Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butt Station

I was just perusing my favorite blogs, trying to catch up, and I came across a post on Hot Child In The City's blog Living Under The Big Star that reminded me of something.  She recently posted about sprucing up one's cube at work.  It must be going around.  We all need a little cheery entertainment, no?

My desk currently looks like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over it.  I'm talking mouse pad, note pads, etc.  It's pink and green mania.  But do you know what?  It's pretty and bright and makes me smile.

This weekend TEN and I were looking through a silly catalog that I get at home.  There are some fun things in it, but for the most part it's junk.  He found something he had to have.  He very much needed it in his office.  Seriously.  He wants this for Christmas.  So, he will get it.  I have never seen such a thing. 


(I tried to post the pic, but apparently it's not copy-able.  Very, very snarky of them if you ask me!)

So the Butt Station will be making it's home on TEN's desk this winter.  Hopefully it will brighten his office and make him giggle.  Hmmm...perhaps I need one as well?  Because really....who couldn't use a little giggle every time they go to fetch a paper clip?



Wendy said...

I love it! I'm totally getting one for my brother for his dorm room :)

TudorCity Girl said...

hahaha! I have never seen the Butt Station either. Bet TEN will love his Christmas gift! :)