Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was just going back through my blog.  Cleaning things up.  Disposing of old "drafts" that never got published.  AND THEN....I came across a post called "Skull & Crossbones.....Here I come!".

My immediate thought was "what in the world is this nonsense all about?"  So, I read the post. 

I'm laughing so hard right now because this is the night that I met TEN.  The night that my dear friend asked me to the private club to "meet someone of high moral character".  The night that I almost bailed on because I was cranky and tired and didn't feel like ironing my dress.  The night that almost never was.

That night was funny in many other ways too, but those are all irrelevant now. 

TEN and I are having date night tonight.  Perhaps I should wear the same outfit, just to see if he notices?  Nah.  He's good.....but not THAT good :)

Happy Wednesday!


You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

For those of you that have's a question!  How do you reply to everyone's questions?  Do you just send them an e-mail?  What if they don't have a blog, and therefore you can't locate an e-mail address??  This has happened to me numerous times, and I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is!  Sometimes the questions just go unanswered, and that's terribly rude :(

So, I'm going to take a minute to reply to quite a few questions I've received and not had the good graces to respond to.  I do hope you will forgive me......


Lesley asked where I found the precious Virginia Tech bracelet I blogged about HERE

Lesley, I found it everywhere!!!  The problem was, they were always sold out :(  The great news is that I finally found one at Football Fanatics for $9.95 HERE.  They have the necklace too!  I seriously have plenty of Virginia Tech gear, but I couldn't resist!  I bought the bracelet today.  Oopsies :)


hotchildinthecity asked me what I was planning to be for Halloween.  I've never been one of those people who keeps their Halloween costume a secret.  I have some friends who are like that, and I guess it is kindove fun when they "reveal" themselves on Halloween Night.  However, I think I would be more concerned about someone having the same costume I did!  For that reason, I always tell people what I'm going dressed as.  But.....I surely don't give out ALL of the details!  So, HCITC, this year I am going to be I Dream of Jeannie.  There isn't much to the costume, so it should be a scandalous evening to say the least!


MCW asked "Do you have a savings account just for weddings?"  MCW, the answer to that would be absolutely not.  I am broke.  Broke as a joke.  But do you know what?  I have had one heck of a fun summer, and will have so many glorious memories and pictures to enjoy through the years it has all been worth it :)  Hmmmm....if only I could eat pictures.....

Just kidding! 

AND.....the countdown is on!!!  MK is getting married in 17 days!!  I dare say that once everyone is married off I'm going to have a very boring life :(  No parties or dresses or prizes to buy!  Ho hum.


So, this isn't really a questions at all.  However, Kate says "28?? You must have A LOT of friends. Lucky girl :)" have no idea.  I truly believe I am the luckiest girl alive :)  I thank God for my girls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

kLl asked if TEN and I stopped at the Abingdon Vineyard and Winery on our Tennessee Wine Trek I blogged about HERE.  Yes!  We sure did!  It was one of our faves for sure :)  The owners weren't working that day, but their relatives were and they were so nice!  They are the winery that had the snarky little door mat that we loved so much:

Great sense of humor!


Again, not really a question, but Melia noted that recently my blog has become quite sentimental.  Melia......quit being so pleased with yourself, won't you?  I'm still just as snarky and pessimistic as ever.  I'm just pretending not to be as of late :-o
Okay then...that's it for questions, etc. for September.  If you had a question that I didn't respond to, please do let me know, if you really want an answer of course! 
Thanks so much to all of my followers for your comments.  I enjoy reading every single one of them!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Things? What Wild Things?

Please tell me you are familiar with the book Where The Wild Things Are?  It's a classic.  Not so much a classic in the sense of Wuthering Heights and such, but a children's classic.  I just assumed everyone had this book read to them as child.  I guess not. 

If you are familiar with this book, you have probably heard that they have now made a movie based on the book.   So here's my question.  Will parents still read this book to their children at night?  OR, will they simply stick the DVD in the player and let their children watch it?

