dress. Looks like such fun!!

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

16 boxes of pasta...thats just amazing.

i hope pesto is involved in the plans for that pasta :)