Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Fabulous Weekend Ahead!

Excellent news has just arrived.  I will be attending the Virginia Tech vs. Miami football game this weekend.  SHAZAM!!!


Now, I know I've told you about my aversion to football.  HOWEVER, that is to regular football.  Not Hokie football.  I went to Virginia Tech, and therefore I have an emotional tie to this football team.  If they lose I will cry.  If they win I will dance.  This is very legitimate to me.  Not like boys that have never lived in a state or met a player from a team, but pledge their undying love and support to them.  That makes no sense. 

So, Saturday there is a home game (a very good game at that!), and I will be in attendance.  I am going to another game this year, but VT vs. Miami is a BIG one.  There is much excitement in the Seersucker household at the moment!!  Also, I have just learned that JLB and The Juggler will be attending, as will TT and Schnabs.   

Then, Sunday there is a HUGE wine festival about an hour away.  A bunch of friends are heading up to that event, and I sure do hope the weather is nice.  I've not been to this wine festival before, but I've heard lovely things about it.

To kick the weekend off, Friday night a friend is having an impromptu cocktail party at his apartment.  He always has fabulous cocktail parties, and I've missed the last few....so I'm very much looking forward to this one. 

All in all this weekend should prove to be lovely.  Very, very busy....but then again....what weekend isn't busy in the land of Seersucker?


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