Part of the magic of my childhood was having stories read to me by my parents.  Seeing the pictures in the book and imagining them to life!  My father making the "voices" of the characters is something I can still conjure up in my head if I close my eyes.  Priceless memories for me. 

Will my children have the same memories?  You betcha!  If I have children they will be forced to play outside.  They will not be allowed to exercise to the Wii.  I don't care if they are deemed "geeks" or "losers" by their classmates.  I will instill in them the magic of imagination that was given to me as a child.  I will also read them books at night.  I'm not saying they won't ever be able to see The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia movies, but by golly....they will know first and foremost that these are books.  AND THEN...they can revel in how similar (or not) the movies are to the images they have in their mind of these characters.

I'm sorry to be such a sour pus about all of this.  It's just that sometimes I wonder if we aren't robbing our future by taking away all of their challenges.  "Here child, you don't even have to take the energy to imagine what this character may sound like.  We shall go right ahead and make him a movie and then you can just watch and not use your imagination one little bit.  See now child.  Isn't that easier?  And while you're at it, have as many snackie cakes as you like because you don't need to worry about being healthy and able to run and play outside while you sit here and watch all of these movies."

Snark, snark.

And yes, just so you know....I will be standing in line to see Where The Wild Things Are on October 16.  But I've read the book.  I have my imagination.  I just want to see if Max sounds as silly in the movie as he did in my father's voice :)


Apparently Miami Brought a Hurricaine With Them

BUT NEVER FEAR!!!  The Hokies were not deterred.  We won.  31-7. 

JLB, The Juggler, TT, Schnabs, TEN and I huddled under a tent and tailgated with the best of them.  The rain poured down, but we were dressed in our Hokie best and loved every minute of it. 

(that would be me in the obnoxious orange pants, of course!)

I would love to gloat, but I won't.  Good sportsmanship and all :)  I will, however, take a moment to post a "these are a few of my favorite things" blurb.  Not because I think you care.  And certainly not because Christmas is around the corner and TEN reads my blog :-o

So, here are a few of my favorite HOKIE things....

And even a lil something for any male HOKIES we may know...

Gobble, gobble!


Friday, September 25, 2009

I Was Definitely Born in the Wrong Decade...

Smalltown, VA has a fabulous event every winter.  It's a masquerade ball. 

Personally, I think the preparations for the ball are the most fun.  Finding a dress, shoes, accessories and most importantly a mask!  MK and I have begun our search for the perfect ball gown already.  Today we have both been perusing dress shops online in hopes of finding something that sparks our interest.  AND THEN....

I found the most glorious website EVER!  It's called Vintageous and the gowns are TO DIE FOR!!  I believe I was meant to have been born in the 50's.  I love all of the frocks.  EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.  Well, there are a few that I might pass on, but you get the point.  Of course someone has taken it upon themselves to buy up most of my faves.  And make it worse...someone decided to leave their pictures posted so I keep getting excited only to find out they are already sold :(

Here are some of my absolutely faves:

And then I found this dress.  Wouldn't it be perfect for my red/white/blue themed wedding that may or may not happen one day? 

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Possibly The Most Random Post Ever....

Do you ever come across the funniest things while strolling through town and take pix on your cell of them?  I do this frequently, but then I always forget about what's on my phone.  I was just deleting the randomness that is filling my cell phone memory when I came across the following pix.  They made me giggle:

(well, this isn't giggle worthy really...but I snapped it of WIMP just after her wedding because I thought it was precious.)

(i can't for the life of me remember where i saw this t-shirt, but i thought it was arrogant and snarky, and i wanted it.)

(we saw this in Baltimore, and i came to a complete stop to read it twice.  it was an adorable shop for pups, filled with frocks and shoes and sweaters and treats for your beloved canine.  but still.  doggie style?  please.)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Fabulous Weekend Ahead!

Excellent news has just arrived.  I will be attending the Virginia Tech vs. Miami football game this weekend.  SHAZAM!!!


