Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrating JLB!

Friday I picked TEN up at the airport. He wasn't really very coherent, but I think he mentioned something about being awake for 24 hours straight. I delivered him to his house, and he proceeded to sleep for the next 48 hours.

I left for a bridal shower and bachelorette party early Saturday morning, so I didn't get to see him (or his additional markings) until yesterday. Let's put off talking about that for now...shall we?

The Real Housewife of Delaware, another girlfriend for years and I hit the road Saturday morning to attend a bridal shower for a good friend. It was the cutest shower ever!!! The sister of the bride-to-be held the shower in a coffee shop in the downtown area of this precious town/city where they grew up. The groom-to-be's mother and grandmother were there, as well as a bunch of people the bride-to-be grew up with. I think it's always bunches of fun to meet people from a friend's "past". You know how it is. You hear about these people for years, and then when you finally get to meet them it all comes together :)

The bride-to-be attended Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!), and the groom-to-be attended the University of Tennessee. The theme of the bridal shower was "game day tailgating". LOVE THE IDEA! The couple received some AWESOME gifts, and one very good friend even etched VT and T into wine glasses, which she presented to the bride-to-be in a picnic basket with wine, a blanket and other lovely "romantic tailgating" items. Seriously. Is that not awesome? rock ;) It's also a very good thing that both VT and UT have orange as their colors. In this case even a "house divided" can find more than one use for an orange cooler on wheels!

After the shower, the three of us hopped back into my car and took off for Charlotte! The drive was long, but the company was grand. The afternoon/night was filled with good times. Catching up with girlfriends I haven't seen in quite some time, and meeting new girlfriends as well! Late night omelets, and discussions that are best not repeated here, rounded out our evening. One broken high heel later, I finally made it back to my hotel room and hit the sack. You know you've had a great night when your shoe literally breaks :)

I left pretty early Sunday morning because I was anxious to get home. I've been traveling so much, and I just wanted to spend the afternoon and evening on the couch with TEN sharing our recent adventures.

We watched the movie Seven Pounds last night. Have you heard of it? It's excellent. Truly, brilliantly, heartwrenchingly excellent. I sobbed at the end. I don't cry. Not even in real life. But I sobbed. I don't ever want anyone to love me that much. Ever. I would rather be the one making the sacrifices, because I don't think I could stand it the other way around.

If you want to know the whole story, spoilers included, click HERE.

If you want to see a trailer (which I suggest because you are really going to want to watch this movie :)

I also have a new favorite song. It's kindove sad, and a bit repetitive. But it gives me courage, and that's something....

The Fray - Never Say Never Acoustic

And finally, because you have all been so patient. The tattoo is on the back of his arm. I honestly haven't looked at it because I'm trying to pretend it isn't there. I caught a glimpse of it, and it's red. That's all I know... and I'm trying to pretend I didn't even see that.


Speeding Tickets Are Sexy....

At least...that's what I'm telling myself this morning. I acquired my second ticket (in one month) yesterday on the way home from Bachelorette Party #2 in Charlotte, NC. I wish I could say something snarky about North Carolina (the way I did about Dinwiddee County, VA), but there was nothing wrong with the area where I was snagged. It was my fault. Completely.

I was driving 79 in a 70 this time. Three girlfriends were in the car with me. We were gabbing and rehashing the previous night's good times. Then. KABAM! I saw him. Mr. State Trooper. He was right there in the wide open. I was in a bundle of traffic, so I wasn't watching my speed. Who does when you are in a line of other cars?

As we passed Mr. State Trooper I remarked "whoopsies, hope he doesn't get me". The Real Housewife of Delaware was in the passenger seat and proclaimed "yep, he's going to get you". The conversation proceeded like this:

T: Why do you assume that? He might get one of the others in this line of traffic!
RHWoD: Nope. If a cop has a chance to pull a Ford Bronco, a minivan or a Benz...the Benz is going home with a ticket.
T: What? Why?
RHWoD: Because he's going to figure that the other two have enough problems already. A bunch of girls in a Benz. You are so getting the ticket.
T: But look...he's in the left lane. Not my lane. He's going to pass me and get that Ford Bronco.
RHWoD: We'll see.....
T: Shit! He's moved over behind me. I'm getting a ticket.
RHWoD: Yep.
T: Why didn't you tell me about this stupid theory before I bought the freakin car?!?!?!

