Friday, July 17, 2009

Blue Light Special

I don't think I mentioned the fact that I got a speeding ticket. It was on the Friday before Father's Day weekend. I was driving to visit my BFF from school for the weekend (and bought my new car!), and was in some placed called Dinwiddee County, VA. If I've mis-spelled it I don't even care. I hate Dinwiddee County, VA :(

(Dinwiddee County, VA - BLECH!)

When you take Rt. 460 to the beach in VA you have to get onto I-95 for like 1.5 seconds. Everyone who has ever done this complains. It's this little widget if a glitch that everyone always misses. OR...once they get onto 95 they miss the exit off. So annoying. Anyway, I don't realize I'm coming up on the I-95 "get on" ramp, so I speed up to get in front of me-maw and pe-paw who have me trapped in the left lane, and I merge onto the ramp.

Imagine my surprise when there are blue flashing lights behind me. I was sure this fine officer of the law was attempting to pass me so that he could catch a criminal or some such. Being the law abiding citizen I am, I pulled over immediately and waved him by. Only.....he didn't go on by. He pulled up behind me.

GASP. Me? A speeding ticket? Surely you jest! I haven't had a speeding ticket since I was in high school. (well, maybe one...but I went to driving school and they took it off so it doesn't count)

Anyway, he was snarky and asked me if I knew how fast I was going and on and on. I explained my predicament, and told him that I never speed. I asked him to feel free to check my record. Which he did. He then proceeded to give me a ticket. 71 in a 55. Gaaah! Then, get ready...he said "thank you". WTF? Thank you? I hate Dinwiddee County, VA.

Fast forward to today. How much do I owe for this lovely speeding ticket you may ask? Well, the dimwit cop from Dinwiddee County, VA wouldn't tell me. He ran like a scared child when I scowled and shook my fist at him. So, I had to call some number on the ticket. Well, that number has been busy for like a week. Non-Stop.

So here's what I'm thinking. No one comes to Dinwiddee County, VA. Ever. Because really...why would you? It's that annoying little place on Rt. 460 where everyone screws up the I-95 thing. Everyone hates it. SO...they give you a ticket. Then, they take the phone off the hook which therefore forces you to have to go BACK to Dinwiddee County, VA to court to pay your stupid ticket because you have no clue how much it costs. They will probably be waiting for you when you arrive and give you some other ridiculous ticket of sorts. Grrrrrrrr.....

I, however, outsmarted them. I kept calling. I finally got a 45 minute recording. No wonder the line is always busy! My ticket will cost me $141. Awesome.

I hate Dinwiddee County, VA. I would suggest you avoid it at all cost!



Melia said...

I hope none of your lovely readers are from Dinwiddee :) HA!! At least you can just pay the ticket and you don't have to go back there for court!! Imagine how made that would have made you!!!

Anonymous said...

With a name like Dinwiddee the town probably hates itself!

MCW said...

One reason why it is nice not to have a car!

Blackeyed Susan said...

ah i hate speeding tickets, my bf just got one going 25 over...$850!! sucks. there is no way they can charge that much