Now, I know I've told you about my aversion to football.  HOWEVER, that is to regular football.  Not Hokie football.  I went to Virginia Tech, and therefore I have an emotional tie to this football team.  If they lose I will cry.  If they win I will dance.  This is very legitimate to me.  Not like boys that have never lived in a state or met a player from a team, but pledge their undying love and support to them.  That makes no sense. 

So, Saturday there is a home game (a very good game at that!), and I will be in attendance.  I am going to another game this year, but VT vs. Miami is a BIG one.  There is much excitement in the Seersucker household at the moment!!  Also, I have just learned that JLB and The Juggler will be attending, as will TT and Schnabs.   

Then, Sunday there is a HUGE wine festival about an hour away.  A bunch of friends are heading up to that event, and I sure do hope the weather is nice.  I've not been to this wine festival before, but I've heard lovely things about it.

To kick the weekend off, Friday night a friend is having an impromptu cocktail party at his apartment.  He always has fabulous cocktail parties, and I've missed the last I'm very much looking forward to this one. 

All in all this weekend should prove to be lovely.  Very, very busy....but then again....what weekend isn't busy in the land of Seersucker?


Butt Station

I was just perusing my favorite blogs, trying to catch up, and I came across a post on Hot Child In The City's blog Living Under The Big Star that reminded me of something.  She recently posted about sprucing up one's cube at work.  It must be going around.  We all need a little cheery entertainment, no?

My desk currently looks like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over it.  I'm talking mouse pad, note pads, etc.  It's pink and green mania.  But do you know what?  It's pretty and bright and makes me smile.

This weekend TEN and I were looking through a silly catalog that I get at home.  There are some fun things in it, but for the most part it's junk.  He found something he had to have.  He very much needed it in his office.  Seriously.  He wants this for Christmas.  So, he will get it.  I have never seen such a thing.

(I tried to post the pic, but apparently it's not copy-able.  Very, very snarky of them if you ask me!)

So the Butt Station will be making it's home on TEN's desk this winter.  Hopefully it will brighten his office and make him giggle.  Hmmm...perhaps I need one as well?  Because really....who couldn't use a little giggle every time they go to fetch a paper clip?


Monday, September 21, 2009

The Early Bird ;)

Another wonderful weekend has come and gone.  WIMP and Oscar are officially "Mr. & Mrs."!!  They tied the knot on Saturday at 4:30 pm in a beautiful Lutheran church in Smalltown, VA.  I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but bunches of friends have...and some of the photographer's pictures are up as well, so I get to share them.  Yay!

I realized something this weekend.  Wedding planners/coordinators don't like me.  I'm not sure why, but it's a common theme.  Even though I've got a bit of bridesmaid experience under my belt, every wedding is different.  It's not like I parade in saying "I know how all of this works, don't you try to tell me....".  Really.  I don't.  I'm just quiet and listen to their directions like everyone else.  BUT...they always single me out.  It happened again at WIMP's wedding. 

Now I'm not saying that it was intentional, but at the ceremony she sent me down the aisle (I was the first bridesmaid to walk) before Canon in D started and before the groomsmen were even up front.  She said "go T,'s time, walk slowly, go!".  So.  I went.  Well, I did day " isn't the right music and the guys aren't up there yet".  She gave me the stink eye and said "GO!".  So then I did go.....

When I walked up the aisle, turned to the left, rotated to my left so my back was never to the guests and took my place.....I realized bridesmaid #2 had not been sent down behind me.  I was all alone.  The priest wasn't even present and accounted for.  I had walked down the aisle to the song the mothers were seated to and had the floor.  I started giggling.  Not out loud.  But my shoulders were shaking.  I kept a big smile on my face, but all of my friends were looking at me from the pews and shaking their heads.  One of them has since dubbed me "the early bird".  I was proud of myself for holding it together....but I am now, and will forever be, afraid of wedding planners/coordinators.  They do not like me.

Finally bridesmaid #2 walked down the aisle after Cannon in D started, and she was giggling as well.  I really don't think most people even noticed, but you know how it is when it's you.  It's terrible.  Oh well! 

