Friday, July 24, 2009


I've decided to get a dog. I have wanted one for AGES. I've had little pictures of pups hanging on my refrigerator just "trying them out". You know...deciding which one I like the best. Not that they have personalities, of course. They are, after all, just pictures.

I started out thinking that I wanted a Yorkiepoo called Prudence. Then, I decided on a Scottie called Angus. Now, I've made a final decision. It's really the only decision that made sense all along.

I'm going to have a Westie (a little girl) and she will be called Piper. She will also look exactly like this:


I was encouraged to wait until October when I will be home more to get her from the breeder. However, October is an awfully long way away. I'm sure TEN wouldn't mind babysitting for me while I'm out of town for bachelorette parties and such???



Melia said...

But really.. is your life actually going to slow down in October? Doubt it. Yes, all those wedding things will be over, but then you have the holidays, then spring is just around the corner!!

Size wise she would probably get along fabulously with Hefner ;)

MCW said...

Ahhh! I am so jealous! I have been wanting a dog lately! But, my apt doesn't allow them...
Piper is adorable!

KLC said...

awww sooo cute!!! My boyfriend's aprents have a little female westie, she's soooo much fun!!

Unknown said...

I have a Westie and got her as puppy. You will love her so much! Loyal and fun. My Daisy is sitting here with me now (she's never far from me). The early days were hard because they have to go out every 3 hours--they have tiny bladders. There's no perfect time to get a puppy just like there is no perfect time to have a baby. Go for it!

Kate said...

I want a westie too. They are one of the only small dog breeds I think are cute