Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well Isn't This Cute!

So TEN sent me this handy little "How To" the other day. Said it made him think of me. I think it's silly, but it made me laugh. The last one he sent me had something to do with making a poncho out of a shower curtain. That, however, wasn't too far fetched from the Friday before.

That Friday we went to a cocktail party and I was wearing that blue silk Shoshana dress I told you all about HERE. (TEN was my date to that cocktail by the way :) Well it was raining buckets by the time we left the party, and he got my umbrella out of the car. Unfortunately it was far from adequate coverage for my silk dress....so I proceeded to borrow a large plastic garbage bag from the hostess. I poked a hole in the top for my head and pulled it over my dress. I looked ridiculous, but the dress didn't get wet at all. So, on Monday morning TEN e-mails me the tip for the day about making ponchos. It was clever of him for sure.

Anyway, the other day he sends me this igoogle "How To" about making a swim cover-up out of a towel. I'm not sure if he's telling me that parading around in my bikini all July 4th weekend at the lake wasn't a good thing? (oh yes, he was there too:) I love reading Polka Dots & Protein Bars. She is always sewing the most clever things, and they turn out beautifully! When TEN sent this little ditty about the towel cover-up I thought "yea, right...I can't sew". BUT...I've held on to this little "How To" and I'm wondering if it could be cute?

So, ripped off directly from igoogle, I give you:

How to Make a Bikini Cover Up from a Towel

I was going to cut/paste the article, but I saw all of these copyright laws and such and don't want to end up in the pokey. I will, however, show you the finished product. If I get nabbed we will take up a collection for my bail :)

(Image stolen directly from igoogle. I claim ZERO credit for it.)



MCW said...

Looks cute...but, how flattering can it be???

TudorCityGirl said...

Ha! Not sure how flattering it can be either.
TEN is too cute...the things he sends you!!
So, I'm confused a bit on how long you guys have been together... I am guessing a couple months?
Thanks for your kind comments... Hopefully N turns out to be a Ten!

Barefoot in the Park said...

how cute!

JKC said...

i can see you wearing one made out of a vera bradley beach towel, but def not the plain white towel pictured! wanted to comment just to tell you that your banner is working now! it looks great! soon you may have to change your blog name to "life with seersucker" or "seersucker mission accomplished" :)