(RHWoD drives a new BMW SUV. It's fancy. She still doesn't have a ticket. I'm not sure where she gets her insight into who a cop will pull/ticket, but yesterday she hit the nail on the head. Drat!)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to just pay the ticket. All $134 of it. I did find this interesting website about beating speeding tickets in North Carlina though. So, if you ever find yourself in need:


Friday, July 24, 2009

I Have Realized...


You Guys Are THE BEST!!!

Thank you so very much for all of your help with my shoe search!!! I have just gotten myself caught up at work, and am now going to peruse all of the sites and links that you have sent me. I seriously have had ZERO luck (other than the 2 J.Crew pair I showed you) on my own. I glanced at a few of the links my wonderful blog friends shared with me and I see so many possibilities!

I'm off to shoe shop, and I'll let you know what I end up walking down the aisle in :)



I've decided to get a dog. I have wanted one for AGES. I've had little pictures of pups hanging on my refrigerator just "trying them out". You know...deciding which one I like the best. Not that they have personalities, of course. They are, after all, just pictures.

I started out thinking that I wanted a Yorkiepoo called Prudence. Then, I decided on a Scottie called Angus. Now, I've made a final decision. It's really the only decision that made sense all along.

I'm going to have a Westie (a little girl) and she will be called Piper. She will also look exactly like this:


I was encouraged to wait until October when I will be home more to get her from the breeder. However, October is an awfully long way away. I'm sure TEN wouldn't mind babysitting for me while I'm out of town for bachelorette parties and such???


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pardon Me. Have You Seen....

.....any mustard yellow or sunflower peep toe pumps in silk or something resembling such?

I will be a bridesmaid in MK's October wedding. Our dresses are an eggplant color, and we get to choose our own shoes. MK's only request is that we each pick a color that suits us, and we are all to have something different. I love the idea :)

I have chosen mustard yellow/sunflower for my shoes. I was so very excited about my choice until I realized they were going to be terribly difficult to find!

I have found two pair that are lovely, but trés expensive. Both from J. Crew. Here is the look I am going for:

The second pair are my faves, and are less than the first pair. They are most definitely a possibility, but I'm not sure I would rock these suckers after the wedding. Can I bring myself to pay $150 for a pair of shoes that I'm not 100% sure will fit into my every day wardrobe? I have certainly spent that much on other shoes...but I also wear them a lot. Hmmmm......


It's Days Like Today That I Wish I Was a Size Zero

Well, got me. That's pretty much every day :)

But, today especially! Blackeyed Susan from Susan in the South found this AWESOME Tory Burch Sample Sale online. She blogged about her favorite finds, but unfortunately...she isn't a zero either.

Are any of you a size zero? Do you wear a size 6 shoe? If so, you should most definitely head to the Tory Burch Sample Sale HERE. It's all you. I, unfortunately, am a 4/6 with an 8.5 shoe and apparently so is the rest of the world....because those sizes are all gone. Sigh.

I adore Tory Burch. I adore all of her little frocks and shoes and purses. While I was on my shopping spree in Baltimore with BFF I went crazy trying on everything TB I could find. Remember, I live in Smalltown, VA..and bless our little hearts...TB can't be found in these parts. Due to my recent car purchase I restrained myself, and only bought a few things. However, the prices at this Sample Sale are BEYOND reasonable.

So, are welcome for this advertisement. If you so desire, I would be happy to receive a little prize for my efforts. Preferably in a size 4/6 or 8.5.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well Isn't This Cute!

So TEN sent me this handy little "How To" the other day. Said it made him think of me. I think it's silly, but it made me laugh. The last one he sent me had something to do with making a poncho out of a shower curtain. That, however, wasn't too far fetched from the Friday before.

That Friday we went to a cocktail party and I was wearing that blue silk Shoshana dress I told you all about HERE. (TEN was my date to that cocktail by the way :) Well it was raining buckets by the time we left the party, and he got my umbrella out of the car. Unfortunately it was far from adequate coverage for my silk I proceeded to borrow a large plastic garbage bag from the hostess. I poked a hole in the top for my head and pulled it over my dress. I looked ridiculous, but the dress didn't get wet at all. So, on Monday morning TEN e-mails me the tip for the day about making ponchos. It was clever of him for sure.