The ceremony was beautiful.  The bride was GORGEOUS.  I will block out her face, because I always do, but I wish you could see her.  Her smile.  The twinkle in her eyes.  She was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. looked amazing...just like we knew you would :)

(lacing up the back of WIMP's dress)

(that's me, placing the veil on WIMP's head)

(absolutely beautiful)

(waiting to walk down the aisle)

(YAY!  she did it!)

(WIMP and her bridesmaids)

(at every wedding I have a favorite picture.  this is my fave from WIMP's wedding.  just precious!)

(at the reception, with a cocktail of course!)

(first dance)

(garter removal...if you will!)

(sneaking a kiss:)

(the requisite photo of me and TEN)


From WIMP's wedding website:

" 'The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!" '

- Jack Kerouac

Thank you for sharing in our madness together."

I love you WIMP!  My life would not be as wonderful without your madness.  CONGRATS to you and Oscar.  I am so honored to be a part of both of your lives :)


Fall Has Fallen

Okay, so my yard doesn't QUITE look like this...but today FEELS like the first day of Fall.  I know, I know....tomorrow is the "official" first day of Fall, but today sure does feel like it!  Happy Fall everyone :)  I can't believe I'm celebrating, but this year I'm quite ready for it. 

A fire in the fireplace.....

 a pot roast in the crock pot...

mums in planters.....

and big snuggly sweaters.... 

Does it get any better than that?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Everybody you know seems to be getting married. STAY AWAY FROM ME!"

Okay, I think I'm caught up from the weekend and yesterday.  As fun as the weekend was, I felt a little odd not attending a wedding!  I found the following comment in response to my Facebook status before leaving for JLB and The Juggler's wedding: "Everybody you know seems to be getting married. STAY AWAY FROM ME!".  It's true, you know.  All of my oldest friends got/are getting married this summer/fall.  Well, the single ones anyway :) 

I've made quite a few new friends over the past year, and I'm wondering if they think I'm a good luck charm?  If they are hoping that becoming my friend will get them married off?  Sounds silly, and perhaps a bit arrogant, but think about it.  TWENTY EIGHT WEDDINGS.  To heck with 27 dresses!  This girl will have 28 by the end of October.  Tell me I'm not good luck :) 

Seriously though.  Do you know what the number 28 signifies to me?  The fact that 28 girls value my friendship enough to ask me to be their bridesmaid.  That's something.  That's what makes me smile when I have a bad day.  That's what makes me able to say that I have the BEST family ever.  Because my friends are my family.  It's a long story.  Maybe one day I'll tell it.  But my friends ARE my family.  AND...they have honored me in so many ways.

This weekend WIMP is getting married.  I have had the honor of meeting so many of her friends from college over the last year.  With the engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorette weekend, etc. we've all become such good friends!  I sure hope we stay in touch after WIMP ties the knot :) 

I will no doubt share pics from WIMP's wedding, and I know it will be fabulous.  I'm very excited on a personal note because I can finally fit into my dress.  It took some doing, but I've slimmed down enough that the zipper will actually close for Saturday's main event!  I'm sure WIMP is tickled pink, as she would surely regret asking me to be a bridesmaid if I was 1/2 dressed coming down the aisle in front of her!

WIMP has one of those cute wedding websites.  You know, with information about how the bride and groom met.  Who the wedding party is.  Where they are registered.  Anyway, this is what she wrote about me.  Ahhhh...memories:

"They call WIMP and T "The ________ Girls" even they look nothing alike. WIMP met T at the same Marketing Consulting Firm as she did MK. They spend a large amount of time around the side of the building, and out exploring the Dollar General in the small town of BFE, VA. WIMP loved T for her outgoing personality, caring disposition, and love of all things Madras. Their friendship bloomed while at a Sigma Chi alumni function at Smalltown, VA College;  from there the rest is for the books. They started a wine club (with MK), traveled to the wondrous land of Charlottesville, Virginia, braved the Mountain roads of "Rural" Virginia, and share more then a few laughs on the outside patio of 'local bar'. "

Here's to WIMP and Oscar! May your winters be full of twinkling white lights, may your springs be full of freshly picked flowers, may your summers be full of bright blue oceans and may your autumns be full of warm cups of tea. May each day you spend together be full of the small things that makes life wonderful.

