Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess Baby Cocktail Coupon :-o

Princess Party!

I cannot really believe that we all actually got up, and were at Lady T's house by 5am, on Friday morning to watch the Royal Wedding.  But we were.  And it was lovely :)  We drank mimosas and "ooh'd" and "ahhh'd" until we couldn't stand it anymore.  And then we went to work :(  Well, some of us did.  Those that don't work went hat shopping for the Kentucky Derby.  In their tiaras.  True fact.  AND..then they had manis and pedis.  Lucky princesses!

(our spread)

(scones and grapes)

(veggie breakfast casserole & hash brown casserole)

(the princesses...in our PJs)

(my fancy princess shoes :-o)

When I saw TEN later in the afternoon, he gave me a lovely red Princess Rose from his garden:

And then he grilled chicken and veggie shish kabobs on the grill Friday evening.  I was fast asleep by 9:30.  Happy Princess :)

Baby Lula!

Saturday morning I was up early to head to Smaller Smalltown, VA with Marilyn Monroe to visit The Real Housewife of Charleston and her new addition, Baby Lula!  Lula was 1 week old, and looking cute as a button!

This is a picture of the little muffin a few days before we arrived.  We were remarking at how robust she looks in pictures.  Actually, she is quite petite and the best baby ever!  Seriously.  No crying.  No whining.  Sleeps 5.5 hours/night.  TRHoC is one lucky mama!

Here is a picture of Miss Lula wearing a hat I bought her from Bekima Knits on Etsy!

Such a lovely afternoon, and I can't wait to visit TRHoC and Lula again before they "officially" move to Charleston!

Hot Mess Train Wreck!

TEN and I didn't really get to see each other much last week, so we decided that Saturday evening would be ours.  Apparently that was NOT a good idea.  Well, it WAS fun...but wow. 

Let's see...I discovered the hurricane:

I discovered THREE of them, to be exact.  Oopsies.

He discovered the Baby Guinness shooter:

It was messy.  There were no major casualties, but apparently I "snarked" at him when it wasn't called for :(  I also was not able to get out of the bed until 2pm on Sunday.  I'm too old to be hung over until 2pm.

Extreme Couponing!

While "dying" on the couch Sunday morning, TEN and I watched 5 episodes of Extreme Couponing.  We were inspired.  We decided that WE could do this!  So off to Kroger we went.  Now, the game has changed a bit here friends.  There is a new addition in my life.  Let me back up.....

Saturday morning while I was getting ready to head to Smaller Smalltown, VA with Marilyn Monroe, TEN happened to peek out of my front door and proclaimed that the neighbor's were having a yard sale. "T, T...they have a deep freezer over there. Let's go check it out!"

***SIDE NOTE...I have been wanting a deep freezer for the longest time. My freezer is always packed to the brim, and I constantly pout about my inability to fully take advantage of the megga sales at Kroger due to lack of space. We've looked at a few mini-deep freezers at Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. I had pretty much decided on the $175 version that was quite small...but sufficient.


We cruised the garage sale only to discover that this deep freezer was quite large, and ONLY $75!!! What can I say? SOLD!

So, we headed to Kroger with the knowledge that I could purchase anything I wanted and not run out of room :) 

And we used a lot of coupons.  And it took FOREVER.  And I saved 29% of my total grocery bill.  And I realized I need some practice for this extreme couponing thing to really pay off.  Thanks to mrs.mfc , and her education on the fabulousness of printable coupons, I'm well on my way :)

How do YOU feel about extreme couponing?  The show?  The idea?  What is the most you have ever saved? 



Unknown said...

I'm jealous...I would've loved to attend a royal wedding party...sounds like fun (except the going to work after part)!

I felt like you on Saturday after too much sangria...I had drinkers remorse, because I really am too old to be hungover ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jenny DB said...

You naughty naughty hurricane snarker :-)
Joe and I are having datenight tonight at a movie theater called Cinebarre. Apparently you can have cocktails and i have ALWAYS wondered why the heck you cant get drinks at a movie theater so its about time!

I have no interest in couponing, unless they fall directly into my lap- if it takes effort I dont know if i have room in my life. I do Costco though..

Also i'm jealous of your deep freezer find - with all of bondis special diet shiz i could totally use one so his chicken didn't take up our whole freezer!!!

Is it friday yet?

Dee Stephens said...

I was hungover on Sunday as well. Too much sangria and vodka. Ick..
I'm not into couponing either..sorry.
That hat is adorable. I have yet to see my friend's baby in hers..

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm telling MB's boss that he has to be transferred within 25 miles of you so that you can take pity on me being new in town and I can be one of the cool kids and I'll be so happy getting to hang out with what I'm certain, the most fabulous group of ladies in the world.


Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

that is quite the spread for a 5am party....impressive.

I believe im going to a Kentucky Derby party this weekend! :)

Ann said...

That was some party.
I tried the coupon thing years ago but I never got coupons for things I bought and it didn't make sense to buy something I didn't need just because I had a coupon.

REBrown said...

I'm so jealous of your deep freezer. I want one so bad, but I don't have anywhere to put one.

I would like to do more couponing.....but maybe not so extreme. I don't think anyone would use 200 bottles of mustard (even if they were free).