Anyway, the other day he sends me this igoogle "How To" about making a swim cover-up out of a towel. I'm not sure if he's telling me that parading around in my bikini all July 4th weekend at the lake wasn't a good thing? (oh yes, he was there too:) I love reading Polka Dots & Protein Bars. She is always sewing the most clever things, and they turn out beautifully! When TEN sent this little ditty about the towel cover-up I thought "yea, right...I can't sew". BUT...I've held on to this little "How To" and I'm wondering if it could be cute?

So, ripped off directly from igoogle, I give you:

How to Make a Bikini Cover Up from a Towel

I was going to cut/paste the article, but I saw all of these copyright laws and such and don't want to end up in the pokey. I will, however, show you the finished product. If I get nabbed we will take up a collection for my bail :)

(Image stolen directly from igoogle. I claim ZERO credit for it.)


Do You See What I See?



Quick question friends. When you look at my new blog header, what do you see? Southern from A Southern Accent has designed the MOST DIVINE new header for me, but we are seeing it differently. She sees this:

The border goes completely around the header. I, however, don't see the border on the right side, and the "er" in seersucker is sticking out past where the border should be. I'm on a PC. I'm thinking there is something wrong on my end :(

What do you see? AND...what kind of computer to you have?

Thanks so much for your assistance!!



I wanted to post a little note about my tattoo rant yesterday. Here's the thing...TEN already has tattoos. 4 of them to be exact. They are in places that aren't really visible when he's dressed, and he came with them. I accept that. Whatever. I'm just not really excited about #5. I think 4 is enough. Actually...I think 4 is too many.

My father never had a tattoo. My uncles and cousins never had tattoos. I guess I was raised around men who didn't have them, and therefore they aren't really my thing. Actually, on MDC I listed them under "turnoffs". Oopsies!

I do, however, have many friends that have tattoos. I don't look at these guys and think "blech, you are tacky looking with those tattoos". It just doesn't bother me in the least on my friends. My person, however, is another story.

I think my biggest fear is that he will keep getting them. AND day I will wake up next to a piece of art rather than a man :(


You Asked For It!

Jess from The Pure and Simple Truth requested a pic of me on the bulldozer. Well, here it is!
See, I wasn't fibbing :) I am also barefoot in this pic, which shows you just how classy I am. hahaha....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down

Well, I survived another night in DC! That's the good news :)

MK and I traveled up to DC for WIMP's bridal shower. It was lovely! That night we stayed with WIMP's BFF, and went out in Georgetown. The night started off well, and then somehow we all got separated. Even though I lived in DC for a while I was not at all familiar with the area around WIMP's BFF's house. Neither were MK and WIMP. In short, the following occurred:

1. MK & I were barefoot after walking for what seemed like hours. We are convinced we now have AIDS of the feet.

2. I called up the GPS on my phone to direct us to WIMP's BFF's house. We marched around for an hour while I held my phone in front of us and it kept saying "turn right". I believe we ended up walking in circles for most of the time.

3. We came across a bulldozer in the middle of the street. I climbed up and had my picture taken on the bulldozer. I'm not sure why I felt that was necessary.

4. We found the largest sunflowers any of us had ever seen. We took pictures standing amongst them, because really...wouldn't you?

5. At one point the three of us were standing on a corner trying to look at the GPS map on my phone and a van pulled over. It contained two scary men who attempted to solicit us. Seriously.

So, there you have it. As I said...I survived another night out in DC :)

Now it's Monday. It rained buckets here last night and I woke up to a semi-flooded basement. Grrrrr......

I miss TEN, and received a random text from him last night saying "new tat is fresh". I'm thinking tat=tattoo and I'm not pleased :( He called at 9:30 last night to tell me that it was costing $1.10/min to speak so he had to be brief. 30 minutes later I was laughing hysterically as he relayed all of the shenanigans that have already occurred on his "mancation". He's having a lovely time, and I hung up with a big smile...because he really deserves a vacation. He deserves to relax with the boys and have a good time. He does not, however, need to be getting a tattoo. Now I'm sick to my stomach because he hasn't replied to my "omg. are you serious? a tattoo? really?" text :(

This rainy day/Monday has really got me down....


Friday, July 17, 2009

Seersucker is Present & Accounted For :)

Quite a few of you have asked if TEN wears seersucker. I can't believe I didn't share that little tidbit of information with you!!! Why yes...he sure does :) He has shorts and pants and wears them regularly. However, I haven't gotten him into a full blown suit yet. Notice....I said YET.

(TEN..I know you read, so just know that if you never pull out the whole suit it isn't a deal breaker. I will, however, never quit trying!)


