Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in New York

I finally had a chance to get my pictures off of my camera, and to clean them up a bit.  There are more pictures (and some with me actually IN them), but they are on my mother's camera.  I'll share those once I have them :)  I was quite pleased with some of my pictures, and they definitely tell the story of our trip...for the most part....

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park:

I walked around with my head in the clouds, literally, for most of our trip.  I love some of these pictures!

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with some of the "Christmas" windows.  They lacked, well, Christmas.  I know that everyone doesn't celebrate Christmas, and that's just fine with me.  But the windows have ALWAYS been decorate for Christmas.  Don't get me started on the Lady Gaga nonsense at Barney's.  Blech.

Bloomingdale's had a fantastic theme for their windows, but of course I didn't take any pictures.  Why, you ask?  Well, because Bloomingdale's was far too busy taking OUR pictures.  To put on their Facebook.  Seriously.  Check it out HERE...

Macy's was festive, of course.  They never let us down :)

Van Cleef & Arpels had window displays, but their theme was "Famous Balls".  No Christmas to be found, but I did find this window featuring Truman Capote's infamous Black & White Ball.  We have a Black & White Ball of our in Smalltown, VA, modeled after this ball, so I had to take a photo...even though it wasn't a Christmas window :(

All hail C. Wonder!  Their window was quite festive :)

We had to visit Rockefeller Center to be sure it really was Christmas.  And of course, it was :)

And then THE PALACE.  It was certainly Christmas there!

Inside of Macy's was a most exciting display!  I had heard rumor of it, and set off to see it with my own two eyes.

There were all types of pups featured, but of course I had to photograph the westies.  For Louis.  He was quite pleased :)

Other than these westie prints, here are a few of my other favorite things....

(found at C. Wonder)

(found at a shop in Soho, I believe?)

Wow.  I'm beginning to realize that I didn't take half as many pictures as I thought I did.  Oh well!

This little pub was down the street from our hotel, and we stopped in for a pre-dinner cocktail on Saturday evening....

On Monday, we saw a display of New York's finest.  Well, their cars anyway!  Does anyone else think it's comical that they are parked in front of "Chase"??  Yes, I know that is as in "J.P. Morgan", but still.  Police Chase.  hehehe....

I completely forgot to take photos of our fabulous dinners at Chin Chin & Balthazar.  And I showed you this photo yesterday of our lunch at Cafe 745 in Bergdorf Goodman:

Both of our dinners, and lunch, were absolutely spectacular!!  I had the Steak Frites at Balthazar, and let me just tell you that I have not stopped dreaming of it since.  Absolutely DIVINE :)

At Chin Chin I had the Crisped Indochine Beef.  It was quite good, by I enjoyed my mother's spicy chicken much more.  Well, that and the people's Crisped Orange Beef beside us.  Yes.  They shared.  Gotta love New York!!

We had the most lovely time, and were thoroughly exhausted as we packed our bags and hailed a cab to take us back to the train.....

One last Christmas tree to bid us farewell, at Penn Station.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope you all had the most wonderful holiday!  I sure did :)  There is nothing quite like New York City at Christmas.  If you've not experienced it, you should. 

We pulled into Smalltown, VA last night.  I dumped all of my bags on the floor, and curled up on the couch with LW.  I missed him terribly while I was away.  He stayed with TEN's family, and I know he had a wonderful time...but he missed me very much.  He told me so.

I have so many pictures to share, and can't wait to put together a blog about my Christmas visit to the city.  But, until then....


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oops...It's Westie Wednesday Isn't It?

Did I mention that I was going to be spending Christmas in NYC this year?  I think I did....

So many of you have had the most fabulous trips to NYC as of late, and reading your tales while looking at your pictures has made me aboslutely giddy!  We didn't want to tie ourselves down with too much of a "schedule", but the following are on our list :)



We are riding up and back on the train....

And my hope is that by the time we return, I will have mastered this:

Have a wonderful holiday, and whatever you and yours are celebrating this year...Louis and I would like to extend our most warm blessings to you!

Merry Christmas & Westie Licks,

T & Louis

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Came Early to Seersucker Central!

Last night TEN and I decided to exchange our Christmas gifts.  We are both heading out of town on Thursday, and have a birthday celebration both tonight and tomorrow night.  We didn't want to just "fit in" OUR Christmas, so we decided that last night was the night.

Louis was very excited, as he noticed the boxes under the tree moving to and fro.  He didn't have a clue what was about to happen...but regardless...he wanted in on it!

(please notice the little pink mark on Louis' nose.  he scraped his nose while chasing a mouse in the wood pile.  silly pups!!)

I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of my tree, but it's especially beautiful this year :)  I have a most special ornament hanging right up front!

So wine was opened, and the unwrapping began!  Well, the stockings came first, of course...

And then the cards....

(TEN's card to me..from a local shop that makes the most adorable screen print cards)

(my card to TEN.  not nearly as creative, but just as cute, don't you think?)

(Louis' card to TEN.  Louis always gets TEN a card :)

Finally, the packages are opened!

(TEN is setting up a bar in his home, and wanted some liquor decanters)

(a navy sweater was on the top of his list for Santa!)

(the ol' bash-n-chop for cooking.  monogrammed, of course.  hehehe...)

Louis was getting a wee bit frustrated, so we let him open a gift of his very own!

TEN takes most pictures "up and down", if you will.  Blogger is not my friend when it comes to "up and down" pictures, so we don't have many of me opening gifts.  Which, honestly, is okay.  I tend to get really excited and make ridiculous faces.  TEN smiles handsomely, and I jump around.  After I jumped around when I got my BIG gift, I calmed down for a moment so that he could take a picture of me "side ways" for the blog :)

(TEN bought me a tablet!!!  i LOVE it.  well, actually i'm incredibly intimidated by it.  i don't have "touch" anything, so i inadvertently changed the language to chinese at one point.  but i'm learning!!!)

(TEN's "BIG" gift was the fish hook belt from Vineyard Vines.  he has wanted it for MONTHS, and that's about as long as it took for me to find a size 36.  the last one left on the planet, apparently.  thanks Molls!)

I also got some serving dishes that I love, a gel eye mask that I asked for AND the most amazing racks for my clothes.  NICE racks.  I've been contemplating turning the upstairs spare bedroom into a dressing room.  But I don't think this is my "forever" house, so I don't want to do built-ins or anything.  I wanted nice, sturdy, attractive clothing racks to line part of the room.  It's a large room, so shoes would have a place too.  And perhaps a chair and dressing table too.  Anyway, I've been talking about it forever, and TEN has gotten me started.  Woohooo!!!

So that was Christmas at Seersucker Central.  TEN and I both must have been VERY good this year :)

Ho, ho, ho,