Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Everybody you know seems to be getting married. STAY AWAY FROM ME!"

Okay, I think I'm caught up from the weekend and yesterday.  As fun as the weekend was, I felt a little odd not attending a wedding!  I found the following comment in response to my Facebook status before leaving for JLB and The Juggler's wedding: "Everybody you know seems to be getting married. STAY AWAY FROM ME!".  It's true, you know.  All of my oldest friends got/are getting married this summer/fall.  Well, the single ones anyway :) 

I've made quite a few new friends over the past year, and I'm wondering if they think I'm a good luck charm?  If they are hoping that becoming my friend will get them married off?  Sounds silly, and perhaps a bit arrogant, but think about it.  TWENTY EIGHT WEDDINGS.  To heck with 27 dresses!  This girl will have 28 by the end of October.  Tell me I'm not good luck :) 

Seriously though.  Do you know what the number 28 signifies to me?  The fact that 28 girls value my friendship enough to ask me to be their bridesmaid.  That's something.  That's what makes me smile when I have a bad day.  That's what makes me able to say that I have the BEST family ever.  Because my friends are my family.  It's a long story.  Maybe one day I'll tell it.  But my friends ARE my family.  AND...they have honored me in so many ways.

This weekend WIMP is getting married.  I have had the honor of meeting so many of her friends from college over the last year.  With the engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorette weekend, etc. we've all become such good friends!  I sure hope we stay in touch after WIMP ties the knot :) 

I will no doubt share pics from WIMP's wedding, and I know it will be fabulous.  I'm very excited on a personal note because I can finally fit into my dress.  It took some doing, but I've slimmed down enough that the zipper will actually close for Saturday's main event!  I'm sure WIMP is tickled pink, as she would surely regret asking me to be a bridesmaid if I was 1/2 dressed coming down the aisle in front of her!

WIMP has one of those cute wedding websites.  You know, with information about how the bride and groom met.  Who the wedding party is.  Where they are registered.  Anyway, this is what she wrote about me.  Ahhhh...memories:

"They call WIMP and T "The ________ Girls" even they look nothing alike. WIMP met T at the same Marketing Consulting Firm as she did MK. They spend a large amount of time around the side of the building, and out exploring the Dollar General in the small town of BFE, VA. WIMP loved T for her outgoing personality, caring disposition, and love of all things Madras. Their friendship bloomed while at a Sigma Chi alumni function at Smalltown, VA College;  from there the rest is for the books. They started a wine club (with MK), traveled to the wondrous land of Charlottesville, Virginia, braved the Mountain roads of "Rural" Virginia, and share more then a few laughs on the outside patio of 'local bar'. "

Here's to WIMP and Oscar! May your winters be full of twinkling white lights, may your springs be full of freshly picked flowers, may your summers be full of bright blue oceans and may your autumns be full of warm cups of tea. May each day you spend together be full of the small things that makes life wonderful.


MCW said...

Wow 28. Do you a saving account just for weddings???

Blackeyed Susan said...

TWENTY EIGHT! omg be my friend now ;)

Nathan almost freaked when I caught the bouquet at the last wedding we attended, I told him that I had to reach my hand out to make the pictures look nice... :P

Dana-Lynn said...

Maybe if I just hang out with you for like 15-30 minutes you'll give off enough vibes to send a guy that wants to get married EVENTUALLY (say with in 5 years), my way. Can we schedule that soon? Thanks.


Kate said...

28?? You must have A LOT of friends. Lucky girl :)