Bon Voyage

TEN is leaving tomorrow morning for vacation. Without me :(

I'm okay with it's a boy trip. AND...I'm gone non-stop anyway with all of my wedding activities, so I can't blame him for wanting to go away too. However, I'm going to be blogging bunches because there is so much to update you on, and I simply haven't had the time.

I'm off to bridal shower # 3, tomorrow morning in DC. Coming back Sunday, and then I have all of next week to get myself situated before he returns. You know how it meet someone, it's all fun and games, and then you wake up one day and realize you have zero clean clothes...the grass hasn't been mowed in have no food in the house...your birthday thank you notes are a month overdue. That type of thing. I wouldn't trade a moment of the time I've spent with him for anything, but it sure is going to feel good to get caught up!

TEN comes home next Friday morning, and then I leave Saturday morning for bridal shower #4, and bachelorette weekend Charlotte. Back on Sunday, and then I'm home for a while. Thank heavens :) will be hearing quite a bunch from this little blogger next week as I try to keep myself distracted while the cat is away.....


Blue Light Special

I don't think I mentioned the fact that I got a speeding ticket. It was on the Friday before Father's Day weekend. I was driving to visit my BFF from school for the weekend (and bought my new car!), and was in some placed called Dinwiddee County, VA. If I've mis-spelled it I don't even care. I hate Dinwiddee County, VA :(

(Dinwiddee County, VA - BLECH!)

When you take Rt. 460 to the beach in VA you have to get onto I-95 for like 1.5 seconds. Everyone who has ever done this complains. It's this little widget if a glitch that everyone always misses. OR...once they get onto 95 they miss the exit off. So annoying. Anyway, I don't realize I'm coming up on the I-95 "get on" ramp, so I speed up to get in front of me-maw and pe-paw who have me trapped in the left lane, and I merge onto the ramp.

Imagine my surprise when there are blue flashing lights behind me. I was sure this fine officer of the law was attempting to pass me so that he could catch a criminal or some such. Being the law abiding citizen I am, I pulled over immediately and waved him by. Only.....he didn't go on by. He pulled up behind me.

GASP. Me? A speeding ticket? Surely you jest! I haven't had a speeding ticket since I was in high school. (well, maybe one...but I went to driving school and they took it off so it doesn't count)

Anyway, he was snarky and asked me if I knew how fast I was going and on and on. I explained my predicament, and told him that I never speed. I asked him to feel free to check my record. Which he did. He then proceeded to give me a ticket. 71 in a 55. Gaaah! Then, get ready...he said "thank you". WTF? Thank you? I hate Dinwiddee County, VA.

Fast forward to today. How much do I owe for this lovely speeding ticket you may ask? Well, the dimwit cop from Dinwiddee County, VA wouldn't tell me. He ran like a scared child when I scowled and shook my fist at him. So, I had to call some number on the ticket. Well, that number has been busy for like a week. Non-Stop.

So here's what I'm thinking. No one comes to Dinwiddee County, VA. Ever. Because really...why would you? It's that annoying little place on Rt. 460 where everyone screws up the I-95 thing. Everyone hates it. SO...they give you a ticket. Then, they take the phone off the hook which therefore forces you to have to go BACK to Dinwiddee County, VA to court to pay your stupid ticket because you have no clue how much it costs. They will probably be waiting for you when you arrive and give you some other ridiculous ticket of sorts. Grrrrrrrr.....

I, however, outsmarted them. I kept calling. I finally got a 45 minute recording. No wonder the line is always busy! My ticket will cost me $141. Awesome.

I hate Dinwiddee County, VA. I would suggest you avoid it at all cost!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gather Round.....I Have an Announcement!

I've decided to come clean. Well, perhaps that's a bit dramatic. I've kindove been trying to tell you about it all along...but I don't think my hints were strong enough. (sigh)

Do you remember my post entitled So I Met a Guy....But He Doesn't Count? And the one entitled So Then I Met a Guy....And He DOES Count? Of course you do! You don't read 300 blogs a day or anything :) No worries. I've linked back so you can refresh your memory, and then you can come back to today's post and I can say.....................

Ummm...yea. Turns out I got it backwards.

Yep. That's it folks. The one that did count ended up not really counting very much at all. AND...the one that didn't count ended up being..........

Well, he ended up being exactly what I was looking for...I just didn't know it. Life is funny that way sometimes.