Q: Favorite Football Team? A: No Thank You.

You know those surveys that you have undoubtedly received 100 of over the last few years?  They are filled with questions like:

Diamonds or Pearls?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
What is Your Middle Name?

You know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, a little group I'm in has undertaken answering these questions as a way to get to know each other better.  Last week MK was the featured person who had to answer the questions.  For the question "What is your favorite football team?" she answered, "No thank you".  BRILLIANT!!!   I feel exactly the same way.  Well, not 100% that way. I guess my VT Hokies are pretty special to me.  But other than that....Blech!

Football season has started.  TEN is a fan.  T is not.  I've somehow managed to go my entire life and not date a football fan.  The guys I have dated are into golf.  Not that golf is terribly exciting, but most of the time the guy isn't going to throw a fit or try to bargain with me if I want to flip the channel to watch The Rachel Zoe Project while he's watching golf.  Football fans seem to be a little different.

So, being the stellar girlfriend I am, I decided to try to "get into the game" over the past few weeks.  Sample conversation between TEN and T:

TEN: This is one of my favorite teams!
T:  (eyes 1/2 closed snoozing) Mmmmm....that's lovely.
TEN: Go Hank Baskett!!!  Run with that ball!!!
T:  What?  What?  Hank Baskett?  THE Hank Baskett?  That's married to Kendra?
TEN: Yea.
T: OMG.  He's so good to her!  He cleans the kitchen and takes the trash out.  Did you know that?
TEN: Um.  No.
T:  Where is he?  Which one?  I want to cheer for him!  Is he the green people or the blue people?  What number is he?
TEN: (looking at me like I've lost my mind) He plays for the Eagles.  They would be "the green people".


TV ANNOUNCER: Tom Brady such and such....
T: Tom Brady?  Where?  Which one is he?
TEN:  Right there T.  Number such and such who plays for the such and such.
T:  What color is he?  Red or blue?
TEN: Tonight he is red.
T: That he wouldn't even admit Giselle was preggers!  AND...that he has that other new child?  FOR SHAME!
TEN:  Huh?
T: Seriously?  How can you not know this?


Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL Show Listing: Reggie Bush
T:  Hey flip to that.  I know Reggie Bush.  He dates Kim Kardashian.  Well, they are kindove off and on at the moment.  But they have decided to make it work.  Which is cool.  Do you know who Reggie Bush is? 
TEN: Yes T.  I know who Reggie Bush is, but that is an old program.  Reggie is no longer a rookie. 
T:  But it says it's him.  Switch it.  Switch it.  Please?
Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL 2006 Show Listing: Reggie Bush

Boooo....oh well, I tried.


Put Your Right Foot In....

Saturday night was the Annual Moonlight Stomp at a local vineyard.  There was a huge bonfire, wine tasting and barrels with grapes in them for stomping

A bunch of our friends go to this event every year and it's great fun.   A huge bonfire burns and everyone brings lawn chairs and relaxes while enjoying vino!  A nice relaxing day/evening is exactly what the doctor ordered for this girl, let me tell you.  I actually missed work on Friday due to being sick.  I think I've just got too much on my plate at the moment. 

Sunday I insisted on finding a Shoney's.  I am a firm believer that Shoney's heals all ailments.  Specifically the Shoney's Breakfast Bar. 

I do realize that realistically the Shoney's Breakfast Bar is a heart attack buffet, but I still love it.  I load up on bacon, sausage, potatoes covered in gooey cheesy sauce, etc.  I completely skip the fresh fruit, eggs, and anything else that can be deemed somewhat healthy.  So upon waking up Sunday I had a craving for Shoney's.  As long as I've lived in Smalltown, VA I've not seen one.  Never fear!  After I convinced TEN to get up and get dressed for breakfast I turned on my new GPS and searched.  AHA!!!!  Shoney's is in the next city, and open for business :) 

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch felling ill.  When will I ever learn?