He's still TEN, but I've realized that doesn't really matter:) He makes me laugh until I cry. He takes care of me when I hurt myself being a klutz...which is pretty much daily. He makes me want to relax and do nothing but watch movies and be lazy...which is really cool because I'm type A and can't relax. Ever. He makes me want to learn how to cook, so I can cook for him. AND THAT, my friends, is amazing in and of itself.


TEN meet my blog. Blog, meet TEN:

WHEW! Now I feel like I can actually blog again. I was having the hardest time telling stories without talking about him :)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello! My little blog is currently under construction, and I am so very thankful to have the help of Southern from A Southern Accent because my skills are very much lacking :( She developed my new header, and is helping me get it situated.

Bare with me!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep Your Pies & Your Politics Separate, Thank You.

Back in the office. Grrrr......

The lake was relaxing and wonderful and funny and intoxicating and everything else that should be rolled into a long weekend with friends :) We played Cranium for two hours on our first night there, and didn't get through more than a 1/4 of the board. We were having too much fun! There is a video, but Daisy has pretty much forbidden us from showing it.

The Voice of Reason and her fiancé bought a new boat. Our house was right on the water & had a boat dock, so they came over and picked us up. We rode around for a bit, and then went to a shack of sorts on the water for lunch. It was lovely :) Later our friend TWW came over on his jet ski. Daisy and I took the jet ski out, and proceeded to flip it. The jet ski landed on my leg/foot. This is pretty much par for the course with me. I get injured on a regular basis. I hobbled around in an ACE bandage for the rest of the weekend, but never fear...I didn't let it get me down :)

Cocktails were the theme of our July 4th weekend. We had two types of lemonade concoctions, and something called a lemon drop, which i must have wrong because it has no lemon in it...only banana? I know two of the recipes by heart b/c I was the mix master for the weekend. Well, Jacob helped a bit...but you know...

Daisy made one of the lemonade drinks, so I can't share that with you because I can't remember it :( Here are the others...just in case you are looking for refreshing yumminess for the summer time:

Lemon Drop (we shall call it this, whether it's called this or not)
(makes one cocktail)
fill cup with ice
1-1/2 cap fulls of 99 bananas
1/2 cap full of 151
top off with cranberry juice

Blueberry Lemonade
(makes 1 pitcher)
1 bottle of chardonnay
3 cups of sprite
1/2 cup of hennessy
12oz of frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1 cup of frozen blueberries

I think that about sums up our weekend! Well, someone special did buy me red, white & blue cupcakes :)

I also have a new favorite song:

Now I guess it's back to the grind.....


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off To The Lake!

(disclaimer...I swiped the picture above from Blackeyed Susan at Susan in the South, who swiped it from So Pro. thanks for the loan!)

I'm headed to the lake for a long July 4th weekend. We have a house, and I'm really excited to spend some QT with some of the special people in my life. I've been so busy lately (and out of town) that I've missed them terribly!

This weekend I plan to tie my float to the dock and do nothing but float around with a cocktail in hand. As MK from All Things Melia says....I need to hit the RESTART button.

Hope your July 4th Weekend is as relaxing as mine will be!


My Wedding

I've never been one of those girls who sat around thinking about what their wedding dress would look like. For that matter, I haven't really given any thought to what my wedding would be like. That is a little bit odd, considering how close I've come to getting married....a few times.

Today I was perusing A Southern Accent and all of the sudden....I knew. I knew what my wedding was supposed to look like. (Southern, please forgive me for stealing your flikr...but it's absolutely PERFECT!!)

I adore Red, White & Blue. I wear it constantly. 60% of my wardrobe is probably some combo of RW&B. When I saw this collage the color is what drew me in. Then....the wedding dress. I was a ballerina for years. I love tutus. This dress is perfect. AND...I already have the red shoes she is wearing :)

I also already have the "bridesmaid's dress" with the polka dots. I adore the "place cards" that are red soda bottles with name labels on them. I don't like cake. I don't want a wedding cake. I didn't even know that until I saw this picture...but I don't. I want cupcakes :) Wedding cupcakes with little RW&B American flags on them. Because I'm American. And that's awesome. I am smitten with the wedding programs...but the invites are a little much. The favors are the best though. Peanuts and cracker jacks. Are you freakin kidding me?!?!?! LOVE!

I'm saving this picture, and when that day comes I will be ready ;)